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September 14, 2017

Would someone just Cut it Out for the sake of Children (Obama the Molester)?
It says Barbie, and Barbie is a Registered Trademark that belongs
to Mattel.

Well I say that the Mattel Corporation allowed it and I am once again, suing Mattel for attacking Me.
So this is where Paris Hilton stands:

1) That I have no right to make issues public.

I only comment on things I see in Public. And I
see Public Child Abuse that is often Dancing to what I do. And if it dances to what I do, then it is Public Abuse against Me. I get Publically Abused and I complain Publically. One such example was yesterday when Paris Hilton deliberately send a Golden Girl Photo right after I mentioned the Coronation Code, and it was intentional. It's just that when I write it is not send to the Mass of Million of People. Paris Hilton Abuses Me, using Millions of People as tools for propagating the abuse.

2) That I have no right to expose her feelings.

A Corporation Account has no feelings, that is not the place to have feelings. That is the place
to sell objects that People Buy. All those photos you see there are Merchandize and they were made specifically to be sold as merchandise. So if the Paris Hilton Corporation has Merchandise that says Mattel Corporation then it has to be that the Mattel Corporation authorizes it, in much the same way that Pepsi Co. the maker of Pepsi Soda Drinks cannot use Coca Cola Products and Labels without their explicit consent.

So there is no feeling involved, it is just a
Paris Hilton Corporation, working with the Mattel Corporation to abuse Me, which means a Porn Star working with Corporation that sells Toys to Children. That is illicit and My complaints are legit.

If it were about Personal Feelings she would just
call Me. So as you can see, it's not a Personal Issue, on Paris Hilton's part, it's just Bullying.

3) That I have no right to make a "gross show".

That I am making a Gross Show...

It is not Me that has an Ideological Moral Porn Show. Paris Hilton has a Porn Movie and she refuses to do anything about it. I have not seen in all these years a single statement from Paris Hilton against the USA Porn Industry. Not one, not many, not any.

She denies it was made on purpose, but she is very purposely complicit with the Celebrity Rape Industry, which is today, using her, making a stand off for the so called "Right to Sexually Abuse People" from the USA Corporations.

Why? Because if it were not so, Google would have to close, since Fake Picture Rape is an essential part of Google's Strategy.

So how is it that I am making a Gross Show just by shedding some Light on the Grossness?

The Light does not produce Grossness, it just shows the Grossness that was protected under the Obscurity.

4) That I am not credible.

My Ideas is to accept the fact that the Sea of People is
very Salty, to the Point that Mounts of Salt extrude out
of the Water, like the Dead Sea. The idea was always
to revert the amount of salinity in the Water by taking
the same offenders and using them to reduce the
Salinity. One example of that reversal is the Organization
called [Alcoholics Anonymous] which take People that
have had their lives almost destroyed by Alcohol Abuse
and they contribute to helping Addicts avoid those
kind of crashes.

There are Thousands of Porn Stars. And those are not
just about to go away. But if one of them is reversed,
then it is like Infiltrating the Extreme Porn Industry and
lowering the Salt Levels without the need to make
any substantial changes to the Host that now has
inside it's System a Sub System against Extreme Porn.

It is to take one of them, add a Reverse Damage
Routine and send it off to help Clean, so that People
that were highly sick with Toxic Material get lower
levels of toxicity. Effectively creating a new and more
acceptable, more moderate Standard for others to
observe and learn. After many of such are made, the
new standard is far less toxic than it was before the
"Medically Influenced" Celebrity was inserted.

Now, what Paris Hilton is doing has no sense other than
a desire to abuse how ever she fucking wants.

5) That I am illegal.

What Paris Hilton is doing in General Terms is:
A) Prurient.
Prurient: Having or encouraging an excessive interest in Sexual Matters.
B) Obscene.
Obscene: (of the portrayal or description of sexual matters) offensive or disgusting by accepted standards of morality and decency.
C) Child Abusive.
Thereby her Work is Not Protected by the Freedom of Speech Laws of the United States. (Miller-California Supreme Court Case).

But the Work I do to help Prevent those Abuses in the Future is Legal. If it were not then you would not be seeing this material at the time it was Published. So I am making a Preventive Use of such an Abuse so that such things will be harder to be made possible in the more decent Future.

I am creating Antidotes using a Snake's Venom.

And she should Help Me, reverse much of the Damage her Garbage has caused, because if the Water can be filled with Toxics, then sometimes that same water can be Cleaned a bit and the USA has a Horrible Record of Cultural Pollution.

6) That I should stop My "Blatant Abuse".

Under the same Terms of the Legal Defense that Paris Hilton could use against Me, I make a Statement:

Paris Hilton cannot prove that I wrote anything to anybody that had a Feedback with Me. All those she says I wrote to, under her own terms, are IMAGINARY.

So I am like a Purple Sky, everywhere but not where she can grasp.

The Abuses that Paris Hilton does are Public, and they abuse in Public, like you just saw, it abuses Children in Public, and that is certainly NOT IMAGINARY.

So when the talk is [Blatant Abuse], add how [Imaginary] the Relative is because one thing is sure not to be Imaginary. And that thing is that the President of the United States is a Leader and is responsible in part for the actions of all the Cultural Institutions.

Simon Bolivar, the Venezuelan Independence Hero and Founder of Venezuela said: "To call oneself a Leader and not be it is the shocking extreme of misery".

If you throw Blames at Paris Hilton, then you have to throw even bigger Blames at Obama, who not only allowed it on Paris Hilton, but on Many Other USA Celebrities, extending the Damage directly or by Complicity to the Entire System. Paris Hilton is just one more of the Broken Machines that Obama let Break.

One good example of that is the case of Miley Cyrus. She was a Disney Star and under Obama she made very improper Sexual Oriented Shows and openly Promoted Marihuana. Obama left the Presidency, Donald Trump assumed the Presidency and in a relatively short time, you see that Miley suddenly changed. She said she wanted no more with Sex Oriented Shows and refused Marihuana.


Was the solution then condemning Miley Cyrus for what Obama allowed and even instructed her to do as the Chief of State?

Isn't it Curious?

7) That I am disrespecting the USA.

The Mexican Enrique Peņa Nieto's Honor Killing Show.



It has always been like that. As you know and as I have proven so much, Obama does not want to accept any responsibility, for anything, he does not want to exist, simple as that. Well since that is the case, why should we take his word for it? He refused to have a defense against My Arguments and that means he has to accept that I am credible.

Would you give someone that does not want to exist some credibility?

What for?

So then he says that I am illegal?

That is a funny Laugh, because he has to say it is in Court, because Justice is done in Courts and the funny Clown says he is a LAWYER.
Well, lets see him in Court. Is it illegal to say that? The Decisions about Obama are on the United States of America Supreme Court's Desks. Respect the Laws above all else as fit for your Relative. And respect the Police. I am not the Police.

The rest is in Peace.
Piracy is not a Virtue.
Those were the terms that Obama said he accepted.
Now it is time for Taxes.

But not in an Illegal Way.

It is time for a Court Like the Nuremberg Court (Which took Nazi War Criminals to Jail), where Obama is Legally, Publically and Transparently Judged for his Crimes against the Black People, against Women and thus/with Against Humanity.

I have been always willing to be Judged, and I knew that every single word that I said was being Judged. In any fair trial the same applies for Obama and Elizabeth, and that is righteous.

If they demand justice, they have to accept Justice.

I always accepted Justice and Respected the Law. It is their turn.

That every single thing that they did is Judged in Context.

... And if they say nothing, then they have no Defense, for I have worked as for the Ordinary People and People are to expect responsibility for the Ordinary People. This is also about Ideological Corruption, Fascism and the Human Rights of the Common People.

They did not Cheat a single time that in History means that they have a Legacy amongst the Common, Honest and Virtuous Loving People.

So that means that if I am the Eye of the Common at this Moment, then My Friends Delta Goodrem and Emma Hewitt are linked to the Common, and they have the right to be Freed from Slavery.

And that includes not getting harassed with messages saying that Common-Limit Arguments available to the Common People were already saved. Lies, if that is so, then where is it? It is very annoying and it is just hacking. That is all the Pirates ever did, to try to hack Me, Steal Me, Plunder My Work after they let Me gain Influence, for Influence Stealing.

What is so Glorious about being a Pirate Thug?

And where is all the Merit if that Claim refuses to exist?

I ask.

8) That the stand off is fair.



9) That I am not doing something constructive.

Whatever I am doing in Science is better than doing nothing.

So relative that while I continue to be harassed:

That is why I said:

It's time for Law and Justice.

It's time the Corrupt Thieves Cut it Out.

(And the Hacker Agrees by saying it was already saved, while the program says that I already uploaded the Einstein and the Obama Picture) Well, now may them enjoy their Food.

I will continue to write even if Obama's Goons want to Moan in Pleasure.

- Your message was already saved. -
- Your message was already saved. -
- Your message was already saved. -
- Your message was already saved. -

- Oh yes "Papi Rico, give Me more", I save... -

:S How Gay Homophobe.

I am going to laugh when I save this. And Me like: "Whee!"

I saved and I warned...
Page Update 1 (Concern for Revision History).
After I made this page with the rest of the Content I went to The Guardian and found 2 News that Prove My Point. So I added them, the Three States and Paul Oakenfold's Song.
Paul Oakenfold feat. Matt Goss - Firefly (Official Music Video)
On Corrupt Palette: Pillage, Hypocrisy, Plunder = Piracy.
Added as an Update to the Page, after page done
and seen after I was done.... But I don't want to...
Troll File Name.... LOL!    
  Oh! Somehow the file name did not make it with the upload of the other Pictures... Pff. Well I proved that even the file name is a Troll.

And I warned.

I need not say more about the subject.

They have no Merits, all they want to do is Hack.

And Provoke and then say they were so cool because they provoked.

Isn't provoking Hate a Hate Crime?

The Point is, just one: I am credible, they are not and you decide, Common User.

Save it again, and again, with concern on Revision History, which is of course imperative in the Computer Software World.

Page Updated and Closed (Version Closed).
Paul Oakenfold feat. Matt Goss - Firefly

Slowly uncovered, from a shallow grave of amber leaves
Wind blows revealing a frozen tear upon my face
Black crows are guarding, a grave up to now that's had no name
It's almost like they knew this could never be my resting place

Cause I see your life, through bloodshot eyes
The smile you see, not the pain it hides
Trust the fool, he'll never shine like a firefly
I'm healing from last results, compromise in summersaults
I'm moving on, I'm gonna shine like a firefly

The sunlight, warm me and penetrate these broken bones
Windows are frozen, they lock me out of a life I know
And my eyes are bleeding, cause I learn to see in the blackest night
Cause once a king always a king

Cause I see your life, through bloodshot eyes
The smile you see, not the pain it hides
Trust the fool, he'll never shine like a firefly
I'm healing from last results, compromise in summersaults
I'm moving on, I'm gonna shine like a firefly

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