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December 31, 2016

A Danger to Human Rights: Harvard University and Police Mafia.

Democrats act to save ObamaCare from GOP repeal, Obama to Hill, 'Day of Action'

Published December 31, 2016

President Obama’s trip next week to Capitol Hill to discuss ObamaCare is only the latest -- and most visible -- sign that Democrats are ready to fight Republicans’ plans to change the president’s signature health-care law as well as Medicaid and Medicare.

Obama will visit Wednesday with House and Senate Democrats, the day after the 114th Congress convenes and Republicans, who have the majority in both chambers, are expected to start repealing and replacing ObamaCare.

“Step one is the ObamaCare replacement legislation at the start of the year,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said a few weeks ago, as members closed out their 2016 session.

“Bring it on,” incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said in response.

Fellow Democrats have given essentially every indication that they also intend to fight GOP efforts to change government-subsidized health care programs and to rally support among Americans for their efforts.

Earlier this week, House Democrats participated in a conference call that included discussions on protecting ObamaCare and entitlement programs targeted by Republicans, a congressional source told

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California, last week told fellow Democrats that they “stand ready to fight vigorously for America's hard-working families” against such efforts, including those by incoming Republican President Donald Trump, who has called ObamaCare a “disaster” and vowed, if elected, to repeal the 2010 law.

She also urged them to hold events to warned voters in their district about the GOP plans, including what she says is House Speaker Paul Ryan’s design to “privatize” Medicare, federally subsidized health insurance for seniors and the disabled.

Pelosi, Schumer and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Independent, have also called for a national “Day of Action” on January 15, five days before Trump’s inauguration to highlight GOP efforts to cut or significantly change “vital and necessary health programs.”

As proof that Trump is determined to repeal and replace at least major parts of ObamaCare, the government-mandate insurance that has become increasingly increasing expensive for Americans, they point out that the president-elect has nominated Georgia GOP Rep. Tom Price to run the Department of Health and Human Services. Price is a major critic of ObamaCare.

Ryan, R-Wis., has laid out a plan to make changes to ObamaCare, Medicare and Medicaid, in an attempt to create a single health-care plan and give Americans what he calls better access to “quality, affordable health care.”

"ObamaCare is making things worse by the day. It drives up premiums and deductible costs for individuals, families and businesses,” Ryan says in his “Better Way” plan. “ObamaCare must be fully repealed so we can start over and take a new approach.”

Still, congressional Republican leaders have made clear in recent weeks that a full ObamaCare replacement plan could take two to four years, with no viable alternative in place and the likelihood of leaving roughly 22 million Americans without insurance before the 2018 midterm elections.

Man suspected of killing Pennsylvania state trooper is dead

Published December 30, 2016

The suspect in the murder of a Pennsylvania state trooper was killed Saturday morning in a confrontation with police who had tracked him down to an unoccupied mobile home, authorities said.

Trooper Landon Weaver, 23, was killed responding to a domestic complaint Friday evening in a rural area in Huntingdon County, in central Pennsylvania. An overnight manhunt for the suspect ended not far away Saturday morning when police cornered 32-year-old Jason Robison in the mobile home, authorities said.

** Robison is deceased; more information to follow. **

The Pennsylvania State Police is searching for Jason Robison, 32. He is wanted for the homicide of Tpr. Weaver in Huntington County. The incident occurred on Bakers Hollow Road in Juniata Township. Robison should be considered armed and dangerous. It is believed that his hair is currently dyed purple. Anyone coming into contact with him should call 911 immediately.

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Cpl. Adam Reed, a state police spokesman, told the Associated Press that Robison refused orders to surrender and threatened officers on the scene, leading police to shoot him. His death was confirmed at about 10:30 a.m.

Weaver was shot while responding to a report of a protection-from-abuse violation at a home in Juniata Township that reportedly belonged to Robison’s mother.

Weaver enlisted in the Pennsylvania State Police in December 2015 and was assigned to the Patrol Unit in Troop G in Huntingdon. He's the 97th member of the Pennsylvania State Police to be killed in the line of duty.

Gov. Tom Wolf in a statement said Weaver will be remembered for "his bravery, his sacrifice, and his willingness to serve."


In the weeks before the shooting, Robison posted anti-police comments on his Facebook page, the Centre Daily Times reported.

“The only good cop is a dead cop,” he reportedly wrote in a Dec. 17 post that was deleted around 1 a.m. local time Saturday. The post included images of a police cruiser that had been involved in an accident and an injured officer, the newspaper added.

Robison was known to authorities, as he had been arrested around a dozen times with charges ranging from simple assault to arson, court documents revealed.

The remote area around where the shooting occurred has been closed off while police officers on foot, in cars and in a helicopter search for the trooper's killer.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.
The post included images of a police cruiser that had been involved in an accident and an injured officer

2016-12-28 18:34 | Política Nacional

Carlos Pareja Cordero es señalado como el principal defensor de los Isaías, Odebrecht y aparece en el informe de la Comisión de la Verdad como uno de los presuntos torturadores de miembros de AVC

En una cadena de televisión, el Gobierno Nacional, a través de la Secretaría de Comunicación (SECOM) aseguró que Carlos Pareja Cordero lideraría una red de corrupción familiar y societaria vinculada al escándalo de Petroecuador. Se asegura, además, que la empresa de Pareja Cordero, quien fue Secretario Particular en León Febres Cordero, Projinvest "es la punta del ovillo" que saca la estructura.
En el video proyecto la noche de este martes, la SECOM asegura que el operativo realizado la madrugada del 26 de diciembre es parte de la investigación que se realiza por presunto enriquecimiento ilícito y lavado de activos dentro del caso Petroecuador.

El operativo de fin de semana desarticulada la red de corrupción que gracias a la Asistencia Penal, se ha identificado los movimientos de las cuentas relacionadas con el círculo familiar Pareja Yannuzzelli y Carlos Pareja Cordero.

Por estos allanamientos realizados en la ciudad de Guayaquil y Samborondon se presume la presencia de una estructura familiar y societaria que sería encabezada Carlos Pareja Cordero

Carlos “Charly” Pareja Cordero, social cristiano, Secretario Particular de León Febres Cordero durante ese Gobierno, es señalado por el informe de la Comisión de la Verdad como participante de las torturas realizadas a miembros del grupo subversivo Alfaro Vive Carajo (AVC).

Principal abogado de los hermanos William y Roberto Isaías, deudor de la banca cerrada con aproximadamente USD$20 millones, es primo de Carlos Pareja Yannuzzelli, ex gerente de Petroecuador y prófugo de la justicia ecuatoriana desde octubre del 2016 por estar involucrado en varios delitos, entre ellos, cohecho y enriquecimiento ilícito.

Pareja Cordero, abogado principal del estudio jurídico que defiende a la trasnacional Odebrecht, sería quien encabeza la red de corrupción, a través de su círculo familiar.

Projinvest Management, una compañía constituida en Estados Unidos, cuyo dueño y beneficiario directo es “Charly” Pareja Cordero, es la punta del ovillo, a través de la cual se logra descubrir una red de corrupción familiar organizada.

Ciento de miles de dólares, producto de negocios realizados entre la compañía Projinvest y empresas vinculadas a su familia, iban a la empresa Girbra, empresa relacionada con Alex Bravo, ex gerente de Petroecuador, quien, a su vez, giraba dinero a Carlos Pareja Yannuzzelli y a su entorno familiar.

Una red que funcionaba de manera articulada, familiares de Carlos Pareja Yannuzzelli y “Charly” Pareja Cordero, todo su entorno familiar relacionado con compañías que realizaban transferencias, envíos de dinero a Girbra, compañía de Alex Bravo, el mismo que, a través de la cuenta de Girbra, manejaba el dinero de los contratistas para la repotenciación de la Refinería de Esmeraldas.

Por ejemplo, Projinvest, de Pareja Cordero, pagaba bienes de Pareja Yannuzzelli, a través de empresas intermediarias, de igual manera, los hijos de Charly Pareja Cordero, a través de sus empresas realizaron giros por 1 millón de dólares a la empresa Girbra del ex gerente de Petroecuador.

Vinculaciones descubiertas que dan a conocer, además, que Carlos Pareja Cordero es el abogado principal del Estudio Jurídico Pareja y abogados asociados Paresoci compañía limitada, que defiende a Odebrecht en su participación contractual en Ecuador.

““Charlie” Pareja, abogado de los hermanos Isaías, quien defiende a los principales autores del mayor saqueo económico del Ecuador. Hoy sería quien encabeza esta red familia de corrupción dentro del caso Petroecuador”, indicó la SECOM.

El Ministro del Interior, Diego Fuentes, dio a conocer que la investigación se está realizando por presunto lavado de activos.

“Hay información que corrobora un movimiento de USD$53 millones vinculadas con cuentas del señor Pareja Cordero, hay una salida irregular del país que da cuenta de la responsabilidad de esta persona respecto de estos delitos, una salida irregularidad, con selló falso, por vía terrestre. Con la Cancillería hemos logrado pedir que se anulen los pasaportes de estas dos personas, a efectos de que no puedan fugar a un tercer país y hemos solicitado a las embajadas de Estados Unidos y otros países que se revoquen las visas de estas personas y de otros familiares para que no puedan llegar a otro país', detalló.

Fuente: SECOM


The post included images of a police cruiser that had been involved in an accident and an injured officer

Murder warrant issued for ex-boyfriend of Dallas mom who vanished a year ago

Published December 31, 2016
Dallas police said Faustino Valdez killed Marisol Espinosa who was reported missing a year ago. (Fox 4 Dallas)

Dallas police were looking Saturday for a man they say killed his ex-girlfriend and then dumped her body under a bridge.

Fox 4 Dallas reports that Marisol Espinosa, a hairstylist and mother of three, disappeared a year ago. Her body was found in southeast Dallas in March.

Her former boyfriend Faustino Valdez, 35, is now wanted for her murder.

Police obtained a warrant for Valdez’s arrest on Thursday, a year to the day the 34-year-old Espinosa disappeared, the station reported.

Espinosa’s family suspects Valdez may have fled to Mexico. His family says he disappeared Jan. 4.

Police said Valdez was the last person to see Espinosa.

He told Fox 4 on New Year’s Day -- three days after the disappearance — that he didn’t know what happened to her.

The day of the interview her abandoned SUV was found by a cousin, with her purse inside.

“She left the house fine,” Valdez told the station. “She got ready like she always does. She took a shower, got ready, put her clothes on and put her makeup on. She kissed me goodbye and told me she was leaving.”

Valdez also told the station that a lot of things were going through his mind. “I just don’t know what to think right now,” he said.

Valdez told cops Espinosa left for work. Friends said she never showed up there.

In March, two people searching a wooded area for stray dogs found her partially clothed body.

Espinosa and Valdez had two children together during an off-and-on relationship that last six years, the Dallas Morning News reported. Espinosa was also the mother of a third child. Her mother was given custody of the kids.

After a fire damaged her house, she started living with Valdez again. Her family believes Valdez started the fire, the paper reported.

Espinosa moved in with Valdez with her children, her mother and her uncle.

Couple arrested for disrupting Los Angeles-bound Delta Air Lines flight

Published December 29, 2016
Delta flight 2565 took off from Minneapolis at 6:20 p.m. Wednesday but returned at 7:35 p.m., airport spokesman Patrick Hogan said. The flight crew reported that 35-year-old Blake Adam Fleisig, of Los Angeles, and 36-year-old Christine Anne Koosmann of Edina became disruptive and refused to follow instructions.


Partial police reports released Thursday didn’t give details of the nature of the disruption. Airport police arrested the pair after the plane landed and they were both questioned by police and the FBI, Hogan said.

The police reports show Fleisig was ticketed for disorderly conduct involving brawling or fighting and Koosmann was ticketed for disorderly conduct and for obstructing police. While police released Fleisig late Wednesday, Koosmann was taken to the Hennepin County Jail, where she was released early Thursday after posting $78 bail, the jail roster shows. She’s due in court Jan 13. The charges are all misdemeanors.

Video shot by a passenger shows Fleisig scuffling with another passenger as officers removed him from the plane and Koosmann cursing as officers escorted her off.

Delta issued a statement saying the flight crew “elected to return to Minneapolis shortly after takeoff when two passengers refused to follow crew instructions, became aggressive and created a disruption in the cabin.” The statement says the safety of customers and employees is the airline’s top priority.


The Associated Press could not reach Fleisig or Koosmann for comment.

Hogan said the full police report on the incident isn’t available because officers are still investigating the incident.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.
Or more if so the Court decides.

For the crimes of:

1) Harassment.
2) Death Threat.
3) Call to Murder Me.
4) Sexual Harassment against Delta Goodrem.
5) Police Corruption against Me.
6) Use of a Murdered Police Officer to attack Me.

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