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August 27, 2017

About not imposing the Virtue of Transparency.

The TRIBalance does impose Transparency, because Transparency is a Virtue.

A Covenant of Civilisation.

A Value, as in a Human Value is something you can count on and even count, that is related to just one individual. You could feel a lie, look at the questions you made about it to someone, then learn the truth and count how many times they lied to you and have an idea of how you want to Value that Person's Honesty.

But a Virtue is different, for there to be a Virtue there has to be at least two other People as seen from a third Person, since a Virtue requires a Common Group and one Person is hardly a Group.

Imagine two Villages in the Jungle, both are rather Primitive, they do have Commerce with Gold but they do not know how to read and they live scattered in the Jungle. They have Human Values thought by their Mothers but they don't have the Virtue of Transparency.

You try to teach one of the Villages to have the Virtue of Transparency and you realize it's not so easy and it can be even expensive. You first have to teach them to Read and Write, then to Value Principles of Civilization la the Respect for the Laws, then you have to teach them about the benefits they gain from Transparency and about how to report their Transparent Data to others.

If you then try to impose that Transparency to the other, not educated Village without all the due preparations, you might just be trying to force a wild flower open before it's time to open, which could just break the petals because of unknown issues behind the lack of transparency and the lack of the proper formation in education to sustain it in a way People can understand. For example they would see someone comes to count their Gold, but they can't even read or write so they could consider it an abuse.

Just like you can't impose a Virtuous Orchestra Director to make Beautiful Music with People that don't know how to play Musical Instruments and Musical Instruments are required for an Orchestra. First you have to Educate the Virtues, then the Orchestra Works without having to impose the Knowledge by force alone, without Education. Well same applies for Transparency, it should be educated and trying to impose it by force alone is likely to cause unpredictable breaks and loses on the Target System.

The TRIBalance does not impose Transparency, it provides Transparency to those that enjoy it and teaches some of the benefits it can bring in a Computerized Social Network. It does not ask anybody else outside it's System to Forcefully submit to an imposed Transparency under it's own terms and conditions. We are educated People and understand that some Virtues need training and experience that can't simply appear on uneducated, untrained or even unprepared groups which are not ready to be Crystal Clear, and that does not mean we have to hate them.

The TRIBalance Systems started like a Fresh Cool Water Dispenser on a Refrigerator in a Sailboat. I did not say I wanted to turn all the Water in the Sea into Pure, Clear and Healthy Transparent Fresh Water and I am not trying to pour Fresh Water into the Ocean to see if it would change it. I just said that somewhere there has to be Fresh Water, even if in the Middle of the Salt Water Ocean.

If we have to observe Transparency from the Outside, we limit ourselves to report what we see and provide the suggestions we receive from other International parties to the subject observed. It is not up to a Transparent (Invisible) Person to participate in Cheap, Vulgar Politics when that was not the initial agreement of simply reporting where there is Transparency and providing International Suggestions on the subject. After all it is the Politicians that are there to restructure the System and Pressure, so we limit ourselves simply to report where there is Transparency as a Regulator, so that others can know more accurately and from an Institutional Outside Moderator what is going on.

I do not ask everybody to know, by force about the TRIBalance Styles, I know it is a use of Virtue. I did not say I wanted to change every single Person in the World right now, I just said there should be a Space for Fresh Water even if in the Middle of the Salt Water Ocean.

We do not impose Transparency by Force, that is the Job of Law Enforcement. If you like Transparency and the way we use it then support us in the scope of a Virtuous Group of Educated People with Educated Media for Educated People that do not try to Profit from Crime and Human Suffering by Default and for Commercial Interests with a Death Circus. Media that show Violence only on the request of the User and if it does there is no Hit Counter, Banner or Publicity. That I call now, Tepuy Media and it is Legal to want to support Healthy Media.

If I add Value Norms and Standards for Codes of Conduct then it could become a Full Religion. My Purpose is to Improve the chances for a Better and Sustainable Future.

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