Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 09, December of 2016

Welcome to:
A view into the Future.

Reality seen from the Eyes of a TRIBalance.

Date is:
December 09, 2016

A Maybe Good Reality Check Formula.
A Masterpiece dedicated to Real Science and against Scientific Corruption.
[Subject] of [Comparison]
A cause for Invalidation of Arguments (Glorifying Crime).
My Monitor is being -
Subjected to -
Unwanted Illegal Espionage -
Which makes their argumentation invalid.

Without their Illegal Evidence
All the Legacy due to their
Unwanted Illegal Actions
Are Redirected to Me, Fairly.
Can I be certain I cannot Illegally see their Monitors?
Can I be certain they can't see My Monitor?
Absolutely Not.
I must assume they do, which does not get in the way with My Ethics.
Why take the trouble to write this?
To avoid them using Illegal Evidence in the Future.
The Fact that I can work allowing Full Transparency of My Monitor and they could not just reinforces the Influence of My Legacy as a Scientist, since I am not afraid to show what I am doing as long as My Private Space is respected.

So if I did allow My Country to see what I was doing on My Monitor as I did that does not in any way subtract value to My Contributions.

I always assumed I was being Spied on My Monitor and I always assumed I have no problem with that. Those that Illegally invaded My Privacy by fairness should allow Me to look at what they are doing, and to the International Community as well, but they won't and because they won't then all the Scientific Legacy is mine since they are acting as a mere Shadow and not even a legal shadow, more like an Intellectual Property Thief.

But of course to torture Me to illegally extract private information from Me is a Crime. I know I am most probably being monitored with My Monitors, but I also know I did not agree with being tortured and abused with agreements I did not make and that I did not agree on. Like for example cutting My Electricity or My Telephone because I supposedly signed an Agreement that I did not sign.

Granting the Opportunity to see My work in a more accountable way does not mean that I renounced to any of My Human Rights or that I authorized to modify My Material to do Lab Experiments on Me. If My Intellectual Property was stolen then all the use of My Stolen work is part of My Legacy.
When I agreed to Work Transparently.
1) I accepted the fact My Monitor was being spied by My Country's Authorities.
2) I did not agree on My Scientific work being stolen.
3) I did not authorize foreign Spying on My Material.
4) I did not Authorize the Invasion of My Privacy Time using the Monitors.
5) I did not Authorize the Invasion of My Real Time Privacy in Real Life.
6) I did not Authorize to modify My Real Time surroundings to test Me.
7) I did not agree to be a Laboratory Mouse.
8) I did not agree to allow My Material to be changed.
I can use that logic because I am Real Purple.

That however is not the case for the Secretly Secret Garbage and Dishonest Cases I have seen.

It is ONLY the case for what I am explaining, because only I am explaining in Common-Limit. Duh.

My Words are Real, the others do not want to exist in Common-Limit. I have made several requests asking them to exist but they refuse to want to exist. So Scientifically I am the only one making Honest Arguments with Scientific Accountability and Discipline.

So the following Logic and Maps do not apply to those that do not want to exist and thus, do not want to honestly debate or even do Honest Science.
A (Alphabet First Letter)
And to those that claim they do not want to Exist.
G (Blue), A (Fixed Purple, Still First Letter), N (Cyan).
Exist then not in the Context of My Honesty as I explain the Reasons behind My Exposition of Motives.
  JU (Blue)
For only I am Real provided that the others, sick in Arrogance and Pride are lost to Transparency.
I already informed at the Social Media that I will not accept ANY of the Bullshit Arguments they refuse to recognize as their own.

I suggest you only accept Arguments that are fully Moral by having someone Responsible, Accountable and Honest behind them, because that is an Essence of Science. Supporting Corrupt Science might actually harm the Scientific Community and increase the overall Ignorance Level in Society.
"One thing is Responsible, Accountable, Honest Community Science and another the Delusions of a Drug Addict". - Randal Pinto
1) If the Government of My Country committed abuses, they shall pay with favors as we agree. No need to lie and both Me and the Government benefits.
2) If another Government committed Abuses against My Privacy they shall allow Me to work at their Countries with My Transparency Systems in favorable conditions. If they abused I get more access to their Privacy, but still under full transparency. This is different from My Legal Actions that involve Crimes committed against Me.
3) If a Guest Invaded My Privacy Illegally and abused I get access to their Privacy in the Degree of the Offense they made or if they refuse fairness then all My Material that they consider Private is to be made Public so that everyone can see. Which is fair, it is what they did to Me. It's not Blackmail because I still have the right to show everything, agreement or not. Call it an act of Mercy.
[It is not the same] [That I show it] or [That I am not present to show it] (forced not to) to the fact that [Others show it Rightfully because I am not there by force] (Worse Case Scenario). If others show it they would normally be violating the Privacy Line, unless I am not there and it is required to make Justice.

The Agreement Logic Persists even beyond Human Death, in Cosmos.

A Man's life is but an instant in History, but a Legacy can shape an Age.
4) My Material was made for Zones of High Density Purple but on rare occasions it can be made available to anybody in a very low density space as is the Current Time and Place in which I wrote this.

If you want a Real Scientist then you can start by finding a Really Responsible Person with Really Accountable Arguments that want to exist for you so you can discover them when it is appropriate.
A Victory that Cracks the Fakeness.
Don't support Science Corruption.
Do your best to Improve Science.
"Only I am Real at the moment because the others made it clear to us all that they do not want to exist and if they do not want to exist then they do not want you to know". - Randal  Pinto (Me)
"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them." - Galileo

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