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June 14, 2017

For whatever the reason, I was cut off from the Internet.
Last night and today up until now, for whatever the reason I do not have Internet.

What was it that I did?

Last night I complained to Chinese President Xi about the use of My...
(My Keyboard is being hacked, apparently, at this time.)


Before I write anything else, I have to recall the most important thing as I feel that I am being hacked.

The most important thing is the Law and the Respect for the Law, in My Case.

Even before any Game, even before any Coincidence, the Law and the Sovereignty of Venezuela must be respected, as well as it's Integrity.

Now, I could a lot of things now, in My Private Space as a Citizen of Venezuela, but whatever I do now that I have been removed of one of My Civil Rights, which is Freedom of Expression is protected, in a protected space and cannot be used against Me in a Court Trial in the scope of a Scientific Experiment that needs to blatantly violate My Right for Privacy, justify the Violation of the Right for Privacy of other Venezuelans or even worse, justify the violation of the Right for Freedom of Expression of the entire neighbourhood where I live in a collective punishment for My complaints.

The Law that I want to show that takes precedence over any other consideration is Article 49 of the Venezuelan Constitution:

Article 49 in Spanish:
Articulo 49.
El debido proceso se aplicara a todas las actuaciones judiciales y administrativas y, en consecuencia:
1. La defensa y la asistencia jurídica son derechos inviolables en todo estado y grado de la investigación y del proceso. Toda persona tiene derecho a ser notificada de los cargos por los cuales se le investiga, de acceder a las pruebas y de disponer del tiempo y de los medios adecuados para ejercer su defensa. Serán nulas las pruebas obtenidas mediante violación del debido proceso. Toda persona declarada culpable tiene derecho a recurrir del fallo, con las excepciones establecidas en la Constitución y la ley.

What does that mean?

It translates to:

All the evidences that are obtained by a violation of the correct process are null.

Does that matter?

I does, even in the International Scene, as specified in Article 1 of the Venezuelan Constitution:
Article 1: The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is irrevocably free and independent, basing its moral property and values of freedom, equality, justice and international peace on the doctrine of Simon Bolivar, the Liberator. Independence, liberty, sovereignty, immunity, territorial integrity and national self-determination are unrenounceable rights of the nation.

About the protection of the Private Space of the Venezuelans:
Article 60: Every person is entitled to protection of his or her honor, private life, intimacy, self-image, confidentiality and reputation. The use of electronic information shall be restricted by law in order to guarantee the personal and family intimacy and honor of citizens and the full exercise of their rights.

About the protection of the dignity of the Individual:
Article 3: The essential purpose of the State are the protection and development of the individual and respect for the dignity of the individual, the democratic exercise of the will of the people, the building of a just and peace loving society, the furtherance of the prosperity and welfare of the people and the guaranteeing of the Fullfillment of the principles, rights and duties established in this Constitution. Education and work are the fundamental processes for guaranteeing these purposes.

About those that would use My Unrelated Private Data and activities to try to use them against Me while violating the correct process and while doing illegal experiments on Me:
Article 29: The state is obliged to investigate and legally punish offenses against human rights committed by it's authorities. Actions to punish the offense of violating humanity rights, serious violations of human rights and war crimes shall not be subjected to statute of limitation. Human rights violations shall be investigated and adjudicated by the courts of ordinary competence. These offences are excluded from any benefit that might render the offenders immune from punishment, including pardons and amnesty.

More about Private Unrelated Information and it's relation to Court Evidence when the laws are not clearly limited:
Article 22: The recitation of rights and guarantees contained in this Constitution and the international instruments concerning human rights are not to be understood as negating others inherent to individuals, not expressly mentioned in such recitation. The absence of a law regulating these rights shall not adversely affect the exercise thereof.

About defending the violation of Human Rights such as the Right for Privacy and Freedom of Expression by taking Material that is unrelated to the case which has been subjected to a hacking complaint in the scope of a very Private Activity:
Article 25: Any act on the part of the Public Power that violates or encroaches upon the rights guaranteed by this Constitution and by law is null and void, and the public employees ordering or implementing the same shall incur criminal, civil and administrative liability, as applicable in each case, with no defence on grounds of having followed the orders of a superior.
Computer Programming is an Exact Science and Art, based on a severe compliance to the rules and syntax down to the very last character in the commands. Thereby to try to relate it to something else it must be something else that is also of high precision and not just some general philosophical concept that is not strict down to it's very last character.

1) Any and all code I make in a Private Way for Myself and that was hacked and stolen from Me cannot be used as a Court Evidence in any case and even less to try to remove My Human Rights.
2) I have the right to Develop any kind of program including sexual related programs as long as it strictly for private use.
3) None of My Private Code can be related to My Public Actions when I am exercising My Freedom of Speech and specially not when I am endorsing the Right to Privacy.
4) I can denounce that My Code has been hacked, but others cannot denounce that I am acting like a Private Code when they should not have even had access to that code in the first place.
5) All Private Code that was stolen in the scope of a blatant violation of privacy is just that, stolen code and as such it should be treated in a Court Session.
6) My actions in the use of My Freedom of Expression in the Public Space are not to be related to any unrelated and exact code that was stolen from Me in the exercise of My Right for Privacy.
7) I am legally liable to sue and take other legal actions against anybody that tries to use Stolen Computer Code Material taken from Me to relate it vaguely and loosely to My Public Activities.
8) I can privately program whatever I want always knowing that such code is not related to the Code of Ethics and My Code of Conduct in the work I do on the Public Sphere.
9) I take deliberate measures to ensure that I do not confuse My Private Computer Coding Work with My Public Code of Method, Ethics and Conduct. My Web Site being the most Gigantic Example of that.
10) I can denounce My Code was hacked, but others cannot use Stolen Material to try to intimidate Me, Black mail Me or accuse Me over unrelated Computer Code and unreliable Scientific Evidence.
For example if I make a Game for capturing and herding sheep and removing their wool in a Private Way, that does not mean the Game's Code can be hacked and stolen from Me to accuse Me of being a Politician...

The Internet Failed where I live and it seems to have affected a lot of People. That Failure is also the Failure in the compliance of Human Rights.

I also do not confuse My Private Code and it's Priority with the Rights of the Venezuelans and the Priority of the Venezuelan Constitutional Rights. If I find evidences that I was hacked I might show them, but I have it clear, the first Privacy is often the National Sovereignty.

I can wait forever as long as. It is others that have to sometimes rush to comply with Human Rights, specially when they are suspects in Human Right Violations.

I have no rush, immovable, sometimes like a Caribbean Island.

Dot Period.

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