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Gossip is sooo destructive! (A USA Police Corruption case).

All the games described below can have a G.O.S.S.I.P encoding.
5 more of the best video games of 2016

The titles our readers were most horrified to see excluded from our 10 best games of the year
[Image 1385]
Doom: on the ‘best of 2016’ list for a lot of our readers. Photograph: PR

James Walsh
Wednesday 14 December 2016 11.50 GMT

What did you most enjoy doing this year: shooting demons? Stealthily flitting your way around a city? Or perhaps you spent many aeons creating a civilisation worthy of song?

Yes, they’re all sequels or remakes, but here are five of the games our readers felt were cruelly overlooked from our roundup of 2016’s best efforts.

1) Doom

‘Doom was our number 11’, said Guardian games editor Keith Stuart, responding to howls of indignation from those calling for the inclusion of the satisfyingly rebooted demon killing shooter.

09 December 2016 1:15pm
Sigh...Very well then, DOOM ought to be on the list since it successfully updates a beloved shooter from yesteryear with modern elements like upgrades and character improvements whilst simultaneously reinvigorating the FPS genre with old school past-paced action. Shooters had gone stale by endlessly repeating the formulas developed in the noughties like waiting behind cover for your health to recharge, which doesn't benefit either the pace or realism. DOOM does away with all of that. Its stroke of genius is the glory kill system, which incentivises aggression. Ironically you stand more of a chance if you get right into the thick of it, meaning battles have a blistering pace and fluidity that hasn't been seen in the FPS for years. Does that meet with your satisfaction?

2) Civilisation VI

Civilization VI
Steam user EdenStarGazer shows how the Civilization VI Wonder Cristo Redentor changes its look depending on the time of day.
1:06 PM - 15 Nov 2016
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The latest in the venerable history-straddling turn-based strategy and conquest series won praise from our readers, whose angry complaints against the Guardian look likely to have real life consequences many thousands of years from now.

08 December 2016 9:45am
Absolutely outrages civilization 6 isn't on the list.

I'm so outraged that I'm going to lead a small group of civilization fans into a previously uncharted corner of the earth where we'll give up our nomadic ways and found our first city. And then 4 to 6 000 years you're going to regret this slight guardian....oh how you'll regret it!!

“Civ VI should really be in there,” said another reader.

“I was worried that stacking mechanic on top of mechanic was going to turn the thing to mush but after a few games it really does work quite well.”

3) XCOM 2
[Image 1800]
I see you’ve played knifey spooney before. XCOM 2 screenshot. Photograph: 2K Games

And while we’re talking tactical turn-based games, here’s another that readers felt should have been in the top ten. “XCOM 2 over-delivers in almost every area, and more than that has faith in its players”, wrote Rich Stanton back in February. A brilliant concept, beautifully realised, some of you never stopped playing.

08 December 2016 3:06pm
Will add to the voices lamenting the absence of XCOM2 to this list. The best strategy game of the year by some distance - challenging, constant 'meaningful choice' decision making and deeply satisfying gameplay. Sure it's got some rough edges, but a more than worthy successor to XCOM:EU.

4) Dishonored 2
[Image 3840]
Dishonored 2 Photograph: Bethesda

Clockwork soldiers, stealthy protagonists and an excellently realised and believable universe: our reviewer was impressed, and readers praised the game for building on the promise of the original.

5) Watch Dogs 2
[Image 938]
Come back from San Francisco / it can’t be all that pretty... Photograph: Ubisoft

A vast improvement on the original, Watch Dogs 2 gave players a likeable central character and a beautifully rendered open world to explore. Keith Stuart called it a “great, albeit not all-time great” game: some of you felt it was good enough to feature in the front phalanx of 2016’s offerings.

08 December 2016 1:57pm
No Mention of Watch Dogs 2 on here.
I've got to say, I havnt enjoyed a game so much for a long time. Great fun, keeps me involved with the story line and a lot of variety in side missions. Stealth and combat is clever and a big bonus is its not in clumsy first person.
Goes top of my list.
I see you’ve played knifey spooney before. XCOM 2
J = You've never even met me. Are you going to Judge me based on idle gossip?
C = The Copyright on the bottom right of that picture.
P = He's unfriendly (Parked).
E = He's such a snob (Someone who claims to be of higher intelligence than others).
NN = I heard he isn't even a fish! (Fish don't talk).
Y = I heard everything I need to know about you!!!
After I commented on Gossip I went to FoxNews and saw that:

3-year-old boy dies in road rage shooting during shopping trip with grandmother in Arkansas

Published December 18, 2016

A 3-year-old boy being taken on a shopping trip by his grandmother was killed in a road rage shooting when a driver opened fire on their car Saturday evening because he thought she "wasn't moving fast enough at a stop sign," police said.

The boy and his grandmother were at the stop sign in southwest Little Rock when a driver apparently angry about the delay stepped out of his car and opened fire, police said. The boy was struck by gunfire at least once, they said.

The grandmother, who wasn't struck, drove away and called police from a shopping center. Authorities arrived at the shopping center and found the boy in the car outside a JCPenney department store. The boy was taken to a hospital, where he died shortly after.

Police Lt. Steve McClanahan said investigators believe the boy and his grandmother "were completely innocent" and have no relationship with Saturday's shooter, who was being sought. He said the grandmother simply was "driving the car and was taking her grandson shopping when the incident occurred."

Little Rock Police Chief Kenton Buckner told Fox 16 the shooting is a senseless act of violence.

"I certainly have no information to say that anyone in this family has done anything to cause this young person's life but this is about as frustrating as you can be as a public safety official or just a plain citizen," he told the television station.

Police said they were looking for an older black Chevrolet Impala that was being driven by a tall black man. They hadn't released any other description of the man and appealed to the public for help finding him.

Last month, a 2-year-old girl was killed when a car drove by and someone fired into her vehicle; the shooter in that case hasn't been captured.

Buckner said the road rage killings were frustrating for the police department and the community, especially because the young victims were "very innocent" and "can do very little to protect themselves."

"We cannot have a community to where the least protected among us, being infants, who are dying these senseless crimes in our city," Buckner said.

He said he didn't know if the children's shootings were related.

Click for more from Fox 16.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.
A 3-year-old boy being taken on a shopping trip by his (grandmother [G]) was killed in a road rage shooting when
a driver (opened fire
[O]) on their car (Saturday [S]) evening because he thought she "wasn't moving fast enough
(Fish don't talk)
at a (stop [S]) (sign [I])," (police [P]) said.
Or more if so the Court decides.

For the Crime of:

1) Conspiracy.
2) Serious Death Threat.
3) Harrasment.
4) Seriously endangering My Life.
5) Complicity with the Police.
6) Suspected Murder to achieve his objective.

Well I am not looking for trouble,
and I appreciate if People stop bugging Me.

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