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When Twitter wants to be the Victim, to justify abuse.
Nadia Ali & PANG! - All In My Head (Lyric Video)
As far as I know, I write only to Corporations, in fact, not only Corporations, but Conglomerates of Corporations, that is Corporate Groups. I do not normally write to any Individual outside Venezuela. It is always to some type or Corporate and Business Group.

It is to note that none of the People I write to on a regular basis have sent any complaints about Me writing to them. Even when My Telephone Number is openly available on My Main Web Page for everybody to see, I have not received a single request from anybody for Me to stop sending communications to them.

As a matter of fact I still write to all of them using the Social Network Google+ without any incident or complain, which would be much easier in Google+ since it is directly linked to My Gmail Address. Not a single complaint was received, not in Twitter, not as a Private Message in Twitter, not in Google+, not as a Private Message in Google+ and not in My Gmail Account and even less on My Publically available Telephone Number. Since that is so, there is no Legal Evidence that I am harassing any Corporation or Group of Corporations in a Legal Sense.
Article 57: Everyone has the right to express freely his or her thoughts, ideas or opinions orally, in writing or by any other form of expression, and to use for such purpose any means of communication and diffusion, and no censorship shall be established. Anyone making use of this right assumes full responsibility for everything expressed. Anonymity, war propaganda, discriminatory messages or those promoting religious intolerance are not permitted. Censorship restricting the ability of public officials to report on matters for which they are responsible is prohibited.

Article 58: Communications are free and plural, and involve the duties and responsibilities indicated by law. Everyone has the right to timely, truthful and impartial information, without censorship, in accordance with the principles of this Constitution, as well as the right to reply and corrections when they are directly affected by inaccurate or offensive information. Children and adolescents have the right to receive adequate information for purposes of their overall development.

I have always assumed full responsibility for everything expressed and it says there that I should have no Censorship. But what does that mean? It means that I cannot be accused of victimizing a Corporation that does not even care to complain themselves. You see, Twitter lies and it lies because it knows that it is not just some comments on Twitter but actually a full blown Web Site with extensive information on the People I write to. It is no Twitter Harassment, but an issue that involves Corporations and Corporate Lawyers. I have not received a single complaint from any such Corporations asking for any reply or in fact stating that they are being affected by inaccurate or offensive information. What I have done, regarding those laws is complain about Child Abuse from some of those Corporations, only to get no reply, for years.

The Scope of My Operation and My Extensive Use of Copyrighted Material from My Guests obligates that the case of such so called Harassment gets notified to the pretended victim so that they decide what action to take with their lawyers in regards to all the Copyrighted Material I have on My Web Site that under Twitter's Terms constituted an obvious extension of what it considers harassment, but it neglected that fact altogether, it did not call the so called aggravated victim to report to them the fault in Copyright Infringement and acted blatantly as the victim without any evidence that the so called Victim was indeed a victim.

In other words, Twitter is the Accuser and also took to itself the victimization of the abuse, since the so called victim refuses to file a complaint, not only against My Daily Writings, but also about the Copyrighted Material on My Web Page. Proving that it is not the Corporations that feel aggravated, it is Twitter that wants Me shut down because I am a potential competitor to it's platform in Venezuela.

Twitter invented the Victim, just to find a pretext to continue to abuse Me as I am filing a complaint for Twitter's Deliberate Bullying, Block Bugging, Unjustified Bans, Numeric Code Platform Harassment Cheat and Sharing Software to extend the possibility to abuse Me to other users. And now I am suing Twitter, once more, for impersonating a Victim, for a Fake  Victimization that stands no Legal Defence in a Court Room since all lawyers would agree that instead of another Twitter Abuse I should have been called by the so called Aggravated  Corporation in regards to the Content of My Web Site.

For example Katy Perry is a Corporation that is made of many more Super Gigantic Entertainment Corporations that in all sum more than 100 Lawyers in My Estimation. Do People think Katy Perry is a Defenceless Cry Baby too shocked and paralyzed to take some kind of action if she feels aggravated? And the 100 Corporate Lawyers as well?

But now Twitter says that on behalf of...
On Behalf of Poor and Defenceless Katy Perry the innocent, they will have to Ban My Account because nobody else can help her with My only Twitter Harassment and My "hidden" Web Site that Twitter did not see and even less care to report to any of the High Paid Lawyers of the Katy Perry Corporate Conglomerate... Yeah, right... And the Court is
going to, like, believe it.

I am also suing because Twitter Damaged My Reputation, My earned reputation as a Person that has a Strict Respect for all Women, that is an activist for Women Empowerment and that has a Strict Respect for all My Guests. Reputation that Twitter, Unilaterally and very abusively tired to tarnish by Impersonating A VICTIM THAT DOES NOT LEGALLY EXIST until it files any type of Legal Complaint. An I value My Honour.

I am suing Twitter AGAIN, 10,000,000$ for attempting to Destroy My Reputation.
Twitter cannot accuse Me of targeted Abuse if the Corporations have more than one Year reading Me, if I have so much material on them that it is clearly an issue beyond Twitter and if the so called Aggravated Parts refuse to file any type of Complaint by any means, specially when that is a requirement in the Venezuelan Legal System.

But I can sue it for inventing more excuses just to hurt My Reputation and Ban Me with the Purpose of Censoring Me and thus crippling My Possibilities of creating Alternatives to Twitter in Venezuela.

Twitter's Rules, broken by Twitter.
The Twitter Rules

Abusive Behavior

We believe in freedom of expression and in speaking truth to power, but that means little as an underlying philosophy if voices are silenced because people are afraid to speak up. In order to ensure that people feel safe expressing diverse opinions and beliefs, we do not tolerate behavior that crosses the line into abuse, including behavior that harasses, intimidates, or uses fear to silence another userís voice.

Any accounts and related accounts engaging in the activities specified below may be temporarily locked and/or subject to permanent suspension.

Violent threats (direct or indirect): You may not make threats of violence or promote violence, including threatening or promoting terrorism.

Harassment: You may not incite or engage in the targeted abuse or harassment of others. Some of the factors that we may consider when evaluating abusive behavior include:

if a primary purpose of the reported account is to harass or send abusive messages to others;

if the reported behavior is one-sided or includes threats;

if the reported account is inciting others to harass another account; and

if the reported account is sending harassing messages to an account from multiple accounts.

Hateful conduct: You may not promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease. We also do not allow accounts whose primary purpose is inciting harm towards others on the basis of these categories.

Multiple account abuse: Creating multiple accounts with overlapping uses or in order to evade the temporary or permanent suspension of a separate account is not allowed.

Private information: You may not publish or post other people's private and confidential information, such as credit card numbers, street address, or Social Security/National Identity numbers, without their express authorization and permission. In addition, you may not post intimate photos or videos that were taken or distributed without the subject's consent. Read more about our private information policy here.

Impersonation: You may not impersonate others through the Twitter service in a manner that is intended to or does mislead, confuse, or deceive others. Read more about our impersonation policy here.

Self-harm: You may encounter someone considering suicide or self harm on Twitter. When we receive reports that a person is threatening suicide or self harm, we may take a number of steps to assist them, such as reaching out to that person expressing our concern and the concern of other users on Twitter or providing resources such as contact information for our mental health partners.
Corporations don't report bugs at the Scale of My Operation.

Private Citizens do, but not Entire Corporations.

Entire Corporations just sue, and I was not notified of any type of aggravation. The thing is that if they sue, all My Legal Actions and Report of Abuses become Valid and in that case I want them made Public, along with the Entire Content of My Web Site to the General Public as My Public Moral Defence because I can't just let Myself be Smashed by Powerful and Abusive Corporations, as a Single, Private Individual that I am.

Any Personal Issue between Individual People must be solved on the Personal, Individual Level. That is a part of what is called Dignity. And I am an Individual Person.

Nadia Ali & PANG! - All In My Head

I wonder if I'll always feel this weak
When I go to the places that we used to be
I wonder if you check my pictures

On the little phone I got you
And I know I shouldn't care
There are better things to do
Than to spend my every moment
Creeping upon you Creeping upon you
Creeping, Creeping, creeping
Was it all in my head It's
all in my head
all in my head
was it all in my head
all in my head
all in my head
its all in my head.

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