Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 20, December of 2016

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Date is:
December 20, 2016

Guest Kate Middleton.

The Yellow Snake Prevention.
It appears to be that there can be a tradition of messing up with the letter "S" on this day and that such activity is a Christmas Tradition for some.

But it is very disrespectful for the People that do feel concern about a spelling error to laugh at them because they do not know the so called tradition which by the way cannot be a tradition if it is not commonly known and accepted.

I am not saying that it was Kate that deliberately removed the "S", I am saying that it is Corrupting Christmas and Honest Traditions by tainting it with a Spelling Error which denotes a Lack of Ethics.

It is a known fact that a Snake is a Creature and that I am using that creature to express something else than all the respect they deserve as creatures of nature. I refuse to consider all snakes to be hypocrites.

The Moral of the Story is:
Sometimes the "Yellow Snakes" can be very inconsiderate and rude but beware of the [I_Don't_Have_To_Be Hypocrite To_Anybody] Snakes.

Date is:
April 08, 2017
Lilith (Dubstep / Horror / Orchestral)
[Dark Fantasy Trance] The Enigma TNG - The End of Time
El Salvador solicita al Papa Francisco que "dinamice" el diálogo en Venezuela
Fuente: GV/Con información de EFE 07-04-2017 09:14PM

El canciller de El Salvador, Hugo Martínez, informó que su país se encuentra (OEA), la iniciativa de solicitar al Papa Francisco a que "dinamice el diálogo" entre el oficialismo y la oposición venezolana.

"He hablado con muchos cancilleres de la región y hemos planteado la iniciativa de solicitar a su santidad que dinamice el dialogo" que el Vaticano promueve desde octubre de 2016, por lo que "se harán llamadas de varios presidentes al papa"

Asimismo, manifestó que que esta acción será "codo a codo" con los participación de los expresidentes panameño Martín Torrijos, el del Gobierno español José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero y el dominicano Leonel Fernández, que también han alentado las negociaciones en el Venezuela.

(Lea también: Comando Sur de EEUU: Situación de Venezuela podría obligar a una respuesta regional inmediata)

"La situación de Venezuela no se puede resolver tomando partido por la oposición ni por el Gobierno" y "tienen que haber voces cuerdas que les digan: tranquilos, busquen una solución" expresó.

Esta solicitud es en respuesta a los recientes enfrentamientos generado por la sentencia emitida por el Tribunal Supremo de Justicia, sobre las competencia de la Asamblea Nacional, de mayoría opositora.

El Congreso salvadoreño, de mayoría opositora, condenó este jueves la posicion del gobierno venezolano y respaldó el papel del secretario general de la OEA, Luis Almagro, quien ha liderado las medidas hemisféricas contra el Gobierno de Nicolás Maduro.
Date is:
July 17, 2017
Obviously the Prince is faded away and not functioning properly.

There is a way to better Balance the Guest at My House, Kate.

The Prince needs to have a Higher Level Priority in Systems because he is being overshadowed by the Cheesy Beauty of Female Kate in a rather sexy attire. So it is best if the Power of the Prince is turned up to Balance that Bright Cheesiness.

For that the Prince would need a much Higher System Purpose that is not based on Sexy Cheesiness and that can better cover the wide range of Intellectual Scenes and that is done by connecting the British Computer Programming and Tech Developers to the Prince, in much the same way that a King would have a Round Table of Knights, but in this case a Round Table of Technology Experts where the Prince or King would have a Prominent Place.

The Idea is to Balance the Cheesy Beauty and Fashion associated to Kate with the Technological Proficiency of a Technological Leader in the Computer Tech Community, thus creating a sort of Electro-Proficient Field that also works sometimes as an Electro-Magnetic Field to protect a Planet.

The British have had a long time without a King and some still relate a Knight with a Dude in what today might appear to be a Tin Can Armour over a tired horse. The Knights of the Round Table are still outdated and have not upgraded to the requirements of the new Computer Technology Age in a way that can benefit the Image of the Social Representative Institutions such as a Royal.

If that Prince wants to be a full fledged King, it better have a strong association with the Technical and Computer Business Sectors to shine his own light that can avoid being overshadowed by the Cheesiness of Sexy Fashion. If you are to describe a King in Modern Times, leave the Fashion to the Taylor and get surrounded by Computer Technology and Business Proficiency.

The lack of care about how a Real King should not be overshadowed by Sexy Cheesiness and the exposure to public shaming of Kate for wearing a Mini Skirt while on the news while at the same time publishing threats of those that would seek harm to Women that wear Miniskirts not only shows the BBC News is a mess, but it is also endangering British Institutions with it's Negligent Recklessness.

A Negligent Recklessness that I do not want to be associated with.

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