Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 06, February of 2017

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February 06, 2017

I am not hiding below a Rock (Open to listen to Paris Hilton's Complaints).
I filled in Name, Last Name, Telephone Number Country and Tags. Telephone Number is real.
Dear Randal Pinto Bianco,

This is to confirm that your account for the shop Paris Hilton is now active.

The next time you shop at Paris Hilton, you can save time at checkout by logging into your account. This will prefill
your address information at the checkout.

Thank you,

Paris Hilton Entertainment

My Name is Randal Pinto Bianco, owner of the Http:// Web Site.

The Venezuelan Fair Use Web Site uses Paris Hilton Material that needs your Feedback. Paris Hilton can Reply to all Content in My Web Site in accordance to the Venezuelan Constitution, Article 58.

Article 58: Communications are free and plural, and involve the duties and responsibilities indicated by law. Everyone has the right to timely, truthful and impartial information, without censorship, in accordance with the principles of this Constitution, as well as the right to reply and corrections when they are directly affected by inaccurate or offensive information. Children and adolescents have the right to receive adequate information for purposes of their overall development. 

I declare that such site is Entirely My Creation and I am responsible for all of it's content and that no other Venezuelan Institution has any influence as to this day regarding the Content of My Web Site which is exclusively under My Responsibility and I am the only Author of the web site without any direct helper or any direct assistance.

I am not a Corporation I am only one Dude writing in a Personal Manner, and I am not working for any other Business nor am I being paid for what I do. I am writing as a Private Particular, as a Citizen of Venezuela.

Paris Hilton has the Right to Deny any accusation on My Content, has the Right to Complain about it's content and has the Right for her opinion to be published next to the content she wants to comment about in a Different Book provided I have the Resources to Host such a page of course, since I am just one Dude, writing in a Private Manner and I have limited Resources, I am poor.


Paris Hilton, as a Member of My Site has the Right to Solicit much of the Awesome Technology that I have Designed, provided it has My approval of course, since it is My Venezuelan Intellectual Copyright and such Designs have been communicated to the World.

I am Heavy, but I also offer New Future, Innovation and Impressive Entrepreneur Technologies that make My Web Site a Future Scientific Reference. My Members are not Members to be Punished, as a Matter of fact they should be paying Me for adding them.

The Technology I have for House Members include:

1) Virtual Cruise/Yacht Game Systems.
2) Prismatic Socially Organized Internet Club Systems.
3) Games that Include Fashion, Art Clubs and Education Clubs.
4) Games that Include Moderator Systems and Groups.
5) Games that increase the Skills of Users and Educate.
6) The Multimedia Chat System (Still Unique in the World).
7) Theme Based Chat Rooms according to Ship.
8) Ships for Different Countries.
9) Virtual Hotels for Virtual Tourism.
10) Unique Multi-Currency Game System.
11) Unique Fan Club Cruise Ship/Yacht Games for Celebrities.
12) Rock bottom Prices in Services due to low cost labor.
13) Low cost Models to Market the Systems.
14) Advanced Mini-Robot Chat/Game with Game Circuitry.
15) Chat Rooms with Images, Sounds, Games and User Profiles.

The Chat System Presentation can be found at:


I can provide information about other Systems using this Email Address to reply to Paris Hilton's Questions on any of the issues concerning My work, of which I am responsible and which is My Property.

All My House Members have a Strong Discount on any of My Services and all of My Members also have the Right to Complain about any of My Content, be it that they want to complain Privately or in Public, at My Web Site. My Purpose in that case is sometimes to advance into the Future and help Evolve Technology.


This Email might have LEGAL CONSECUENCES, specially if not forwarded to Paris Hilton herself due to the implications of My Web Site with the Paris Hilton Corporation. If this does not get to it's intended recipient I will blame the employee (and Paris Hilton might as well do the same) that did not forward it if and provided there are any Legal Consequences.


My Telephone Number is:
[Not Shown on this Web Page]
My Email Address is:
[Not Shown on this Web Page]

The Telephone Number is also registered in your System, at the Database for the Paris Hilton Club.

And so I sent...

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