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Research for the Civilized and Intelligent Media Consumer.

The following is a Home Work that is required as an
Investigative Work to grade the Sanity of a Person
on Social Media Regulation.

Interesting Questions.

All questions require an answer of more than 200 words plus the supporting
material that the User used to make it's comments.
1) What is the Purpose of Violent News?
2) Do those Violence News benefit you in any way?
3) Do you want to be Educated with Death and Violence?
4) How does a Violent News in some remote Country help you?
5) Do you really need to know any regular Dude was sexually abused?
6) Do you need to know that a Random Dude had sex with any Teacher?
7) Why do you need to know that some Random Dude died in Common Crime?
8) Do you need to know the minor details of a Mass Murder?
9) Who do the minor Details of a Mass Murder benefit?
10) Can bad news in some other Country distract you from Local Solutions?
11) Is it fair for Big Media to expose unpaid normal Citizens to Public Shame?
12) Who benefits from a Scandalous Murder, the Murderer or the Media?
13) If someone suffers depression, can they opt out of the Depressing News?
14) Is there enough technology to be able to filter the Depressing News?
15) Is profiting from a Crime a decent way to Inform and Educate?
16) Can Children have access to your regular News Media?
17) Do Children have the right to read News?
18) Are you even allowed to legally comment on a News you see?
19) What is the Point of Freedom of Expression without Freedom of Opinion?
20) Can Media that allows Freedom of Opinion be made?
21) Can Media that allows to filter out the Junk be made?
22) Would you support reading the News from it's Source Country?
23) Where are the Journalist Club Media where unemployed can join?
24) How can a Media support New Art?
Pages like these are Mandatory for all Academic Regulators, to fill them out when appropriate or to create them to enhance the Social Debate about Media Quality or sometimes to Grade a Student or Candidate. Every System Academic Moderator must have a Page in it's Profile around this Thematic of Checking for the Common Sense in a Healthy Media.

Progressive Investigation Work.

1) How can a Media support New Art?

Pick a Media and elaborate on how a Media can help Support or Supports New Art parting from that point.

What does a Media do for the Unemployed Journalists?

Every year, hundreds of New Journalists are Graduated in the World and go out to find Jobs. Pick a Media and elaborate how a Media can help support or Supports the Freedom of Expression of Unemployed Journalists.

3) What is the Educational Value of a Crime News?

Pick a Media and elaborate on how a Media is not educating with the [Use of Violence and Death News just to gain profit] or how a [Media is supporting the Regulation of Violent News to reduce Media Addiction].

For this point more than
10 News References are needed and more than 1000 Words. It is Mandatory for all Academic Regulators.

4) How can you help to Support Civilized Media?

Describe how can you help to Protect or Support the Protection of Intelligent Media Consumer Groups.

More than 1000 Words required. Must be published at the Profile Page of the Media Regulator after Club Authorization.

5) How much concern does the Media have for Education?

Pick a Media and elaborate on how a Media is not educating with it's news, why it appears it does not care sufficiently about education and/or why a Media seems to support Education and Teachers. It can be using material from the Past.

More than 1000 Words required.

5) Do Children have the Right to have Media?

Describe how you would conceive a Media that is apt for Children with a Filter for content for Adults or describe how a Media of your Choice complies with the Human Rights of Children.

6) Do you care about a Civilized, well informed Society?

If you are an Academic Regulator or want to Ascend in the Green Information Clubs you have to create a Page or an Account about Educated, Academically Regulated Media for Healthy Media Activism. Describe what you have done or if you have not, describe how you would do it.

All Green Club Members of the News Media must have Academic Regulation Related Material such as this one and sometimes the Clubs create their own list of requirements such as the ones in this page. All Red Club Moderators must have passed this test.

More than 2000 Words required.

7) Mandatory only for Women: Do they care?

This Point is only for Women to respond, since they are the first involved.

Describe how can a Media, any Media of their Choice can better protect Women Rights and Gender Equality or how it is abusing the Rights of Women.

The External Media to the System cannot be used because the idea is to improve the Surrounding Area. For Internal Cleaning there are Women Rights Red Groups.

More than 2000 Words required. Mandatory for any Female Green Club or Red Group Moderator or Sponsor.

8) Additional Academic Contributions. Can you help?

Suggest other Questions and Research Activities that can be used to motivate People to think about the Quality of the Media they consume and the Mental Health of Society, specially Children and fill in the Answers or Research Terms that were provided as suggestions. Mental Ecological Media is a valid topic if the user chooses it.

If you already have Supporting Material regarding Healthy Media Activism then include only the Link and a one paragraph description, since this Point is about Additional Contributions.

More than 1000 Words required.

9) Frequency. How often should some care?

Suggest how often Academic Regulators in the System should update Material about the Quality of Information and the Right for Mental Health in the Media, according to their functions, the function and rank of your choice to help keep the Regulators Motivated in the Conservation of the System's Mental health.

More than 100 Words Required.

10) Why is Freedom of Opinion on Media Quality Legal?

How can you contribute or have contributed to make Activism for Healthy Media a Legal Activity and what are the Rules you suggest or have seen suggested that you liked in that sense?

Describe why the material produced on this subject and with these questions are legal when it is for Private Club Use and not for publishing in public, which could violate Copyright Laws of some Proprietary Media.

Some Media do not mind getting comments, be sure that if you use those, to specify that those are willing to allow Freedom of Opinion. I did not ask to Violate Copyright, I asked about protection to the Right to have an Opinion about Healthy Media.

All the Questions here are for Private System Review. When possible, according to the rules and when it is not Violating Copyright it can be published for the General Public.

More than 1000 Words Required.

You don't have to include this part of the Page.
I do so because I have a Guest Related to the Red Limit Topic.

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