Welcome to:
Creating the Future.

Reality seen from the Eyes of a TRIBalance.
Date is:
September 12, 2017

I want to help bring Justice, to the Children Elizabeth Murdered with Diatribe.
System Red Principles (For Book of Rules for the Police).
Priority Level. Styles do not apply for the Basic Diatribe Detection since
Diatribe can be with material that has a wide range of styles.
Diatribe. It presents two paths that appear to be conflicting or competing but both paths have to have Academic Integrity in Common. Then the material is used to not only expose the initial conflicting sides, but also try to push that Dilemma into affecting and hurting Academic Integrity. The Dilemma in itself is not illegal, it appearing next to some thing that looks Academic and for Children is not illegal. What can be illegal is the INTENTION (Relation with Individuals Involved) and the CONTEXT HOLDER of the CIRCUMSTANCES (The Links of the Dilemma).
Quoting. That is what I sometimes call "The Pebble on the Roof". Imagine there are 1000 People ferociously typing in their Computers, but no matter how much they type, the Pebble on the Roof will just stay there. Then of course that is an "Ideal" using Materials, in Philosophy it is different, but it helps to have a Moral Association to a Quote, since anyway, all Quotes are subjected to Relative, that is why I like to put the word "Sometimes" in front of all My Quotes.
Force Limits. Killing a Person for breaking those principles is NOT JUSTIFIED.
In Law a Crime does not Justify another Crime unless it is an Undercover Police Operation. But Police have their Limits too.

Evidence I was NOT Lax.
In the Computer File System:

Call it Procedure, for the Red Clubs.
Contextual Argument Limiting Rule Example:

This Page is as it looks, it has no hidden Educational Paths and it's content is to be taken Red Limited, that means that I do not appreciate if People link stuff and procedures that I did not deliberately indicate. Like for example, I can place Evidence mixed with Junk from the Media. That does not mean that I am deliberately
CALLING PEOPLE (Computers don't ask unless it's a separate Input function) to observe improper procedures in handling evidence. At any rate, I did put the Evidence in it's own Table, for [Ethical Reasons more than for Red Club Methods] (Etica Cero) specially because this is the page that is specifically marked as My First Red Club Page that treats Purple as Computer.

Know what I am saying? I means that Context of Educational Scope does matter between Clubs.
    Fresh, up to date Evidence. Mark the Time Context here and
in the Material that references it, even if on the same page,
Safety Precautions must be taken so that People that do try to write in a Red Club while not treating the Purple Club as a Computer do not get hurt. And that is done by making the Rules very available. That I call the Fire Prevention Irrigation System.
Well I got news for Obama's Goons.

This is where Racial Explosive Mines [could be] Placed.
Rule of Tooth Break Prevention: [If you want to create educational
Material, specify that it is where it COULD BE placed, not when it
will surely be placed], So add this rule with the new Material.
Creating 2 different sections for the Safety Precautions and then planting a Bomb, like the one you saw above.

That Evidence was Fresh in Context.

There is one of the issues with Black Lives Matter and the link to Police Corruption Ideology Mixed with Obama.

The Police Rules Games hurt the Black People's Rights that were on a more Integral Level.

Get the Black People out of Police Games.
No part of a Red Rule Book is to be treated as a Pretty, Pretty House Decoration.
This Evidence was up to Date and latest post in relation to the time I was making this page. Don't fill spaces without Evidence
I want Obama to pay My Tooth he broke.
Here, in the Trap, they would put a Victim.
Don't, on a Rule Page. But you can on an instructive Page.
With the Warning in Place, I continue:
Make sure that all Fire Prevention is done while Recording the aspects that should be taken into account for the Integrity of the System. For example I placed the whole Screen Capture of the Software that proved I had an Irrigation System because Integrity Matters in Fire Prevention.

People will see that and conclude that I was always the TRIBalance, and that British were using a Crappy System while TRYING TO STEAL MY IDEAS. And that I have proven. So I do not recognize ANY TRIBalance Merit from the British until they Recognize Me.

Evidence I was NOT Lax.
In the Computer File System:

It sure is not easy to say that I climbed a Mountain of Thorns with a Hole in My Shoes.

So, I challenged a Religious Queen!

And so, according to the Corrupt Police Code for
Traps I am to be Condemned for My Sins against God,
I suppose. I then could choose where to be Punished
Severely for
My Sins against God, which is of course,
the Corrupt, Fascist British

I want to
show you three pictures about that...

History already showed that. And there were Battles and a lot of People Died. But the British Killed her...

Do the British want to repeat the error
to protect an OBVIOUSLY CORRUPT AND MORALLY INDEFENSIBLE QUEEN that has Murdered Hundreds of Innocent Children in Canada? Or is it time for a New British Queen to clean the British Honour?

I say SACRIFICE WHAT IS WORTHLESS! And Crown Kate Middleton,
My Half Daughter, and her Husband so that the British once again
have a Proper King. I consider Myself a Friend of the British and
Kate Middleton is My Guest and has been for more than a Year,
where I treated her with all due Respect and also get the Big Ben

Barrack Obama shall be Banished from the British System, as a step to recover the British Honour.
It has always been that way here. And I call for Jewish Support.

Page was Uploaded at this Point, before finishing the Page while I was commenting about building it because it is a Good Moment to Relieve the Pressure built as I was writing what I was doing.

It is good to find good moments to release Expectation Pressures.
I don't want to be Rude, that in some cases of corruption could justify hiding Murdered Children maybe?

This Page was made in Emergency Mode.
Standard Procedure:
I am not reading the Media at this Point or During the making of this page so I do not have outside influencing. Even if the Media appears to be helping, it is not.

Purple Houses like Me are not the Police. We can take a Break anytime we want and we can comment when we want when we are Civilians. Tolerance is higher with Civilians.

At this Point I have declared the Emergency over by communicating it.

Uploaded at this Point.
Uploaded and Notified at this Point.

Uploaded at this Point and it was not an Emergency, It's just that I felt it was a good moment to do so.

Avoid Domino Effects and if you are trying to hack be careful because you would be applying a Domino Effect over a Source that you really don't want to be expanded all over the place.

Avoid mentioning Domino Effects and Actions without a Link to a Definite Source of Action or you could be the one who provides the Dominoes that fall first.

That is a Spike. The Frog made the jump landed on the Wrong Place.

Spikes can be recorded for Crash Prevention.

If there was no Conspiracy (We change the Purpose).

In General Terms, and outside a Conspiracy a Moderator could see, specially if it were in a Chat System, images that appear next to each other. And that happens a lot in a Social Network and we cannot always assume that all combinations are always suspicious.

So set aside the Conspiracy you just saw and lets imagine it's just a normal pair of innocent images and news, for the purpose of this training page. Remember that instructional material can be used in several training practices that have different Purposes. So now we change the Purpose (in TRIBalance Science that would mean that Purple changed it's meaning) of the Images so that they look as Innocently Placed Pictures and News.
When doing an Objective Analysis try to use only what you need to avoid wasting your time and that of others. Simply observance of Ethical Methods would do.

For whatever the reason, Bug or no Bug, treat it more like a Computer Code or a Database Field in a Software. Place the Objective Range and avoid including People that act like Sick PIGS in the Software as that can be quite disturbing and it might just make the Software usage more confusing and Disturbing. Meaning that the People that made that news Available are not taken into account and if it were a Software then there simply would not be a Default Field to include that information anyway. So best use Software.

This Material was made for Red House Education, not to write about those that provided a given material, directly or indirectly.

This is My First Page Directed Specifically towards Police Education. I am
not the Police and I don't have to tell the Police what to do. I know My
Limits. But since I sense that there is a Danger that some Police in
Venezuela get confused, I try to Help.

My Toy in a part of My Childhood was a Mountain in Venezuela called "The Volcano" even if it was not a Volcano.

As you can see, I was always like that. Even since a Kid, just Me wanting to get to that Antenna with a Spectacular View and the Fresh, Cool Wind that rewarded the Climber.

At nighttime it would be so beautiful for Me.

There will not come a time that those news have ANYTHING in Common.
I am a Programmer, not an Idiot.

When I want to expose EVERYTHING, then I do. But until then, two random pieces of junk meaning nothing to Me. That is why I called it: "Etica Cero" (The Ethics in not believing what is not demonstrated [-Ethics] or that at least has a Credible Ethics). I like to take things by their [System Purple] Purposed Literal Meaning and if that is My Common, The Guardian's Content is not, because the British Media called "The Guardian" to Me, lacks the Ethics to be credible.

But Art can Relate because it does.
Art Relates in Common. It's part of using Imagination. We use that Imagination to link the Research Material, but that same material from the Context of the Source where it came from is just Hypothetical. Hypothesis Material surrounded by Unrelated Material is not a good place to base a Purposed Research.

The Fact that there is Oxygen and Hidrogen does not mean that there has to be Water.

Integrity Matters.

The Lives of the Black People and their Culture Matter.
Having Imagination is Healthy. People that cannot use Imagination
get sick, sometimes.
I have no problem with Imagination. I make
Systems that stimulate Imagination.
But like you know, I like the
Jar Mentality
of letting the Water Boil in a Transparent Jar. Which
means a Lot of Freedom of Expression contained with Good and
Clear Limits.

But that has nothing to do with The Guardian.
In fact whatever
the Guardian does has nothing to do with Me, that I asked for.

I would not call it cheese.
On the Guardian, it is not. Why? Because
the Guardian is SO DEPRESSING to the People, that some Happiness
if needed SOMETIMES.
So if a Media is all Gloom and Doom and then
one news, however Cheesy it might look appears to be happy and it
is called a stinking cheese, then it all returns back to Gloom and Doom.

It's a Crossed answer
, since as you saw it also has a Conspiracy
Hypothesis attached to it.
  I Love Delta and she is at My House.
Safely and with Police Support.
So if a Media is all Gloom and Doom and then one news, however Cheesy it might look appears to be happy and it is called a stinking cheese, then it all returns back to Gloom and Doom.

The Guardian is not a Place to look for Virtue, even if it can and must show Virtues. So if they try to do something better, it can and must be allowed. Even if it looks like a Clean Object floating on a Sewer. The Diatribe is the Contrast between all the Toxic Environment and the Striking Clean and Impacting, Shocking Contrast. Like seeing a Picture of a Children Toon being very Happy in the Middle of a Page of Obituaries (News of Deaths) in a Printed Media.

So is it bad
to see and make a Contrast in Media Tones? No.

What the Guardian did was a tricky trap, yes.

(Relative Common Contrast) when the System Purple Purpose is not Coded to include the Conspiracy and it is not illegal, in the Software or whatever tool is used.

So it can be bothersome...
But it is not illegal.

If you try
to condemn it without a justification you might get pinned down as a Fascist. Cheeky is not the Cheats that My Computer is being subjected to, when I try to save My File and for some reason it says that it was already saved. Cheeky is not that letters "S" and Letters "T" appear randomly while I type My Text, as I elaborated this Page. That is just CHEETING.

The British like CHEEKY Stuff, but do they like LOWLY CHEETS?

I don't mind as long as it is not causing harm.

Now the cheat I am being subjected to consists in erasing the Excalibur and the Simon Bolivar Images right after I load them and test it on the Uploaded Page. That is just a distraction of course, since those are just simple images that I am uploading but is a good thing to take into account that Sabotaged Material should be devoid of any Symbolical Meaning when possible to avoid damage. If it were not because I am making an Instructional Red Page, I would not even mention it, since it is not new that My work has been sabotaged by some of the same People that refuse to recognize Me, that Refuse to Pay Me, that have NO CLAIM OVER MY WORK.

I get no Support from the Venezuelan Government, which is very Intolerant yet I have offered Systems to Improve the Coexistence.

In the Intolerant Venezuela with Little Democracy, some Poorly Trained Analysts they might say: ":OOO!!! It's a DOOM TRAP!"

But I cannot accuse
Miami of being complicit or Mexico for that matter.

Not really, it depends what the POLICE say, not Me
. I can make Hypothesis though, but I can not sentence like a Court can.

A mishandled Diatribe can help Protect those that do not want it to be knows that Thousands of Indigenous Tribe Children were killed in SCHOOLS, Elizabeth.


When there is a Known Dangerous Criminal in Jail, the Police do not let it get a Hold of an Axe.

And I do not recognise ANY ownership of the Queen Elizabeth or Rights
Over any of My Aussie Friends.

Kate can use it, but now under Elizabeth.

sides Elizabeth is a Suspect for MASS MURDER using a DIATRIBE for cover.

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