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October 14, 2017

One way for the Success of Venezuela.

When you look at the News about Venezuela you see that it's economy is contracting, it's inflation is rising and that there is a Political Lock. The News are new Sanctions and not new possibilities. There seems to be no future for any Venezuelan on the International Scale which is not owned by the Government.

There seems to be no hope for better opportunities or even a way out of the darkness of so many bad news and the Government seems to be lifting a wall to benefit only it's followers, as Venezuela divides even more and dangerously approaches a Civil War if the Military divides as well.

But is it really so sad, grim and hopeless or does Venezuela have unexplored Fortunes and Possibilities?

Opportunities that the Venezuelan have.
Cheap Labour Costs.

Venezuelans can work for little, and work hard.

There is no Winter in Venezuela and they basically have the same mood all year round, making them very resilient. But the Government does not know how to use that potential for Economic Opportunities outside of Venezuela. I offer Low Paying Jobs with Education included as Payment so they can have a decent First Job.
Heat Sink.

The Dangerous Security in Venezuela oddly works to My Favour when it comes to Heat Sinks and that is because since Criminality is so high in Venezuela the Porn Industry is left out in the Cold because it's presence here would only dramatically increase Crime constituting a Crime against Humanity.

So to keep Crime lower, Porn has been prohibited and even in Law. That can help hire Personnel for Social Networks that are less likely to have a Sexual Meltdown at any given time, giving more Stability and Cool Thinking for any Social Network operated by Venezuelans in Venezuela under those Cool Down Laws. If any Brazilian Woman for example goes from Chat to Porn it's normally no big legal deal. But if a Venezuelan Woman does that, she goes to Jail, making it far less likely the Chat will have a Sexual Meltdown and that is why I call it a Heat Sink.
Beautiful Women.

Venezuelans are not only often Beautiful, they are Stress Resistant since Venezuela is so normally very stressful in itself. They have a Strong Character and that makes them good as Chat Operators, Moderators and Chat Promoters also they are very sensible and intolerant to abuse, as is with most Venezuelans so the Chat Channels are less likely to be filled with Smear Cowardly Rumours.

Along with the Heat Sink and the Strong Nationalism those Women can work well to avoid Political Confrontation elsewhere outside Venezuela in Chat Channels, being that they are sick and tired of the National Political Confrontation in Venezuela, which is one of the worse in this side of the World, if not the Worse.

Venezuelan Women often have a Strict, Moderated Personality.
Strong Willed Beaches.

The Economic Situation of Venezuela makes it harder to go to the Beach, making them look even more Virgin than they should be, allowing the Beaches to look a lot bigger, wider and inspiring of Fantasy in Nature, which is a good Plus for the People that Love Nature and to those that are in a Cold Winter and want to see a Natural Paradise of Tropical Beaches.

The fact that going to the Beach has become more expensive in the local currency actually acts to My Favour, because the beaches look more inhabited and Naturally Beautiful for their use for Photography and as Material for the Social Networks. The less People, the more Nature and the more Beautiful the Beaches look the more attractive they can become to Environmental Nature Lovers around the World.

But that same Security/Economic situation requires to own a Big Boat.
Ferociously Popular with the Feminists.

We Venezuelans are no strangers to Controversy and the Conflict of Ideas. Sometimes we are even Ferocious. These days you can see us Venezuelans doing big Political Demonstrations like if that was normal, as we are like a Social Volcano and we are not shy to trouble. Sometimes we even like to see how some fools crash into trouble for being fools.

That Ferocious Temperament and Intolerance to Bullshit translates into Female Operators that are more Popular with the Feminists. All I have to do is grant them all Access to a Gender Equality Red Group and all Women, National or International will feel better a more secure, specially if all the Moderators, Operators and Chat Promoters also have a Heat Sink.

If Women can feel safer and better protected, just like a Real Classy Discotech, the Place Prospers and is more liked by everybody, even Men.
Beautiful Nature.

It's more than just Beaches, Venezuela has to offer the sight and feel of Hundreds of Beautiful Natural Places and Creatures, being that Venezuela is also one of the most varied countries in Bio-Diversity in the World and it offers quick access to some of the most beautiful Natural Places in the World, packed in a relatively small space.

From Beautiful Mountains, Rivers, the River Delta of the Orinoco River to Beautiful Plains, Jungles, Waterfalls, strange and exotic Mountains and of course the Beautiful Beaches.

It's not just the pictures that I can take. Venezuela is rich in Natural Beauty and that beauty is easily accessible for Members of an Ecological Club as well as Regular Users of the Social Systems, making it more attractive outside of Venezuela.
National Unity and Nature's Beauty.

Venezuelans have a Strong Sense of National Pride. We do not want to be Exploited Slaves for sale in any Empire, for example and that we make clear. But I can offer to convert a part of that National Pride not as a reason to Divide the Venezuelans and the World, but as a Reason to Love and Protect Venezuela's Nature. In that way the Ecological Consciousness gets a Patriot Boost which is great for Nature's Preservation and thus the Future of Humanity.

That would make all the Nature Related Systems more Intense and Sincere where it comes to Ecological Concerns and the Future.
Depolarization Zone is Worldly Demanded.

One of the most persistent complaints against Venezuelans in the World is that about the Very High Political Polarization. There is much complaint about it, but few People that have offered Credible Solutions to help De-Polarize Venezuela.

I can create a Depolarization Zone that can help Reunite the Venezuelans and thus increasing World Stability, following an Accountable System and Rules that are shared with International Organizations such as the United Nations and the Unasur.

Not trying to Bridge the Gap or pretending it is not even there is effectively a Crime not only against the Venezuelans, but a Crime Against Humanity. Something credible must be done to reduce the Political Polarization and I am the only one offering it. So that is Good News for future possibilities.
The need for a Venezuelan Common Cultural Garden.

Brazil has Cultural Gardens, some of them they call Schools of Samba. Those are Cultural Centers for all the Brazilian People, regardless of their Political Preferences and it helps keep the Brazilian People together as one Country.

But Venezuela does not have a Common Cultural Garden due to the fact that so many Artists are reliant on the Political Factors that support them. So almost all, if not all the Cultural Centers are made for just one faction of the Venezuelan Population, which greatly contributes to the Venezuelan Political Divide.

I want to change that, and create Common Venezuelan Culture with Common Venezuelans in a Platform for Venezuelan Tolerance and sharing, away from a Policy of Enforcing Political Discrimination and Polarizing Hate to help enhance a Culture of National Unity.
Games made by, with, paid by and supported by Locals.

It works in any Country where My Systems are present. The Games are made in Venezuela, by Venezuelans, using a Platform for Payment from the Venezuelan Payment System, promoted on Venezuelan Portals and it's income is Transparent to the Venezuelans, making it a Game entirely for the benefit of Venezuelans through all the stages of it's Training, Development, Publicity and Income. 100% Venezuelan for the Venezuelans.

It works with the creation of Venezuelan Programmer Clubs that are not Politically Divided and for that a Depolarization Zone such as the Systems I promote can offer is required. The Government cannot control it's Profits, but it can be sure it will be for Venezuela. Same policy applies to whatever Country uses My Systems with such features.
Natural Beauty as the Prized Treasure.

People get together and support trips to Natural Places in Venezuela, or participate in Games, be it by election or sometimes by chance, as a Raffle to go to the Precious Prize, and the Prize is somewhere Beautiful in Venezuela.

To the Venezuelans access to the beach, specially the best beaches is very expensive and out of reach. That is even more so it it is beaches like in the Archipelago Los Roques. The Prize not only does it not get lost, but it actually revaluates itself as a Tourist Attraction, and thus the Prize is not lost to that who awards it, but makes it look even more like a Prize without consuming it. People are encouraged to work together to find the means to do Local Tourism in Groups and the Pictures also help Promote national Tourism, which is good for the National Economy and also for the Hotel Owners. That is not being done in Venezuela, at this time.
Local Software for Local Marketing Solutions.

The Local Marketing Businesses want Money in Profits and they want to offer their products to the Locals only. Those Marketing Businesses need a Platform where they can work for the Local Publicity Needs. They do not need the World Coverage of companies like Google or Facebook, they just need to be seen Locally, because the product is to be sold locally. The Social Network Software allows for a greater control of the Marketing Providers where the Users can choose what Marketing Provider they want and thus enhancing the sales of the Local Publicity Businesses. Such Software is the Chat System, the Game Software or the Social Network Software which allows saving, sorting and filtering Messages from the Raw Data Server and the Computer's Storing Features on the Software itself.

Also, Radio Stations can get their own Social Software or a Local Marketing Plan. That is not currently being done in Venezuela, away from the International Jungle of Useless Links to the National Economy.
The Search for Freedom of Expression.

In Venezuela we have Highly Politicised and Polarized Media. Where one Faction often accuses the other faction of being the worse kind of Biased Evil Media possible. So 100 of one group and 100 of the other Group, all of them Biased and all of them Splitting the Opinion by force. But what if all the 200 wrote on the Same Space and the User could search? Then they could still read them, but the Bias would be a lot less, because the User can choose to not be so Biased.

On Venezuela Hundreds or new Professional Journalists and Social Communicators are graduated every year. Thousands are unemployed without a Platform for Freedom of Expression that is Common to all Venezuelans. To help Bridge the Hate I create the Social Communicator Clubs where they can all write, as long as they are Professional Communicators and as long as they follow the Common Rules.
We need to care about ourselves as a Country.

We Venezuelans don't need to care about some Women Abuser at the United States, and besides it's not our problem. We don't need to know about some British Stories of Consolations about Lost Babies. We do not need to know that British Winton Churchill's Cigar Butt was sold for $12,000. We do not need to know where do 10 British Tube (Transport) Stops get their names such as Cockfosters. We don't need to know that some Rose McGowan accuses some Weinstein Dude of Rape, like 10 years later, not that I care anyway. We Venezuelans need to focus a lot more on ourselves, to know and understand our Problems and to confront those Problems as a People. We need to be less distracted by outside problems we can't even participate in. We can work together to create National, Local Green Communication Groups that help Focus on ourselves, who we are and where we can go. Hence the National Media not meant to include International Media is My Idea being presented here.
News with respect to the Nationals.

Each Participating Country shows it's own News, not that of other Countries. Each Country is it's own News Agency and the News are shared between them but always coming from the Country where the News took place, effectively eliminating a Huge and Useless Redundancy in the News. For example if you want to see a News from the Brazilian Elections, you will see the news produced by the Locals in Brazil. If you want to see a News from the Venezuelan Elections then you would see the News produced from Venezuelan Communication Social Clubs. Every Country telling it's own Story, respected in it's dignity by the other Countries, like a Debate of Countries that want to share and live together in an Integrated Way, such as the Organization of South American Countries (UnaSur). After all, each one of our countries are the best witnesses of their News. That Idea could be hugely Popular not only in Venezuela, but in a significant portion of all the South America Civil Society.
We need a Cultural Guide.

We Venezuelan's don't have a Cultural Guide. We do not know who the Venezuelan Artists are, we don't know if those that do exist are appropriate for Children. And that Cultural Guide was included as a Legal Requirement by the Current Venezuelan Constitution but it simply does not exist.

We don't have ways to recommend an Artist to the Venezuelan Parents to keep Children Healthy. We know next to nothing about Foreign Artists and we let them basically do what they want in Venezuela. I am sure none of the International Celebrities that have a Fan Club in Venezuela cares about our Laws, specially when we don't have a Cultural Guide so that they can respect our Opinions.

The reason why we do not have it is because it has to be in a Non-Politically Conflicted Area, such as the one I offer.
Venezuela needs a Reliable Art Agency.

We need an Art Agency and Art Platform that we count on for all Venezuelans, in a Common Venezuelan Area such as the one I propose. We need Artists that make a compromise to Serve all Venezuelans by Contract and if the Contract is broken then it's just Broken. We need Retirement Contracts for a Minimum of 5 years so that they can soft land into the Ordinary World but most of all we need Reliable Artists that the Parents can trust on or see fail if the Artists fail. We cannot be under the insecurity of trusting in Artists that we let our Children admire only to see them turn into Sex Bombs and Porn Stars the next day, like it happens often with the Bad Quality Products from the United States of America. We need to see that if an Artist Breaks it's Contract it is 5 years in advance to stay Decent as it is removed from the System or Galleries are created in a Proper Way. But that requires trust from a well consolidated and Central Artistic System that works for all Venezuelans. And only I am offering that, at this time.

So there are opportunities for Me.

What is lacking is the Desire for a Democratic and Tolerant Society
in the Venezuelan Political System.

A Society that respects Individual Freedoms and not just the
Political Party's Priviledges.

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