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I won't cry, no not Me not I, by Delta Goodrem.
Breaking Benjamin - So Cold
Evidence of the Mortifying Abuse I am subjected to almost every day, like if My Human Rights and the Venezuelan Sovereignty were some kind of Bad Whore Joke:

Complicity with
TORTURE of a Man that is not allowed any Legal Defence at all.

I make the United States of America's Supreme Court
responsible for Complicity and Harassment against Me and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The Torture I am being subjected to would not be possible if the USA's Supreme Court did not delight in Illegal Torture Fascist Games.

If I did a Crime, all the Human Right Agreements on the Subject say that I have to Right to know what Crime I have Committed. But Torture or complicity in Torture is not allowed in any Common Justice System.

And I want to know what is the Legal Basis for that kind of Abuse against My Privacy, in Venezuela:
It all comes down to Imperial Bullying to try to Break Venezuela's Will, starting with it's Central System Moderator with the help of Corrupt Venezuelan Government Officials that enjoy seeing a Venezuelan Suffer due to lack of Legal Protection even in a case of Great Vulnerability.

And they would not stop laughing at Me, the Venezuelan that proves we Venezuelans have been left out in the Cold to fend for ourselves.

Certified Declaration and Confirmed:
The Confirmation came after I posted the text and the first Picture above.

There is nothing I can do about it. The abuse will continue. I just avoid making too much fuss about it.


I had the sense that they would attack there and how.
And I was right.
New Purpose. On Corruption: [Sin or Murder].
Far Cry (Shot in the Dark).
All Three: Secret Mass Murder or Kill to Supposedly Avoid.
Google rearranged My Messages on Post.

I read a message and the order changed to that, with that new Publicity:
The Google Platform is designed specifically to abuse the Users and distort their Coherency. I post messages but every time I update or even see a new message it turns into a Roulette and I have no idea of what criteria does it use to sort the Messages. Also I post to a given list several times but that is not reliable as Google switches between them so I sometimes find Myself posting to the wrong list. Both "Glitches" are a strong indication of the lack of respect and willingness to abuse the Users by the Google Corporation, which is not a Reliable Platform for Serious and Honest People.

It is always some excuse to Torture Me to try to justify that I do not deserve My Human Rights.

And they have still not called, even if My Telephone Number in on this Web Site, on Main Pages.

With a Confession, that proves that I am not lying.

It is Institutional Abuse and Slavery and that is precisely why they hold no Legal Claims over My Work.

Confession Evidence:
I consider all such messages as a form of Torture that has Me in Constant Anguish.

I want to know what Legality Justifies that Abuse against My Human Rights.

I am not the Ball in some Secret, Corrupt Nazi/Fascist Football Game.
Date is:
September 20, 2017

Prince William
Prince William discusses 'massive question' of legalising drugs

Duke of Cambridge chatted about topic with people during a visit to drug addiction charity the Spitalfields Crypt Trust in east London
The name 6188.jpg is quite Curiously Delightful.
Prince William talks with volunteer Bernard Bristow during his visit to the Spitalfields Crypt Trust. Photograph: David Rose/AFP/Getty Images

Nicola Slawson
Wednesday 20 September 2017 00.35 BST

The debate around the legalisation of drugs has been raging for decades with everyone from rock stars to the British Medical Journal wading in. Now a member of the royal family has joined the discussion.

But it was neither Prince Harry, famous for being a bit of a hellraiser, nor his notoriously outspoken father Prince Charles who brought the subject up but the normally reserved William who asked former addicts the “massive question” – should the ban on drugs be lifted?

The Duke of Cambridge spoke about the subject while on a visit to drug addiction charity the Spitalfields Crypt Trust in east London.

William asked three people who have been helped by the charity their opinions on whether drugs should be legalised.

He did not give his personal opinion but told the trio it was a “question I had to ask”.

Sitting in the trust’s art room, the duke said: “Can I ask you a very massive question? It’s a big one, there’s obviously a lot of pressure growing in areas about legalising drugs and things like that: what are your individual opinions on that?

“I know it’s a big question, but you seem like the key people to actually get a very good idea as to, you know, what are the big dangers there. What are the feelings?”

Heather Blackburn said she thought the legalisation of drugs was a good idea and that money was wasted on “drug laws”.

She added: “Most of the people I’ve known in recovery, 95% had massive trauma and terrible stuff happen to them and using drugs to cope and then you get put in prison, you don’t get the facilities and the actual help you need, you get punished ... which is not going to help anyone taking drugs, it’s going to do even more harm, I think.”

She added that there should be more help, such as psychiatry, so people could turn their lives around earlier.

The duke then asked whether prison tackles the root cause of why someone is taking drugs, to which Blackburn replied: “No, it just punishes what you’ve done, not the reasons why.”

Recovering alcoholic Grace Gunn, 19, who is training to become a midwife, told the future king: “You can’t just say, you know, ‘drugs are illegal’ or ‘now we can all go and do drugs’, because it doesn’t stop the fact we’re a nation of people hurting, and we can’t undo all that overnight. It takes a long period of time.”

Jason Malham, a 45-year-old recovering heroin addict originally from Melbourne in Australia, said: “Personally, I believe that they should not be made legal.”

At the end of the discussion the duke thanked the group for giving him a “very useful little snapshot”, adding: “Talking to you and being here it feels like a question I had to ask, I appreciate your honesty.”

As he said his goodbyes William, in a jokey reference to the birth of his third child expected next spring, told Gunn: “All the best with the midwifery – might see you sooner than you think.”

William’s question to the recovering addicts was welcomed by Danny Kushlick, head of external affairs at Transform, a charitable thinktank that campaigns for the legal regulation of drugs in the UK and internationally.

Kushlick said: “The protocol in the [Westminster] village is ‘we don’t talk about drugs’. That’s why we appreciate the courage and foresight of Prince William to be stepping into the debate where even seasoned politicians won’t go.”

The government’s drug policy is not likely to change in the foreseeable future. In its drug strategy, published in July it said: “We have no intention of decriminalising drugs. Drugs are illegal because scientific and medical analysis has shown they are harmful to human health.

“Drug misuse is also associated with much wider societal harms including family breakdown, poverty, crime and anti-social behaviour. We are aware of decriminalisation approaches being taken overseas, but it is overly simplistic to say that decriminalisation works.”
Beware of Googles bearing gifts

By Lloyd Green, Fox News
Is Google too powerful?
Is Google a monopoly

These days, Google is getting more publicity than it probably wants. Last week, three women launched a class action lawsuit against the tech giant, alleging that it systemically paid men more. Now, Google and its Silicon Valley brethren are making headlines for opposing Congress’ efforts to halt online child sex trafficking. For a company whose motto is “don’t be evil,” these stories must be inducing their own share of agita at Google’s Mountain View, California, headquarters.

Truth be told, bad coverage for Google is more the exception than the rule. But it didn’t just happen that way. No, not at all.

Rather, the company has aggressively sought to divert the media’s peering gaze from its episodic woes, sprinkling strategically placed dollars into the coffers of its would-be critics, even as Google vacuums millions and millions in advertising revenue away from legacy news outlets. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a small price for Google to pay -- especially when someone else is generating the content.

Although the story isn’t new, it has remained the same for more than a decade. Back then, in 2006, Belgian publishers sued Google for alleged copyright infringement in connection with Google’s search engine and Google News. The plaintiffs had claimed that Google illegally reproduced French-language content by linking to cached copies and displaying snippets of content. Said differently, the publishers did the heavy lifting.
Rather than proceeding to a verdict, Google and plaintiffs settled in 2012, with Google partnering with the publishers in a series of collaborative efforts such as Google’s AdSense platform, integrating Google services into the publishers’ content, and assisting with distribution on mobile devices. To tech industry observers, it was a good deal for Google.

Significantly, the lawsuit and settlement were not one-offs. Rather, they appeared to be part of Google’s playbook as the story repeated itself in France. As was the case in Belgium, French publishers had demanded that Google pay them licensing fees for posting headlines and bits of content when Google would post search results.

What emerged from the clash became a prototype of sorts, with Google walking away from the clash with the title of Benefactor of French Media, all for the one-time price of 60 million euros ($82 million), which was directed into a special fund to assist the French media in developing their internet presence. There was one catch -- Google would still not be paying for its use and profit from other-peoples’ content.

Talk about being coopted. The die had been cast. Two years later Google launched a no-strings, three-year, 150-million-euro fund for publishers’ digital news projects, aka the Digital News Initiative (DNI) Innovation Fund, which has funded more than 90 projects, and distributed more than 73 million euros.

Any chance that this largesse dulled the desire on the part of some journalists to put Google under a microscope? Uh, are people human? Potential for conflicts-of-interest? See the point.

To be sure, Google’s propensity to smother with kindness knows no boundaries, and its influence isn’t limited to lobbying; making political contributions to Democrats and Republicans alike; Google’s Eric Schmidt coaching the Obama and Clinton campaigns, and to Schmidt wearing a Clinton Staff “badge” on Election night. No, it extends to partnering with those who report the news, and drive the story.

Since 2015, The New York Times and Google have organized joint giveaways of Google Cardboard, Google’s virtual reality headsets. Earlier this summer, The New York Times announced that it would use Google’s Perspective, an anti-trolling software, to combat and limit abusive comments posted to its website.

To be sure, putting a dent in trash talk on the internet is a good thing. Still, it is also possible that the symbiotic relationship between Google and the media may cause a reporter or an editor to think twice about diving too deeply into a story.

Just look at the 2016 presidential race. The same way that Donald Trump took offense at being scrutinized by NBC during his presidential run, after having been the star and focal point of the Apprentice – in his words “I made a fortune for NBC with ‘The Apprentice’ … I had a top show where they were doing horribly” – it is only natural for Google to expect the media’s goodwill after it has done so much for them, including helping accelerate the decline of print journalism.

Lloyd Green was staff secretary to the George H.W. Bush campaign’s Middle East Policy Group in 1988 and served in the Department of Justice between 1990 and 1992.
Parents and parenting The autocomplete questions

Why are children so annoying? You asked Google – here’s the answer

Phil Daoust

Every day millions of internet users ask Google life’s most difficult questions, big and small. Our writers answer some of the commonest queries
‘Because they can’t just eat their food. They have to play with it, dissect it, moan about it, complain it’s too hot when it’s not.’ Photograph: Fuse/Getty Images

Wednesday 20 September 2017 08.00 BST

Why are children so annoying? How long have you got? As a father (of one) and a stepfather (of two) here are the first 60 reasons that spring to mind. There are many, many more, and I’ve limited myself to the years between toddlerdom and adolescence. Got your own suggestions? The comments are open …
1. Because they won’t shut up. From the second they wake to that blissful moment when they close their eyes, their lips are flapping. They’ll tell you about their favourite toy, their new best friend, the bogey they’ve just fished out of their nose. Everything gets a running commentary.

2. Because they insist on a reaction. “Really?” and “Oh yes?” will only cut it for a couple of minutes.

3. Because when they’re not telling you stuff, they’re asking you stuff. Usually stupid things like, “What’s your favourite colour?”

4. Because they won’t accept your replies. Your favourite colour can’t be yellow, because yellow is yucky.

5. Because if there is more than one child in the room, the second will pay just enough attention to know that a question has been asked, but not what it was or how you answered it. He or she will then insist that you repeat it all.

6. Because they are always suffering. If they’re not losing teeth (not really their fault, to be fair), they’re stubbing their toes, or scraping their knees, or falling into nettles. And they’re such drama queens. “It’s like a knife in my mouth!” is how your typical nine-year-old describes an itchy gum.

7. Because they have no patience. If they need a tissue, they need it now. They’re never hungry but starving; never thirsty but dying of thirst.

8. Because they make you listen to Fun Kids (it’s a radio station).

9. Because they claim to believe in Father Christmas, the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy.

10. Because all of these cost you money.

11. Because they need your help. With scissors, with Sellotape, with buttons, shoe laces, ties …

12. Because they insist they don’t need your help.

13. Because they want to eat cereal without milk.

14. Because they won’t eat their crusts.

15. Because they want you to cut up their apples.

16. Because they put on “shows”.

17. Because they want you to play with them.

18. Because they will not leave you alone in the bathroom. Five seconds after that door shuts, they’re “desperate for a wee”, or a chat, or something. There’s always something.

19. Because they sometimes are desperate for a wee. Make them wait and you’ll need to get the mop out.

20. Because they can’t live in the present. No sooner has one birthday passed than they’re planning the next one, or Easter, or Halloween, or Christmas. And you’re going to hear about it all.

21. Because they won’t just put it in an email.

22. Because they’re obsessed with “potions” and “perfumes”.

23. Because these are actually flowers rotting in a glass of water.

24. Because they can’t see a glass of water without knocking it over.

25. Because they collect shoe boxes, which they call treasure chests.

26. Because that “treasure” is plastic tat.

27. Because they’re such terrible liars. As in, they do it all the time.

28. Because they’re such terrible liars. As in, they do it really badly.

29. Because they won’t let you throw anything out, whether it’s the building blocks they’ve had since their first birthday or the stick they picked up walking back from school.

30. Because it’s not just a stick. It’s “Mr Sticky”.

31. Because no, actually, it’s not “Mr Sticky.” It’s just “Sticky”. No – it’s “My little brother, Sticky McStickington”.

32. And because once it has a name, it has to have clothes, and a bed, and a place at the table, and everything you already begrudge providing for a living, breathing child.

33. Because every lid that needs to be on, they leave off.

34. Because they can’t wipe their bottoms properly.

35. Because they never, ever put their filthy underwear in the laundry basket.

36. Because if there’s more than one of them, not a day will go by without one punching, kicking, pinching or slapping the other(s).

37. Because the culprit will insist it was an accident.

38. Because they make you post letters to pop stars and TV presenters.

39. Because they can’t walk down the road without tripping over the one loose paving stone.

40. Because they try to tell you how the world works.

41. Because whenever you turn on the TV, it’s showing My Little Pony.

42. Because however tired they were last night, they still wake up too early.

43. Because they bring you cold toast and an orange and call it breakfast in bed.

44. Because they can’t find anything or anyone on their own. If they are at home and need their mother, for example, they will immediately approach someone who is not their mother and ask them where their mother is. It will never occur to them to look.

45. Because when they do find their mother, they will immediately ask her what she is doing – even when it’s something obvious like reading a book or making a cup of tea.

46. Because they want a phone.

47. Because they claim all their friends already have phones.

48. Because you can’t have sex till they’re asleep.

49. Because they want to stay up till midnight.

50. Because whenever you ask them to do something, the first word out of their mouths is, “Wait!”

51. Because the second word is, “Why?”

52. Because when you walk down the street with two or more of them, they will all insist on talking at you. And every single one will end up in tears because the other(s) “won’t let me speak”.

53. Because when you tell them you wish you could send them to boarding school, they think you’re joking.

54. Because every remark, even when it’s just you and them in the room, starts with your title, or your name. “Mummy …”, “Papa …”, “Phillo …” whatever. Every. Single. Remark. All. Day Long.

55. Because they can’t just eat their food. They have to play with it, dissect it, moan about it, complain it’s too hot when it’s not, theatrically blow on it and, most of all, reject it, because it’s got onions in it (what kind of weirdo doesn’t like onions?), or it’s green, or it’s got “bits” in it.

56. Because they can’t even sit down properly to eat it. If they’re not balancing on one buttock, they’re standing up, or actually running round the table.

57. Because they don’t cry when you tell them off.

58. Because they do cry when you brush their hair.

59. Because they turn you into a horrible, bitter grump.

60. And because when, eventually, they stop being such noisy, needy pains in the arse, they decide that they hate you and would rather die than have anything to do with you. And for some reason, even though that’s what you’ve been praying for for the past decade, that feels even worse.

They and Google are using Children as Human Shields against Me.
I am asking for the Immediate Firing of Katherine Viner.
If the British Royal Refuse, I will blame Prince Williams instead.

Porn-actor-turned-spy who posed as jihadist gets suspended sentence

Former German intelligence agent named as Roque M faced charge of attempting to share state secrets
 Roque M in the courtroom in Düsseldorf on trial for attempted treason. Photograph: Christoph Zeiher/AFP/Getty Images

Agence France-Presse in Berlin
Tuesday 19 September 2017 15.29 BST Last modified on Tuesday 19 September 2017 15.38 BST
A former German intelligence agent who was also once an actor in gay pornography has been given a one-year suspended sentence for attempting to share state secrets while pretending to be a jihadist online.

The 52-year-old, named as Roque M, was arrested last November in what initially appeared to be a case of an Islamist mole at work in Germany’s domestic spy agency.

He was freed in July after prosecutors dropped most of the charges, finding no evidence of an attack plot or ties to Islamist groups.

He told the court he pretended to be a jihadist planning an attack in online chatrooms because he was bored. “I never met with any Islamists. I would never do that. The whole thing was like a game,” he said at the start of his trial in the western city of Düsseldorf.

A former banker and a father of four, Roque M told the court he monitored the Islamist scene as part of his job for the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), a role he described as “a lot of fun”.

He said he grew bored at weekends when he was at home with his disabled son, and immersed himself in the online world of Islamists, pretending to be one himself.

It was “an escape from reality”, he said in court.

He went as far as arranging a meeting with a suspected Islamist at a gym, although Roque M insisted he never had any intention of going.

He was caught when he offered to share classified information about BfV operations with someone who turned out to be a colleague working undercover.

The case initially sparked outrage, with Germany’s domestic spy agency fending off calls for a complete security overhaul for allowing an “Islamist” to infiltrate its team, who had passed multiple screenings.

The intelligence agent’s past as an actor in gay pornography also caught the public’s attention.

As no evidence emerged of an actual Islamist plot, prosecutors left Roque M facing the sole charge of attempting to share state secrets.
The upload order is irrelevant for Me, since I am not uploading with a given Methodology, other than a standard method of not wanting to keep People waiting, since I am also notifying the content and construction of this page on the Social Network. There is no hidden Methodology applied by Me in this page, I am using Default/Automatic.

That is where they could have nailed Katy Perry:
Student jailed for falsely accusing taxi driver of sex attack
A British student has been jailed for falsely accusing a taxi driver of sexual assault after he declined to accept cash that was covered in kebab grease.

Sophie Pointon, 22, an aspiring police officer, received a 16-month sentence following her conviction. She had told police last April that the taxi driver molested her in the back of his vehicle after he picked her up one night, the Telegraph reported.

Police in Leeds found the driver, who’s a father of five, and kept him detained for six hours. The accusation prevented the driver from working for four weeks.
Sophie Pointon (Facebook)

Prosecutor Kate Bisset said the accused man was interviewed, where he claimed Pointon was “extremely drunk” and was holding a kebab the night he picked her up.

At one point during the journey, the driver said, the student threw money at him – but he refused to accept it because it was covered in oil from a kebab, the Mirror reported. Pointon then became abusive while opening the vehicle’s doors.

“He did not think much of it at the time because such incidents with people who are intoxicated are not unusual,” the prosecutor said.

A phone conversation between the driver and his taxi office validated his account of the night, while a GPS tracker in the car also contradicted the student’s description of the journey.
Sophie Pointon (Facebook)

As police challenged Pointon’s account during the trial, she reportedly broke down in tears in court and asked whether she could drop the charges against the man.

She later pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice and was sentenced to 16 months in jail.

“Your malicious complaint has done a huge disservice to those seeking justice through the police and courts,” Judge Christopher Batty told the student.

'I pray she's already dead': chaos as Mexico City block collapses after quake

Earthquake destroys seven-storey block in La Condesa neighbourhood, trapping an unknown number of people
Hundreds of people converged on the collapsed apartment block in La Condesa, Mexico City, in an effort to free people trapped in the rubble. Photograph: Nina Lakhani for the Guardian

Nina Lakhani in La Condesa
Wednesday 20 September 2017 04.05 BST Last modified on Wednesday 20 September 2017 08.20 BST
Casandra Hidalgo ran outside when the earthquake struck just in time to see the seven-story apartment building opposite the café where she works tumble into a heap.

“It fell to the ground in front of our eyes, people were running everywhere around it, but we’ve been standing here since and no one has come out of the building,” Hidalgo, 18, told the Guardian as she stood in front of the enormous pile of dusty rubble in the Mexico City’s leafy La Condesa neighbourhood.

At least 139 people are dead after the 7.1 earthquake struck at about 1pm on Tuesday causing widespread destruction in Mexico City and neighbouring states – exactly 32 years since a 1985 tremor devastated the city. The epicentre of the tremor was close to the town of Raboso in the state of Puebla, 120km (75 miles) from the capital.

The quake devastated La Condesa, one of the city’s most prosperous neighbourhoods, flattening several buildings and leaving scores more damaged and unstable.

The collapsed apartment block on the circular boulevard Amsterdam Avenue was instantly cloaked by clouds of white dust as a strong smell of gas filled the air. The building comprises three apartments on each floor – no one knows how many people were inside when the earthquake hit.

Monica Saavdera’s 87-year-old mother was among the residents at home when the earthquake hit. “I pray that she’s already dead, that she’s not trapped underneath alive,” Saavdera said, comforting her mother’s sobbing domestic worker who survived because she had popped out to run some errands when the quake struck.
It is not known how many people were inside the apartment block when it collapsed. Photograph: Nina Lakhani for the Guardian

The first to arrive on the scene, minutes after the building collapsed, was a group of construction workers who had been working a couple of blocks away. Within minutes, they took control and started trying to lift the rubble by hand until neighbours arrived with shovels, saws, wheelbarrows and plastic buckets to help.

Within a couple of hours there were hundreds of people trying to assist but no authorities to take charge. Every few minutes there were shouts of “silence, silence” as the volunteers on top of the rubble struggled to listen for survivors from deep beneath the ruins.

“It’s chaos, people want to help but civil protection should be here and in charge, there are too many people on top of the debris it is dangerous for everyone” said Israel Belmonte, an education ministry worker who is also part of the health and safety brigade.

Amsterdam Avenue, Mexico City
Guardian graphic | Source: carto.com

Dozens of civilians, some wearing cycle helmets and garden gloves for protection, were scattered across the metres-tall rubble heap.

Doctors and nurses who live nearby were also on the scene and had set up a makeshift medical centre even before the first ambulances arrived more than two hours later. The first firefighters took even longer to arrive.
Scores of people converged on the site, shouting ‘silence, silence’ every few minutes to listen for signs of people trapped inside Photograph: Nina Lakhani for the Guardian

Hundreds of people formed human chains and cleared debris by hand in order to allow the emergency services through, passing broken concrete slabs, fallen trees and sharp metal poles from person to person out of the way. Plastic crates and shopping trolleys from a nearby supermarket were used to move the heavier debris.

Several civilians needed medical treatment after being hit by debris.
One frustrated man shouted at a group of police officers. “Don’t just stand there, help, everyone has to help, why aren’t you doing anything?”

Donations of water and medicines started flooding in, but volunteers urgently called for more supplies. “We need batteries, torches, blankets, another megaphone, more tools, please bring us what we need,” one man said.

At about 5pm, as the authorities and machinery started to arrive , one of the volunteers shouted out that help was needed a few blocks away where another building had collapsed. Dozens of people started running in that direction, where truckloads of navy and army officers were also converging. There, riot police held signs with lists of medicines needed included antibiotics and painkillers.

Away from Amsterdam Avenue, there were smashed-up cars, broken windows, cracked walls and partially collapsed buildings in every direction.

Mayte Ferriero and her daughter Yeziel, 22, lived on the fifth floor of the collapsed Amsterdam Avenue building. They were out having a late breakfast when the earthquake struck, but their domestic worker was inside. “She’s in there, so is the security guard, who knows how many others,” said Ferriero

And that's that. I can't prove Globovision knew about the Double Face.

I can't involve Globovision without more evidence. So I will leave it at that.
I am not styling as I placed the news, and I am not playing any Secret Games when I show the Basic Layout. The News was provided as is, using the Standard Procedures that I use as a Default for any other News. So if there are any Spooky Traps, blame it on the Media that published the News, not Me. I am not the one that is seen dancing to the same Tune.
The Following News was spammed (I try to Silence the BBC News but the Social Network Google Plus won't allow it even if it does have an option to Silence) at Me after I notified that I placed the latest Katy Perry Photo on this page, as seen above and before I got to place the Auto-Inertia Preventing Code. Proving that the BBC is using it's Media to do Counter Intelligence against Me, and not so much to serve the British People in an Honest and Accountable way.
Parents and parenting The autocomplete questions
Why are children so annoying? You asked Google – here’s the answer
60. And because when, eventually, they stop being such noisy, needy pains in the arse, they decide that they hate you and would rather die than have anything to do with you. And for some reason, even though that’s what you’ve been praying for for the past decade, that feels even worse.

I cannot sue for Katy Perry and Delta Goodrem,
they are responsible for her own Legal Actions.

I AM SUING FOXNEWS FOR 5,000,000$!!!
I AM SUING MEXICO FOR 10,000,000$!!!
I AM SUING GOOGLE FOR 20,000,000$!!!

For the crime of:
Conspiracy in Preparing a Trap against Me.
Conspiracy in Preparing a Trap to Blame Me.
Endangering My Guests.
Conspiracy with Google Corporation to Silence Me.
Continued and Proven Harassment.
All Legal Actions are subjected to Interest Rates.


Well that has already started when you supported Me.

In order to place less obstacles to the investigation I decided to place the Map below all the related News, so the Reader and return to check it after having a better sense of what is going on (Included Built Ambiance) [Cognitive Progression for the Purpose of Learning].

For example you teach a Child simple bindings, that A is for Ant, A is for Airplane, etc, and after that you teach it that A is for Astronomical Responsibilities. The Child will return to Learn with a better grasp of what was going on and with a Higher Sense of Responsibility.

Now that you know the General Context, you can return to check the Styling on the News and other Content included in this Page.
I saw the following news on the Chinese Media after I finished the rest of the page:
Once again I ask the Chinese Supreme Court to have Me paid for the Crimes committed against Me and to immediately Stop the Piracy that I am being a victim of, by orders of the Chinese President Xi and/or his Media. It has become far too often that what I write is mirrored by that Chinese Media. I complain and get no reply and there is no apparent intention on the part of the Chinese Authorities to stop the Plagiarism I am being subjected to in a Hostile Attempt to gain Influence and Colonize the Venezuelan People for the Chinese Imperial Interests.

You see at first they lied, they looked like they supported Me, then they let Me gain influence, I protested and now they want to attack Me with Piracy and steal even My Ideas of Virtual Boats, to get back the so called support that they now are willing to Tax. But have it all wrong:


I once again ask the Chinese Court to recognize the Intellectual Rights first and foremost of the Venezuelan People, of the United Nations and last but not least, My Intellectual Rights. It's time I got paid for My Hard Work in a Chinese/British Slavery Prison for Imperial Purposes.

Xi is considered, by all the Factors involved and the Current Context, as MY ENEMY and I consider him AN ENEMY OF THE VENEZUELAN PEOPLE. A Treacherous Liar, that is working with the British to try to Break and Rob the Venezuelan People. But I am a friend of the Chinese People and precisely because of that is that I ask for the diligence of the Chinese Supreme Court and other International Courts.

I repeat and I do not need to repeat again:
The Chinese President Xi is MY ENEMY and is a PIRATE.
I DEMAND JUSTICE FOR ALL THE PLAGARISM IN SLAVERY that I have been exposed to by The Pirate President Xi and his Imperial British Allies.

That Enemy Status can change when I indicate so and when the Aggressions of Piracy Stop after I am paid for My Work because I AM NOT A CHINESE SLAVE!
Saint Joan of Arc. France's Greatest Female Independence Hero.
I entrusted Delta Goodrem to her care, while Delta is a Guest.
So French Men, be more Gentlemen than the British have been.
Brexit from Inmorality.
Date is:
September 18, 2017

On Blue: General Mate Concept.
On Yellow: Conceptualization.
On Green: Association.
On Red: "Desglozar" ([Break Down] Related to Parts).
On Purple: Original TRIBalance (Spirit, Matter, Intellect).
On Cyan: Determine.
On Cosmos Scale (Core in 7): A Mitris Interactivity.
(Has a Zero in First State [Etica Cero]).
Date is:
September 27, 2017
As a Cosmos Scope: Planetary.
In Computers: SET.
([To Link] [Each color with it's equivalent position]).
For example...
The 1st Cyan with the Second Blue
The 1st Green with the Second Purple, etc.

Date is:
October 09, 2017
The Case of the Australian Suck Sex Abuse against Me.
  British Media The Guardian.
At BBC News.    

I consider the Australian Government as an ENEMY OF THE VENEZUELAN PEOPLE that try to BREAK THE HONOUR OF THE VENEZUELAN WOMEN and reject it's Sadistic Abuses against Me, this time Sexual Abuses in the strongest of terms, and once again Obama and the British are involved.

This is getting far too sick and way to unacceptable with a rate of abuse so high that it is impossible that they claim that all incidents were just a coincidence when what is not a coincidence is that in call cases they deliberately refused to clarify their abuses, thus pleading Guilty by Omission to all their Australian Crimes against Me.

I Love Delta Goodrem and Emma Hewitt, even if the Australian Government has Criminals that use them to try to abuse Me Sexually, Emotionally and Psychologically in what amounts to TORTURE.

Top Results in the Google Search for Kate Middleton, in Venezuela.
La tierna promesa que hizo Kate Middleton a sus dos hijos

La duquesa de Cambridge ha decidido hacer un comunicado especial a sus dos pequeños hijos ¡Entérate!

Hasta las familia más poderosas del mundo desean con ansías tener un hogar feliz o por lo menos esos son los propósitos de Kate quien compartió una entrevista al diario 'The Telegraph'.

La estabilidad en el hogar es tan importante para mí, que quiero criar a mis hijos en un mundo feliz, estable, seguro y eso es lo más importante para ambos como padres”, anunció la duquesa a la revista
Kate Middleton es la representación perfecta de Lady Di, sin lugar a dudas los principios y valores de esta joven madre nos han sorprendido pues no solo a cumplido a la perfección su papel como duquesa para la monarquía de inglaterra sino que ha ejercido su rol de madre de una forma espectacular y para muestra de ello ha realizado el siguiente comunicado a sus dos hijos (George y Charlotte).

Lee más: Camilla estuvo con el príncipe Carlos por venganza

Ser duquesa no es sencillo y menos ahora que dentro de un par de meses será madre de tres hijos y es que su salud sigue siendo delicada, pero ante la tempestad que padece la esposa del príncipe Guillermo, se ha empeñado en cumplir una promesa hacia sus dos pequeños hijos.
Kate no desea priorizar su labor como monarca al contrario ha insistido en poner a sus hijos primero antes de asistir a los eventos públicos y demás quehaceres reales, por ello la revista 'Closer' nos ha compartido las siguientes palabras de Kate en una entrevista exclusiva:

Kate no permitirá que los compromisos reales afecten la estrecha relación que tiene con sus hijos” y ha prometido que estará ahí para ellos sin importar lo que dicte la monarquía.

Lee más: Ariadna desprecia a millonario sexy
Sin lugar a dudas este amor incondicional que siente Kate hacia su familia en especial a sus hijos la hace parecerse un poco a la madre del príncipe Guillermo (Princesa Diana) quien se caracterizaba por su noble y sincero corazón algo que el pueblo adoraba pues la sentían cercana a ellos.

La revista 'Closer' también confirmó que el papel que desempeña actualmente la duquesa de Cambridge es muy parecido a las madres que salen a trabajar pero que también cuidan y atienden a sus hijos, pues su ejemplo ha tocado el corazón de un millón de madres modernas que se sienten completamente identificadas con la monarca.
¿Y tú que piensas acerca de la promesa de Kate a sus hijos? ¿Consideras que Kate Middleton se parece a la princesa Diana?

Lee más: La historia de este icónico vestido de Michelle Obama
Lee más: Ariadna desprecia a millonario sexy
Lee más: ARIA DNA desprecia a millonario sexy

Those in that map, they appear to be a representation of African Countries... Just look at all those "Nigers" (A Racist Term the Pretty "Aria" use sometimes) who don't have a hope to approach such delightful Illegal Sex Players. If you can call it Players, because the loser in that case had no chance to win, or so they thought... Me.

How was that game? Well they lost, obviously. Well according to such Game Rules, there is no big no worry because now that I can talk to Kate Middleton in Private and even have a Private Sex Encounter or more with her out of revenge (which I try not to do but Dude, it's the Rule). I don't think Paparazzi will be a problem, which is what ultimately killed Lady Di, again, in those type of Illegal Games, and Death was on the Table as a Term and Condition...

Oh, could be worse. Could be that they Played Illegal Games with the Entire Black Race to Gamble and they lost and now they refuse to pay to this Sexy "Millonario" (with all the Money they owe Me). In that case it would be simply too disgusting and an outright cheat which makes the offense a lot worse.

Remember I did not encourage, do not encourage and will not encourage those type of illegal sex trafficking Games, I just informed of how they work. As you can see the issue is so serious that the losers can be Killed. It's time for African Countries to ask Kate Middleton what is going on and it's time the Black Americans have a say in those Dark Games, specially in the part of Loosing.

The United States Ex-President Barack Obama should be pleased that the Racist and Illegal Game Loving Arians did not win.

Time to ask him, a so called Martin Luther King Main Follower under his Terms and Promise of Complete Loyalty to him and his Principles if it's time that the Losing Racist Arians Pay or if Obama will Pay for them.

A Person does not normally stalk anybody with Media Paint. That News is worth nothing, it's just a Painting on the Wall and is not necessarily a Crime.

But things change when there are a series of indications after a long period of time in which the victim was abused. There is simple looking Styles that look dangerous maybe and there is complete conspiracies that seek to hide themselves with Counter Intelligence, which was the case.

The best way to proceed there is to ask who is accountable, who is credible and who wants to exist to give any reasons. As far as I know, the British Police is sometimes just the Crime Laundering Machinery of the Royal Crimes and they use the media, affecting thousands of People to try to trap just 1 Person, which is also corruption.

I have a Phone Number. Hello.

Look at that Coward Run, just saw it on FoxNews after I made the rest of the Page and informed of it's location, after indicating several times what I was adding to the page.

Goes to prove that I was right about the evidence above, and it goes to show that Obama owes Me, now made easier to present to the Black American People as I expose the true nature of a Man that did not care about things that Mattered for the Black People.

Delta Goodrem - "Not Me, Not I"

You mixed me up for someone
Who'd fall apart without you
Yeah you broke my heart for the first time
But I'll get over that too
It's hard to find the reasons
Who can see the rhyme?
I guess that we where seasons out of time
I guess you didn't know me

If you think love is blind
That I wouldn't see the flaws between the lines
Surprised that I caught you out
On every single time that you lied
Did you think that every time I see you I would cry
No not me, not I, not I, no not me, not I

The story goes on without you
And there's got to be another ending
But yeah you broke my heart it won't be the last time
But I'll get over them too
As a new door opens we close the ones behind
And if you search your soul I know you'll find
You never really knew me

If you think love is blind
That I wouldn't see the flaws between the lines
Surprised that I caught you out
On every single time that you lied
Did you think that every time I see you I would cry
No not me, not I, not I, not I, not I

All you said to me
All you promised me
All the mystery never did believe
No I never cry no I never not me not I

If you think love is blind
That I wouldn't see the floors between the lines
Surprised that I caught you out
On every single time that you lied
Did you think that every time I see you I would cry
No not I, I won't cry
No not me, not I, not I

Written by Gary Barlow, Kara Dioguardi, Delta Goodrem, Eliot Kennedy, Jarrad Leith Rogers • Copyright © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, BMG Rights Management US, LLC
"So Cold" - Breaking Benjamin

Crowded streets all cleared away
One by one
Hollow heroes separate
As they run

You're so cold
Keep your hand in mine
Wise men wonder while
Strong men die

Show me how it ends
It's alright
Show me how defenseless
You really are
Satisfied and empty inside
That's alright
Let's give this another try

If you find your family
Don't you cry
In this land of make believe
Dead and dry

You're so cold
But you feel alive
Lay your hands on me
One last time

Show me how it ends
It's alright
Show me how defenseless
You really are
Satisfied and empty inside
That's alright
Let's give this another try

Show me how it ends
It's alright
Show me how defenseless
You really are
Satisfied and empty inside
That's alright
Let's give this another try

It's alright
It's alright
It's alright
It's alright
It's alright
It's alright
It's alright
It's alright
It's alright

Written by Benjamin Burnley, Jeremy Hummel, Aaron C Fincke, Mark James Klepaski • Copyright © Walt Disney Music Company

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