Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 10, June of 2017

Welcome to:
A view into the Future.

Reality seen from the Eyes of a TRIBalance.

Date is:
June 10, 2017

Because they can't win a single Decent Argument the Honest Way.

Panic is not and will not be the way to win an Argument of Historical Importance.

Under Construction.
[Note: This Page will be Updated Regularly as I develop it.]

The whole story of how and why Twitter Blocked My Two Accounts, with no holding back ANYTHING, shown in an accountable and responsible way.

I will be using Crude, Raw Data Format to show what happened with as little extra Comments as possible to allow for a Common-Limit and Objective Analysis. If I have any additional comments I might comment on a separate page.

The idea is that an accurate reflection of what happened is shown.

I do not have part of the Data, but that Data that is missing is not a part of the reason why both Accounts were suspended almost at the same time.

The way I had to see the messages I had written.

1) After the Ban I went to My Suspended Account @TRIBalance.
2) I searched for @TRIBalance2 and it was not found.
3) I searched for @TRIBalance1 and it was found, with a Warning.
4) I entered to the the @TRIBalance1 Account.
5) I later searched for the @TRIBalance1 Account and it was not there.
6) I quickly copied the content of the @TRIBalance1" Account I had.
7) I observed the Page's URL.
8) The URL was:
9) I refreshed the Page after copying content to see if it was removed.
10) The Page was not removed.
11) I manually updated the URL to:

12) I got the messages and share them on this page.

Objective Data Number 1.

I was commenting on those News:
Objective Data Number 4.

The messages I sent before the Block.

Account @TRIBalance2 was suppressed by Twitter Search.

Objective Data Number 3.

Evidence that the @TRIBalance2 Account was Suppressed Entirely by Twitter Search.

Objective Data Number 4.

Evidence that the @TRIBalance1 Account was Suppressed Entirely by Twitter Search.

But it was still available when I loaded it right after the Ban, from My @TRIBalance Account. It was removed from the Twitter Search Results after I had informed on this page, then under construction that I would show what happened.

Objective Data Number 5.

All the messages I sent on the @TRIBalance Account that I had stopped using for a few days for whatever the reason and which was not related to the case before I used that account to respond to the @TRIBalance2 Account Block.

Those were strictly all the messages I sent, before Twitter Banned Me on the @TRIBalance1 Account.

I do not get called for both @TRIBalance1 and @TRIBalance2.
That is all the Data for your observance.

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