Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 04, May of 2017

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May 04, 2017

The Corporation for Anarchy, Impunity and Ignorance.
A push for Misery.
The Letter I sent to Paris Hilton on the Social Network:
You are using Barbie in a way that there is no way the Barbie Corporation has not noticed it and your use of it has nothing to do with Fair Use or Freedom of Expression for Children. So I have the right to claim that Barbie and you are working together to hurt Children and profit from it.

It does not matter what kind of loss you think I could sustain by MY ERRORS. But there is one thing that is for sure.

That ANY PATH I take, regardless of any of My Errors all take to your loss in some form, with no gain.
Because that is STRICTLY what you asked for. That is the only option you made available. You accept ONLY HATE. And I have tried for more than a year to initiate a Debate with you about your abuses, to see if you want to stop Paedophilia.

Time and time again you have proved that you have no concern and no scruples when it comes to abusing children for your gain.
You insist that Damaging Children is the way to go, as not responding to Critics of Fans denotes your Arrogance and Despotism. And just like you are willing to try to hurt Me and cause rage on Me, you are also willing to hurt the feelings of all Schools.

Because I am not the Ocean and you cannot Justify your crimes against THOUSANDS for your sick obsession against My Moderation.
Nothing I do can justify the crimes you have committed against Children around the World. Specially when I am open to replying. But just as so, I have the Right to observe you, and it is the ONLY right I was given, it is My Habeas Corpus, My defence. You are trying to find the Formula that justifies abusing Thousands of Children for some "Greater Good" that ruins the Future. And you will not justify your Sexual Crimes against Children on Me, when you have refused all reply and have a siege on Me.

For I have told you, time and time again that I am willing to Debate with you and give you the Right for a Reply.
And you, for more than a Year, have rejected and and all forms of justifying Freedom of Speech from your Part. And I say Fascist because you do not believe in Social Participation, you have no Fan Club Structure to prove that you do. All you seem to want is the Freedom to Commit Crimes that you try to Justify Burning Academics and Critics.

But this is not about Me.
This is also about not only what the School Teachers think, but what the Responsible Parents think. You don't have to tell the Responsible Parents of the USA that you abused their Children because you have a Pet Peeve with Me. And in that case I have to ask the Parent to give Top Priority to their Principles and the Care for their Children.

I cannot stop you from doing massive Damage to Children, but I can help prevent it from happening in the Future. That I do.
An Appeal to Internet Chatters.

The Open Chat, Ocean of the Common People.

The Ocean of Chat is Salty. Specially in Countries like the United States of America, where Paris Hilton is from. There
are all kinds of Salty Behaviors and Salty Conducts.

Some People are also Promiscuous, some want to Promote Porn using Human Exploited Women in Extreme Conditions.
Some want to sell Porn Sex as Web Cam Sex and some want to offer their services as Prostitutes.

The "Ocean" is "Salty" and Open Chat Systems with Adults is not a place for Children. We all should know that the
Open Chat Ocean is Salty and be prepared to accept that reality in order to be less naive when exposed to so many

But even if the Ocean is Salty, it does not mean that it must be full of Garbage or Heavily Polluted. We do not go
to the Beach of Fresh, very Obvious Sewage Water. We have to keep the Ocean Clean and in that I believe. A
Clean Ocean is good for the Natural Diversity of Opinions of those that participate there.

My Main Complain about Paris Hilton is that she is a very Heavy Polluter of the Ocean of the Common People with
no concern about cleaning the huge mess she creates even if it hurts People and sickens the Future.

She is no Marylyn Monroe, Paris Hilton is a Heavy Ocean Polluting Corporation that releases Tons of Garbage and
Sewage into the Social Ocean of Common. It is an issue that must concern even the Environmentalists because a
Population with Heavily Polluted Minds is less likely to care for real Nature.

We should all care about having a Healthy Ocean, be it in the Oceans of the Common People enjoying The Social Systems or the Real Oceans with Water. There is no Planet B, this is the only Planet we have right now.

What is it that I want that you can care about?
I don't want to Swim in the Garbage. And I am sure that you most likely do not enjoy doing that.

If there is one thing I ask Paris Hilton aside from My Legal Issues is to Clean her Garbage and I even offered to help.

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