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November 27, 2017

President Maduro calls for War and the UN Human Rights commissioner applauds.

First, I see Emma Hewitt with some Silly Emotional Nonsense.
And the UN Human Rights seems to say:

"You get no support because you are a sick, filthy worm, you know? You need some Professional Help, maybe My Finger up your ass can be medical."
And then they seem to say:

"Can't you just DIE IN PEACE MOTHER FUCKER?!!!"
Then it appears to be the Globovision Media attacks Me, aided by the Police, to try to Silence and Intimidate Me using what it appears to be the Code I wrote about on the Previous Session.
And Tareck William Saab, now a Chief Justice at the Public Ministry smiles and says: "Oh yes, My Friend at the UN who supported Me so much at keeping Randal's Human Rights at bay so that he could be used as a Slave and be put to starve, when I was the so called Human Rights Defender as the Ombudsman. I so very much like to see Randal Starved and Desperate, it's exciting!"

And Saab continues: "Yes, I like the idea to blame Randal, you see he was so depressed that we thought it was best for him to have a medical Suppression of his Human Rights as a treatment, and we are glad that the UN Human Rights High Commissioner supported us in that Therapeutic Slavery Treatment."
I complain to the Communications Ministry and what I get as an indirect reply is a Declaration of War against Me and all those that think differently.
It clearly says that such Declarations of War on the Media are very Illegal. But Maduro does not care and promotes War openly in his ambition for Power at whatever the Cost. And the UN Human Rights Decorative Office does not seem to care, to the point I am sure nobody has heard anything about not breaking the Law from the UN Human Rights Commission, maybe because the poor Commissioner is too depressed and wants to share about depression.

I want to go to the UN Human Rights Commission and ask personally, in the name of all Honest Venezuelans who want to follow Me and that want the Calls to a Civil War to stop, to support Me in My Efforts to bring back Democracy or I want to go to confirm once and for all that they really do not care at all about Venezuela and rather, like you have witnessed here, just leave us alone to die as victims of a Despotic Regime that likes to pretend it's complaining citizens that ask for Human Rights do not exist.

I know some don't seem to care, but I have to prove it, and that is why I will go to waste My time, most probably, in demanding respect for Venezuelan Human Rights and the cease of Support for Slavery in Venezuela (and the end of My Slavery), also calling for more Sanctions against the Dictatorial Maduro Regime until he concedes to allow Venezuelan Debate Moderators and Certified Social Network Systems. This is no time to be Bland, Maduro is calling for a Civil War and I must go to the United Nations to see where they stand in the Defence of Human Rights in Venezuela.

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