Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 14, March of 2017

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A view into the Future.

Reality seen from the Eyes of a TRIBalance.

Date is:
March 14, 2017

The Sand City Game.
Space Ship Game Base.
Cruise Ship Game Base.
Sand City Game.

Main features of The Sand City.

On the City Lands.
1) The Game is a City Building Game.
2) The Land is the Limit Unit.
3) All normal User Land occupation is temporal (about 2 months).
4) The user must sell what it can and move out before expiry time.
5) When expiry time is reached all that is on the land is deleted.

Sports Cars.
1) The user is awarded Quartz Gems for suggestions.
2) The suggestions do not have to be answered.
3) Unique Quartz Sports Cars can be rented with Quartz.
4) Normal Sports Cars will still require Quartz along with other kinds of Gems to buy.
5) No Speed Cars without collaborating with suggestions.
6) All Cars have a limited time of use.
7) Red Sports Cars require Group Votes of Good Conduct and respect for Privacy.
Foes in the Game.
1) The Mob Units are called the Ethereal.
2) The Ethereal come from Dimensional Star Gates.
3) The Ethereal cannot normally be seen in the City.
4) The Ethereal exist in another Dimension of the City.
5) The Users must enter a Dimensional Portal to gain access to a version of the same City but populated only by Ethereal Beings and Visiting Players challenging them.
6) Most Powerful Ethereals cannot be shot and expulsed with any type of Portable Hand Guns.
7) Powerful Ethereal must be lured into a Trap Machine.
8) No Ethereal can be destroyed or trapped for long, yet they can be trapped and expulsed from a possessed building.
9) Ethereal have a fearsome attack that can freeze the player on the spot for minutes and an attack that is used more often that makes players really slow, hinders the vision or makes the user unable to attack. Those bothersome attacks make them scary sometimes, since a respawning is far easier and less scary.
10) Ethereals can only move objects if they have enough D-Static (Dimensional Static) Energy.
The Effects of the Ethereal on the Real Time City.
1) The Ethereal can change the attitude of the Non Playing Characters on a possessed building, sometimes leading the possessed to be Aggressive and Secluded on Real Time or Destructive in the Ethereal Dimension as Possessed NPCs.
2) All living Plants on a Possessed Building can wither and be rendered useless, having to delete it.
3) Possessed NPCs can contribute to the summoning of more Ethereals and some of their support systems.
4) Possessed NPC's enter Ethereal when Sleeping.
5) A Possession can make the NPC have less sleep, thus work less on Jobs like Construction or Taxi.
The Effects of the Real Time City on the Ethereal.
1) The City looks the same in the Ethereal Dimension, yet in the Ethereal Dimension if a Ethereal enters a building all the rooms will be unlocked, meaning any player can see the players belongings at their homes in the Ethereal World yet they can't access the Minibot Terminals.
The Will Power.
1) When the User enters the Game their toon has a Dimensional detach. Which means that the toon might leave the user's Control if the Will Power runs out.
2) Users can buy Will Power with Cash Shop Money to extend their use of a Toon.
3) Once the Will Power runs out, the user can only control an Ethereal who by Games and Random means can take
possession of another body from a Non-Playing Character (NPC).
4) Trans-Dimensional Material Properties owned by the Users are not based on Body but on Soul ID (User ID).
5) The New Body has a Job and it's own non Trans-Dimensional possessions.
The Mini-Bots of Sand City.
1) The Mini-Bots of Sand City can enter the Pure Ethereal plane where the Material Real Time City Bodies cannot
2) Those Mini-Bots can still be controlled by the Computer on the Terminal, but the surroundings are set in the
Ethereal Dimension not made by the Computer, like on the Cruise Ship and Space Ship Game.
3) The user often has to build it's own housing on the Ethereal Dimension using the Mini-Bot.
4) The Ethereal Mini-Bots can visit Trans-Dimensional Places that twist reality, much like a Twilight Zone Mystery
5) The Ethereal Mini-Bots use some types of Vaporous Decorations on them.
6) The Ethereal World is not related to Death, but to Cross-Dimensional forms of Consciousness so Mini-Bots
don't feature skulls or bone decorations.
The Toon Possession System.
1) Toons can be possessed and some parameters are limited, such as Gender.
2) Toons can be possessed and some parameters are not limited, such as Random Race.
3) Toons have a Normal Job efficiency rate. The user that posses a toon with that should check to see that the Job Efficiency is adequate, otherwise when the toon body is freed it might not be able to pay it's rent or update to a new house and thus become poorer.
4) The Relationships and specialties are on the Toons when it is on the Real City Time, so it might be some incarnations are more inadequate for some activities and that certain relations are different with other toons, when it is about relations with Non Playing Characters.
The Music in the Game.
1) It can be just about anything on the Real Time City.
2) It has to be Dark Ambiance on the Ethereal City.
3) It can be anything on the Mini-Bot Ethereal Home.
The Beautiful Creative Architectonic Wonder.
1) Once a user moves into a new home, it can plan about it's next home, that can be made with the help of other players that will be on the same Land Space.
2) The Players get to choose the Architecture of the Building that will be built, according to their resources and the Game's Possibilities.
3) The Design of the Game is made so the Users are constantly busy creating Architectural Spaces or seeing them being built.
4) The Building process is not automatic, it requires work and a premade building can last anywhere from 7 days to build using NPCs (or Robots when available) as assistants.
5) The Players usually want the new buildings to look good, so it's a good game to exercise Architectural Creativity.
6) Once the building is designed it is built premade and then the parts are shipped so the users can assemble the new building.
7) Some Government Buildings are rebuilt by Robots.
When the time is up for a Parcel Land.
1) Once a Land has used up it's habitation time some NPCs, Robots and even players can help remove all the constructions on it, sometimes even for some kind of pay.
2) If the Land is possessed however it will stay vacant until the Possession is cleared.
3) Some fresh invasions have an Ethereal Dimension Basement on the land that contains a Warp Gate to another place where players can enter to deactivate the Possession Crystal.
4) If the Possession is not cleared the Ethereal Dimension Invasion might eventually grow from looking like a basement of one floor all the way to a Fortress seven floors deep, making it harder to clear.
5) The Parcels that are close to Town Center Hubs have Military NPCs that clear the Invasion Eventually by themselves but this only while there is no building on it and it is still faster to help the NPCs clear the area. This is to ensure there is clear land for future constructions no matter how strong the invasions (if the Invasion is Powerful then the Military NPCs are given stronger weapons).

The Ethereal Storage (Red Common States).
1) There are Ethereal Sealing Crystals that stick to the walls, doors, windows, floor and ceiling.
2) Those Ethereal Sealing Crystals have an expiry time.
3) All the Floor, Ceiling, Windows and Doors must be covered with Sealing Energy in the Real Time City at night time when used.
4) When it is completely sealed, a Storage Access Crystal is used, provided there is enough space on the floor for it's floor energy area.
5) Once activated, the Crystal, hanging from the Roof will open up an Inclined Plane leading downwards into the Ground. It does not matter if it's a room on an Apartment, it will still show the entrance because it is Ethereal Dimension.
6) Once down the Inclined Plane the User will find itself in a Small Cargo Metro Train Station.
7) The User can give stuff to the Train Assistant even as big as a Sofa, it is loaded and taken away by the train into the Ethereal Storage Complex Area where users can't wonder around.
8) There are two types of Storage. The Main Complex Buildings and the Warp Storage. Things in the Complex building do not freeze, but if they are warped a payment and a wait might be required to free property stored
9) It is possible to store an entire Pre-Made House before it is built, in the Warp Storage.
10) If it is on the Complex Building Storage, the things placed there manually must be covered in White Blankets to avoid too much exposure of Real World City objects to Ethereal Dust.
11) The Light on the Complex Rooms are Ghostly Dim.
12) The Use can only store items that it has purchased directly and are imbued with Ethereal Energy on the moment of purchase, be it by the In-Game currency or Cash Shop.
13) Any item purchased that is not stored might be lost after a new Toon Possession is made as it will then belong to the NPC left behind.
14) Mini-bots have the usual inventory System so no changes there.
15) When the Main Storage Crystal is cancelled or expires all the other sealing crystals explode in Ethereal and the Room is back to normal.
The Forgotten Room (Red Relation States).
1) The Forgotten Room is an Ethereal Storage Room.
2) Usually only people that pay Cash Money for it have access.
3) The User can Deposit things in the Forgotten Room, that have a given Value according to Room Type.
4) The User cannot retrieve or remove anything it deposited in it's own Forgotten Room.
5) There are other Forgotten Rooms of other users.
6) The other rooms can only be accessed randomly.
7) The User has to Deposit something in it's own room in order to be allowed to retrieve something from another player's forgotten room on a one for one basis.
8) Once an item is retrieved from another player's Forgotten Room it cannot be deposited in the Player's Forgotten Room.
9) But once an Item is retrieved from another Player's Forgotten Room, the item retrieved will still be there, being it that the player has taken a copy of the original item.
10) Items might randomly disappear from Forgotten Rooms, according to the Formula used by the Red Group that administers such rooms.
11) There is no direct way of accessing Forgotten Rooms.
12) Forgotten Rooms can be accessed by trapping a Portal Ethereal Mob that is tormenting an NPC or following another Player without them realizing it.
13) Due to the limit bounds of the game the amount of times a Player can enter into the Forgotten Rooms per day is limited and such limit is evident on the device used to access those rooms.
14) If the Player that retrieved an item is happy with the item retrieved and indicates so, the owner of the Forgotten Room will get a Gem of the appropriate type as a reward.
15) Forgotten Rooms don't show the name of the owner.

City Game.

The Sand City has Big Towns, which the Cruise Ship and Star Ship Games do not have.

And with the City comes Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks and Buses. And Sports Cars.

Cars deemed "Expensive" Cars are usually Rented using different types of Gems according to the Car's type.

There are Rules to follow in the City:
1) Crime is not cool.
2) The Game makes no effort to make crime cool.
3) No Street Racing.
4) Cars cannot crash Pedestrians.
5) Cars cannot crash other Cars.
6) Prostitution is not promoted in the City.
7) The Red Color is related to Privacy.
8) The Game does not reward Anti-Social Behavior.
9) No Weapons on the Real City Time.
10) No Game Physically hurting other Players or Toons.
11) No Fire Weapons anywhere.
12) No promotion of Marihuana.
13) No promotion of any Drug (specially if illegal).
Mini Game Rules.

In order to play a Mini Game the user must move to a location that has a 3D Game Room. The user can even rent a Helicopter to get there quickly if it lives far away from a Game Hub.

Cruise Ships Float of Water, and the Games accessed there are freely created.

Space Ships Float on Space and the Games accessed there are Space Related.

The Games on the City have a Solid Ground, so all Games linked are Urban and directly related to the Original Urban City Game. Meaning all the Games are directly related to the Purple Clubs in a Solid Way.

Mini-Game Access is not openly free however. It might be free for games that need players for a Beta Testing try out period but it is not free to try once a Game is complete on it's first version.

If a Player wants to play, the Ethereals should prove to be sufficient for some action, if the Player wants to play Bonus Games, the Player has to pay a membership.

The way it can works:

1) The Player pays a Membership. Let's say 10 Coins.
2) But the player only plays 10 hours on that month.
3) Then one Coin is given for every hour the user spent on the game, to the Purple Club inside the Company.

Meaning that the Purple Club gets paid for the amount of hours a user spends on their game according to the total amount of hours the user played and thus the Bonus Games become a Subscription Membership.

Purple Money for the Purple Clubs:
The Purple Money earned is not paid to any of the Purple Club Members in Cash (Real Money).

The Purple Money earned is used to buy better Computers, Software and Equipment for the Purple Clubs and the Purple Club Members after the participation and voting considerations have been satisfied under the norms established.
Other features might be included later.

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