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October 11, 2017

The Current Venezuelan President (Nicolas Maduro) is Torturing Me, with China's Help.

My Food Situation.

I don't have a steady source of income. I do not know when I will receive more money for food so I have to extend the money for as far as possible, being My main concern Sugar, which seems to relieve My back pain and give Me more energy to work all night. But sugar sources are very expensive in Venezuela and it takes a heavy toll on the little amount of money I receive.

I am currently suffering from Acute Malnutrition which has led to not only back pains but also to dizziness when I stand up. Also I seem to be more aggressive now possibly due to the Hunger Problem, I am not a Doctor but I might be suffering from Anorexia.

My Emotional Situation at Home.

I get extremely Humiliated by My Father and the Woman that lives at My House, Woman that enjoys calling Me a useless and stinky Parasite and lately she has decided to attack Me because I do not have a Girlfriend. I fear even calling My Father because I fear the Humiliation that would come because of that. I can't even go to them to the beach for fear of being Humiliated and even Screamed at. I am treated like an Animal, like a Parasite and am told that all My life has been just a stupid waste of time and once My Father even told Me that it would be best for all that I just died.

The Suspension of My Human Rights.

I went to the Public Ministry to ask for Help regarding My cases and it was rejected in a way that they did not even care to call Me back. I went to the Supreme Court and it was also rejected in a way they refused to even call Me back. I then went to the Communications Ministry to offer the Chat Software and I was again rejected and again they refused to call Me back. All the Help I try to get regarding My Projects are rejected because of the President Maduro and his illegal Suspension of My Human Rights.

China is not interested in them having to pay for the Brutal Piracy that it often exposes Me to and that I have demonstrated as I write on the Social Media and proven even on My Web Site how they Dance to My Words without Me authorizing it. So they pressure Nicolas Maduro in order to ensure that they can keep Me enslaved and serving the Interests of China.

The Refusal to accept that I exist and the Media Violence.

Now they have opted to use the National, Venezuelan Media to attack Me, and they even had the guts to open Declare War on Me as I was complaining. They are using the Police on the Media, like Fascists to attack Me, instead of just calling Me, because they want to Provoke Me into Violence in the Desperate Situation that I am so that they can arrest Me, pay Me nothing and if possible steal My Money in any Pending International Case as well as receiving a hefty sum for the favour from some of the same Pirates that attack Me and steal My hard work from China to illegally Dance to My Words without permission on My part.

I repeat, I do not authorize and do not want to see any Chinese Media dancing to not a word of what I say without them paying what is strictly fair, agreed and Legally out of Slavery. Any further Dance might be stored, along with the Map to present as an additional case against Chinese Piracy.

Health Problems.

I suffer from Weakness, Back Pain around the Vertebra, now Shoulder Pains, I suffer Dizziness, recently My Character has turned more Violent as the Desperate Situation Worsens. The Humiliations have stepped up as if calculated, as if there was a real effort to depress Me and push Me to suicide. I also have Dental Problems, I bleed every time I brush My Teeth.

My Food Intake is very low and I have more than a whole year that I do not eat more than once a day. I get little to no help from My Family, on the contrary all I get is more Psychological Torture and Humiliation to the point I don't even want to visit them. I am treated like a Parasite and two of the People that are living at this house have Physically attacked Me, one of them even caused Me an Injury and My Blood was on the Floor.

The Worse kind of Lie Psychological Torture for Me.

Sometimes I write about something, and My Family repeats a Style Map Sequence that I made, and they ask Me to do weird things that normally they would not do, like ask Me to go buy a specific product from a specific place and then I could not buy, all matching the Map I was writing about.

They are being instructed by someone or by several People on how to treat Me, on what to say, on what to pretend and even how to humiliate Me and when. They are being used to abuse Me and that fact alone is Cruel and Criminal. Now they are stepping up their Humiliations like trying to force Me towards Violence and Despair, again using My own Family and the People that live here for that purpose.

The Chinese Spy Shop.

There is a Store where I buy food, raw food. It is a Shop that is attended by a Chinese Pair and a Venezuelan Guy. The Venezuelan Guy sometimes also matches things I discuss on the Social Network or says weird things that are not normal to a shop cashier. The guy is not even a proper cashier, he just operates the Debit Card machine but the Chinese People can do as well, so I don't even know why he is there. But I do know that it has been a creepy experience with that Abnormal Chinese Attended Shop.

My Current Plans.

I asked My Family to call or communicate with My Mother at Miami to ask her if she can send Me some 50$ so that I can have money to go to Caracas and ask for Help from the United Nations Human Rights Commission in what concerns My Chat Projects. But then I see that even the UN Human Right Commission is doing strange moves that match some other Media Content. But none the less I must try because the UN Commission is a Big Institution and probably someone can help and because I owe it to the Venezuelans to at least try.

I have no plans of leaving Venezuela. It is not Me that has to leave and it is not Me that is illegally constantly calling for a Civil War.

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