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Date is:
September 30, 2017

An Example of the kind of abuse I get from Australia (Kick the Monkey Game).

I am sure that what motivates the Australians the most is Racism and Xenophobia against the Venezuelan People, which they consider inferior and unworthy of being treated with respect.
Scarlett Linares (Fuera de mi vida)

Have you ever wondered why Delta Goodrem and Emma Hewitt, after 5 years and more have not even tried to contact Me? Is it because they do not know that I am writing to them, after 5 years, and the Australian Intelligence Agencies do not know?

One thing is Delta and Emma and another is the Australian Government, which has as their Queen the
Genocide Mary Elizabeth 2. So there is a reason why Delta and Emma are not allowed to contact Me, the same reasons that motivated the British to murder Thousands of Children in Catholic Schools in the Canadian Mass Murder of the Mohawk Indians: Racism.

You see, we Venezuelans do not deserve any respect or Dignity. I am a Venezuelan, but also a Ball, a Monkey, the Ball in a Kick the Monkey Game, where abusing Me is an Australian Fun Sport, like you see on this page. And it is not just that one, I am the Specimen to Abuse in the Racist, Xenophobic Lab Games of the Australian Government. I do not even get to be considered a Human, I have no Human Rights for them, and just like the British did, with the same Queen, they rather if we just all die starved in some Religious School.

Australia is no friend of Venezuela:

And My case more than proves it, the crude, evil and twisted lack of respect We Venezuelans get from the Australians.

I am a Friend of Delta Goodrem and Emma Hewitt, and I love them both, even if they themselves are slaves who are not allowed to express their opinions, used as Bait for Traps and endangered without them knowing. They no freedom of expression, if they did they would contact Me and I were illegal, My Web Site would not be up. So that is not an excuse.

So I do not blame Delta or Emma, I know it is because of the Government of Australia, who has the Queen Elizabeth Mary as Queen of Australia. So it is a laugh to say it is not a case of Slavery motivated on Racism, Xenophobia and Hate towards the Venezuelan People in General. When have you ever seen anything Venezuelan in good terms in any British Media?
So that is why the British Common Wealth Exists, I suppose:
1) To put the Celebrities of the Member States in Serious Danger.
2) To Justify Silence based on Racial Discrimination.
3) To Silence Celebrities so they cannot express concern.
4) To use the Member Celebrities as Bomb Traps.
5) To Torture other People and lay a Siege on them with Celebrities.
6) To evade Responsibility and Legal Complaints.
7) To get the Member Country in Legal Trouble so that the British Queen can play Dark Games in her Fascist Lab.
8) To Promote Black Widows to attack other Countries.
9) To get the Member Celebrities ready to be exploited in Porn.
10) To evade all British Responsibility on Slave Trafficking.
11) To justify Silent Fascism as a good thing to promote.
12) To appreciate the German Nazis like the BBC has done.
13) To promote Dishonesty and Dark, Dirty Traps as Values.
14) To Endanger Member Celebrities in Mexican Dark Games.
15) To say that the British Queen has no responsibility with the Celebrities even if she is Queen.
16) To not care that the British Queen is pretty much useless.
It is time to question the usefulness of the British Common Wealth.

If I see something that improves it's image, I might inform by this same media.

Date is:
October 01, 2017

I AM SUING THE XINHUA FOR 10,000,000$!!!

For the Crime of:

1) Human Trafficking.
2) Conspiracy with Human Trafficking.
3) Death Threat on the BBC's Part.
4) Conspiracy to Rape My Guests Delta and Emma in some "Golf" Game.
5) Conspiracy to take Revenge on My Guests for the Burn Flower Attacks.


Both are most recent in their respective accounts.

Date is:
October 06, 2017
Date is:
October 30, 2017
Gay are Men without Proper Balls.
Proper Balls are to Protect Children and Celebrities against Porn Pushers. Malcolm FAILED AT THAT because Malcolm is G-A-Y.
Australia has some Disgusting Leaders.
And I have to say it because might think that I sexual abuse that is abusing just Delta... I PROVE IT IS DELTA THAT IS SEXUALLY ABUSING THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN!!! So who is more abusive? ME PROBABLY AGAINST ONE PIG PERHAPS or DELTA GOODREM AGAINST THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN? Who would you rather...?
  ... JAIL?  
Malcolm Turnbull is a Gutless Coward that serves as a Porn Crime Washer of the Corrupt British Porn Pusher Monarchy, as I have just proven. Same Porn Pushers that now Delta Goodrem is supporting again, showing that she does not care about People that Promote Pornography and lends her Institution as a Platform to promote Promiscuity even among Children with Malcolm Turnbull's approval, because let Me make this clear, the responsible for the Australian Cultural Institutions and the Protection of the Australian Children's Values is Malcolm Turnbull. I Love Delta Goodrem, but not as a Sheep Slave of Malcolm Turnbull wanting to help Hurt Children.

I am not blaming Delta, I AM BLAMING MALCOLM TURNBULL.
  Law against Organized Crime.  
As you can see, Delta Goodrem's Style and events are shaped in order to Sexually Harass Me into a Sex Trap where if I answered incorrectly I could have been even raped and trying to and Influence the Venezuelan Politics by causing Destabilization, Disruption and Conflicts between Me, the Venezuelan Government and the Venezuelan People.

I call on My People to support Me against the attacks of the Evil Spies that are setting a Siege against My Human Rights to Silence Me as I protect the People of My Country against Slaves that try to extend Slavery onto the Venezuelan People, such as the Australian Government.

I have repeatedly invited My Guests to call Me if they feel aggravated in any way. They don't and the real reason they don't is because they are WAITING FOR ME TO DIE!

I declare My Complete Animosity against Malcolm Turnbull the Nazi Silence Besieger and the Torturer with Spies.
I am forced to be an Enemy of the Depraved Malcolm Turnbull! He wants to destroy Me, he forced My hand and I am not voluntarily allowing Sexual Abuses using Delta Goodrem as a Spy Shell and Siege War Machine.
Remember it is not him who is in Slavery and is a Hostage. It is Me that is being abused with the Australian Celebrity Institutions!

I hope I made myself clear.

And about Delta Goodrem:

I passed that page the moment I made the new Conditions with the Maps I made (the Test Trap was on part of them). I want Delta to keep a high Self Esteem and be BOSS! I do not want her to get depressed, that would not help anybody. I love her even in Bad Times. I rather point out the Error before some Crazy Religious Homophobes decide to think that I don't care or that I was abused without Me knowing and so they would have to revenge Me.

Life is Dangerous for Lesbian Celebrities.

Scarlett Linares (Fuera de mi vida)

No empieces a quitarte la camisa
no vas a convencerme como siempre
se ha roto el espejo de tu vida
te espera un tiempo gris de mala suerte.

Yo fui esa pared que utilizabas
para apoyar la piel de vez en cuando
para jugar al hombre
para calmar tu fiebre
para sentirte un dios omnipotente.

Fui tu esclava encadenada a una cama
una autómata sin sueños y sin alma
pero esto se acaba, ¡fuera! hoy mi fe te condena
¡fuera!, ¡fuera!, ¡fuera!…

Fuera de vida
esta vez la gota reventó la copa
fuera de mi vida
ya no quiero nada de lo que me dabas como una limosna de tu hipocresía
fuera de vida
cuando digo fuera rompo las cadenas
fuera de mi vida
si me vez llorando es mi desencanto
hoy veo un extraño y yo te amaba tanto, tanto, tanto…

Estabas convencido con el juego
para decir verdad estabas ciego
yo no creí ni una de todas tus mentiras
cuando tú me engañabas lo sabia
¡fuera!, ¡fuera!, ¡fuera!…

Fuera de vida
esta vez la gota reventó la copa
fuera de mi vida
ya no quiero nada de lo que me dabas como una limosna de tu hipocresía
fuera de vida
cuando digo fuera rompo las cadenas
fuera de mi vida
si me vez llorando es mi desencanto
hoy veo un extraño y yo te amaba tanto, tanto, tanto…

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