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Superstition and Galactic Purification.
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Massive black hole discovered near heart of the Milky Way
Astronomers find evidence of enormous black hole one hundred thousand times more massive than the sun in a gas cloud near the galaxy’s centre

If confirmed, the black hole will rank as the second largest black hole ever seen in the Milky Way, pictured, after the supermassive black hole known as Sagittarius A*. Photograph: HO/AFP/Getty Images

Ian Sample Science editor
Monday 4 September 2017 16.00 BST

An enormous black hole one hundred thousand times more massive than the sun has been found hiding in a toxic gas cloud wafting around near the heart of the Milky Way.

If the discovery is confirmed, the invisible behemoth will rank as the second largest black hole ever seen in the Milky Way after the supermassive black hole known as Sagittarius A* that is anchored at the very centre of the galaxy.

Astronomers in Japan found evidence for the new object when they turned a powerful telescope in the Atacama desert in Chile towards the gas cloud in the hope of understanding the strange movement of its gases. Unlike those that make up other interstellar clouds, the gases in this cloud – including hydrogen cyanide and carbon monoxide – move at wildly different speeds.

Observations from the Alma telescope in Chile showed that molecules in the elliptical cloud, which is 200 light years from the centre of the Milky Way and 150 trillion kilometres wide, were being pulled around by immense gravitational forces. The most likely cause, according to computer models, was a black hole no more than 1.4 trillion km across.

The scientists’ suspicion that a black hole lay in the midst of the gas cloud received a boost when further observations picked up radio waves indicative of a black hole coming from the centre of the cloud, said Tomoharu Oka, an astronomer at Keio University in Tokyo. “This is the first detection of an intermediate-mass black hole candidate in the Milky Way galaxy,” he said.

The discovery of the second largest black hole in the Milky Way
Guardian graphic | Image: HO/AFP/Getty Images

So-called intermediate-mass black holes fill a gap in astronomer’s knowledge of the most massive objects in the universe. The smallest black holes form when particular types of stars explode at the end of their lives. According to scientists’ calculations, the Milky Way is home to about 100m of these smaller black holes, though only about 60 have been spotted.

But astronomers also know that much larger, supermassive black holes lie at the heart of large galaxies including the Milky Way, where Sagittarius A* weighs as much as 400m suns. What is unknown is how these supermassive black holes form.

One theory is that smaller black holes steadily coalesce into larger ones and these come together to form supermassive black holes at the hearts of galaxies, but until now, no definitive evidence for intermediate mass black holes has been found. The detection of a potential black hole weighing as much as 100,000 suns is precisely the middle step in the process that astronomers have sought.

Oka, whose research is published in the journal Nature Astronomy, said the newly-found black hole could be the core of an old dwarf galaxy that was cannibalised during the formation of the Milky Way billions of years ago.

Brooke Simmons at the University of California in San Diego, who was not involved in the study, described the research as “careful detective work”.

“We know that smaller black holes form when some stars die, which makes them fairly common,” she said. “We think some of those black holes are the seeds from which the much larger supermassive black holes grow to at least a million times more massive. That growth should happen in part by mergers with other black holes and in part by accretion of material from the part of the galaxy that surrounds the black hole.

“Astrophysicists have been collecting observational evidence for both stellar mass black holes and supermassive black holes for decades, but even though we think the largest ones grow from the smallest ones, we’ve never really had clear evidence for a black hole with a mass in between those extremes,” she added.

All of which points to the fate that awaits the newly-found black hole. In time, Oka said, the object will be drawn towards Sagittarius A* and sink into it, making the supermassive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way even more massive.

The Guardian is superimposing Literally Thousands of Black Holes that it says are not even confirmed, and if that was not bad enough it places a supposed Core of an Old Galaxy right next to the Galaxy Core that would seriously Break the balance that is observed in the Milky Way Pictures since a Dual Branch Galaxy such as ours would require Gravitational Counter-Weights to show up like it does in the Pictures you can observe of the Milky Way.

Superimposing Facts that are Fictional or very weakly proven to satisfy some Style, specially if part of a Conspiracy is just plain Superstition in the Scope of Scientific Corruption.

Strained Atoms.

Consider we are talking about the CORE OF THE GALAXY, a SUPER MASSIVE THING with IMMENSE POWER. And right next to it the GRAVITATIONAL FORCE OF THE WHOLE REST OF THE GALAXY! Imagine those "Gas" (More like Plasma) Atoms in the Middle, being subjected to Atomic Random Particle movements plus the fluctuations of the Gravitational Forces.

The Instructions say:
"Create New Scientific Inspiration."
So that I will.

Why would a Galaxy Organization want to have 2 main Branches?

Atoms work in Polarization, and 2 is the basic Polarization, but there is another reason: Because it is Walking.

If a Person tries to walk on one Leg alone, by jumping, it would require a lot more energy, but having two legs increases the efficiency.

Walk to where?

When a Person walks on a Planet, the Person is part of the Planet, and can still walk. So Consciousness Walking is possible even inside a Celestial Object.

The premise is that in a Non-Spiral Galaxy Organization the Channelers of that Organization are Constantly Weak as they were originally, but on a Spiral/Dual Galaxy the Alternate Branches provide for Walking and thus increasing the Power and Purity of the Power Cores. For example the Non-Spiral would be weak Elders while the Spiral System, thanks to the fact that it can Walk and repower itself, would have Young and Strong Channelers like if it were Champions of the Olympics.

The Dual Branches allows the Galaxy Core of the System to walk into the Purification of it's own Micro Universe. Like walking into a Strange Purple Tunnel into Common-Limit Efficiency and it does it better than a non Spiral Dual Based System.

If the Galaxy can Replenish and Purify it's own Power Cores then that means it can create Rejuvenated Power Structures and use the Spiral Tunnelling Links to channel Micro Universe, that could later form New Atoms while at the same time the Core can use the Dual Branches to take Input from the rest of the Universe and see with Perspective, with two Antenna-Like Eyes while being itself like a Magnifying Glass to it's Core.

The Dual Branch and Spiral Channelling plus the Re-Purification of the Power Cores and even the creation of New Atoms do not contradict the Big Bang Theory, should someone choose to believe in that. At any rate some Stars do Explode after their time is up, yet the Idea that the whole Universe can do that is as contradictory as the mirror of itself: There cannot be a Big Bang without a Big Crush.

So Dual Spiral Galaxies could Re-Power itself when other Galaxies cannot, eventually forming part, if you like, of the Big Crush Machines that make the Big Bang Possible.

Sure, the Galaxy using It's Tentacles to channel Energy and Consciousness to create and replenish the Power Cores is seemingly too weird... But is it really? We were not told that Oxygen and Hydrogen can bind to ride a Bike, walk in the beach, have Sex, have a Family and have Babies. But it does. Most of the Human Body is Water and it does not behave like any of it's Atoms on an Individual, Elemental Basis. So if Water can ride a Bike, so can the Galaxy create it's own Atoms, with Consciousness Interactions.

The things that would be needed to Replenish those cores are simply a Dual Branch System and some Conducts in the Spiral Branches to be able to transfer Energy and Information though them, which recalls somewhat the Vein and Nerve Systems of out own Bodies in the sense that without those Veins and Nerves our Muscles cannot work, and in that matter other Galaxies that do not have those Channels simply cannot Regenerate like our Galaxy.

If the Regeneration Process continues as it will then the System will just grow in Power Density and Purity absorbing the rest of the Universe or combining with some other Spiral Galaxy to create an even bigger Galactic Organism in the way that could be expected if there was to be a Big Crush, meaning the Re-Densification of the Immediate Universe.

The Point is that the Galaxy, unlike other Sedentary Galaxies that look like some Fungus Growing on Bread in a Separated Mess, is really just One United Creature, and just like ourselves, every part of it is a part in the Core's Control, making it one of the biggest continuous Consciousness System Networks in the Universe, even bigger in Integrity than the Larger Andromeda Galaxy, with which is it said to Collide to form a Super Milky Way, which would probably become a Dual Branched Galaxy as well.

We Humans are just passengers and part of a Larger Consciousness Creature.

Nadia Ali feat Schiller - Try

I know you don't believe me
When I say it's gonna be alright...
I know you're tired of tryin'
When you feel your soul is dyin' inside...
But you can count on me...
I live for you
You can lean on me...
Believe it's true!

You know that I try I try I try
I try to make you feel alright...
You'll find you'll find you'll find
Me in the middle of the night...
I am your's to... love.

Every word eskapes me
When I think of all the things I lost
Everywhere my head turns
It's a dead-end road I know
But you can count on me...
I'm here for you

You can lean on me...
Believe it's true!

You know that I try I try I try
I try to make you feel alright...
You'll find you'll find you'll find
Me in the middle of the night...
I am your's to love
I... I...
I am your's to... love.

I... a... m...
Your's to love

Mmmhh yeah...

You know that I try I try I try
I try to make you feel alright...
You'll find you'll find you'll find
Me in the middle of the night...
I am your's to love
Fi... nd...
I am your's to love.

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