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August 17, 2017

Media Imperialism for Dummies (Letter to UN Human Rights).
Avenged Sevenfold - Blinded in Chains
Oh, yet another Traditional Stylish Massacre. So what's new?
+United Nations Human Rights
You do realise how many Festive, Commemoration Mass Killings I have seen in 15 years...

I have seen just about 100 ways to Celebrate Power of the Media.
I mean, Mass Killings.
Maybe the only Category I have not seen is People being Squashed by some Meteor.

Masacres in Schools, Masacres in Temples, Masacres in Air planes, Masacres with Trucks, Masacres with Car Crashes, Masacres in a Cinema, Masacres in a Political Island, Masacres in Jail, Masacres in Remove Villages where almost nobody cares about in the USA, Masacres in Gay Night Club, Masacres in Commercial Center, Masacres in Airports, and well, several other "Delightful" and "Honest" True to God Profitable Spectacles that make Dozens or Hundreds of Millions of Dollars for the News Media in General.

It's very simple, really and once you know it you learn to get used to it.

The Media sells news.
And it benefits from Marketing too, on the Web, with Free News Sites.
So it profits from hits.

But if People are bored and the news is boring then People do not go too much there, or in fact they might just simply not go to a boring Media. And if they are bored, they don't want to click a lot, on Hit making Marketing.

So they need a way to raise the attention of People and one such way is to have them be worried. A worried person is more likely to get addicted to the Media, specially on the News it is worried about.

Mass Murders produce Thousands of Hits and thus Greatly Increase:

1) The attention of the users.
2) The addiction of the users.
3) The Marketing Revenues.
4) The Media's Cheap Influence Layer.

But there is just one problem with that, and it's called [Guilt], it's having [Guilty Consciousness] which can prove to be a problem, when it comes to hiding Secrets.

So they know that they need the "Meat", but they are shy as to why People have to DIE as Sacrificial Offerings for the Death Show Circus to make Profits.

So what they do is invent the figure of the Silent Critic. That is they Bound and Tie Up a Dude, which will be the general scapegoat on which to blame for the Profitable Masacres of the Criminal Media and thus they find respite and rest for their guilty consciousness, see?

So they take their main critic and try to blame it's errors for the Death of so many People so that they can go to the bank and cash Millions of Dollars, happy at the Wonderful and Justified Masacre that they have Justifiably set up to stop the Heresy of their Styles and the questioning of their procedures.

In other words they Promote and Justify Slavery to find a way to obtain less guilt when it comes to Killing People to set up a Circus that lands them Fortunes, Influence and Abuse of Power.

So I happen to be one of those "Radio Slaves".
One of those Critics that are to be the release and relief of Consciousness for the Circus of the Mass Murderers.

It's not easy for them anyhow, because just as the Criminals see Me, so do too the Police and Law Enforcement Agencies of several countries that also find relations between the Media Mafia, the Masacres and My actions. Which can tip off the Police and even cause International Concerns against the USA Media Mafia.

And it is dangerous that the Critic that the Police can see and monitor just disappears because then it is much harder to track, for the Cops, what was the cause of the Media Crime or any clue as to what could be related to that cause.

In other words, just as the Criminal Media can see Me to try to find easy reasons to sustain the Media Cannibal Circus with a light Consciousness Load, the Law Enforcement Forces can also read Me and find Clues. More so if I record several attacks as I see them, reducing the amount of surprises the Police might find.

People have to understand that the Crime Circus is not just about to want to stop making fortunes. The Crime Circus is just not about to try to find reasons for the murders that have a Light Consciousness Overload and they are certainly not ready to read about activism that complains about Media Hugely Profiting From Crime, thereby Criminal Media.

The same Criminal Media of which one of it's most notorious Gangsters, Rupert Murdoch just recently did several crimes:

1) Attacks Teachers by setting them up as Rapists.
2) Tried to Disfigure the Course of Justice with Taylor Swift.
3) Tried to Promote and Justify Revenge Porn.
4) Tried to Relate Katy Perry with waiting for Me to slip to have a show.

And I get no Justice, I don't get paid, People don't even care if I eat, I eat poorly, I am practically in House Arrest and I get Banned on Twitter just after I complain about Maduro's Love for Fidel Castro.

It's not that I have something against Fidel Castro per se, but I am Venezuelan and Ferociously Patriot and I think we need to find ourselves as Venezuelans, not Cubans, for we cannot be a Colony of the USA and certainly not a Cuban Colony.

So I get Banned, then they say it was because of some targeted abuse.
But when Paris Hilton appears with a Style that looks like she is setting up a Bounty on My Head to kill Me, or when Laura is seen with a Style that looks like she is ready to torment Me or when Katy Perry is wearing a Style that looks like she is ready to profit from Smears on Me then that is certainly not considered targeted abuse. Even if My complaints are grossly ignored.

Oh but come on, I am just a Citizen, a Venezuelan Citizen and they are Corporations, huge Corporations. Why would they want to talk with a Person that wants it's rights? What rights? People don't have rights in the face of them, they can just step on and crush anybody they want because what they want is to abuse their Power and that is specially true for a Citizen that comes from a Country that they think is just a Stinking Pile of Shit and Mud for the Pigs.

And that is My report and basic tutorial of "Imperialism for Dummies".
Blinded in Chains - Avenged Sevenfold

And we're at it again, I turn around another fucking war, man
I don't know where to begin, but I'll start with the radical leaders
Their steps we're followin'

Running, don't go back and fight, too many you'll lose
(And as clowns you follow suit behind the blood between the red and white and blue but it's too deep for you to see and everyone eventually will take the step cause it's in sight you take the left I'll take the right I fell the hate you've built for me and I say pay attention baby)

As they thank the Lord the blind can't see
Like a plague fed to the brain deadly disease

But it wasn't a sin, a sorry life in judging every action
And as they're feeding your mind with this shit you forgot
How to speak how to ask all the questions

The business at hand tonight, make the people choose
(I see another side in you but there's not much more I can do from on the outside looking in your government is listenin' to push you on the story of immortal father mortal son give them your mind and all your wealth the cycle will rebirth itself)
If they had it their way I'd burn in Hell and your future's a fuckin' disaster can't you see
Don't give them all the power when your future's in desperate trouble baby

As they thank the Lord the blind can't see
Like a plague fed to the brain deadly disease
I'd run away tonight with my mind still intact you gotta make it alright
Easier said than done with no place to hide and having no place to
Running away from condition, I see you but you're running away from
Your scared seductive system

Most would claim I live a lie when pointing out it's easy to predict these things
Every color has its side, they live together vote but most won't read between these lines
Please help us, please save us of course they have control we're all the same
Up on the cross, crucified their problem drove the nail and let Him rot
Family and friends, it won't matter in the end I'm sure they'll understand
Now look at the world and see how the humans bleed
As I sit up here and wonder 'bout how you sold you mind, body and soul
Looking at the fields so green I know this sounds obscene
I see you're living for tomorrow but decisions you have made will leave you empty

As they thank the Lord the blind can't see
Like a plague fed to the brain deadly disease
I'd run away tonight with my mind still intact you gotta make it alright
Easier said than done with no place to hide and having no place to run

You've fallen asleep in denial
Look at the way we're dyin'
How it ends I'll never know
Just live you life blind like me

Compositores: Brian Haner / Jr. / James Sullivan / James Owen Sullivan / Jr. Haner / Matthew Sanders / Matthew Charles Sanders / Zachary Baker / Zachary James Baker
Letra de Blinded in Chains Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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