Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 27, November of 2016

Welcome to:
A view into the Future.

Reality seen from the Eyes of a TRIBalance.

Date is:
November 27, 2016

The tendency of the Administrative System I call RORAIMA.
The Venezuelan State receives 37% of Shares.
The Tax of 14% is added for a Total of 51% for Venezuela.
The Associate then receives 49%.
Add to that 49% the 14% of Tax.
That is 63% for the Main Associate and the System Community.
4% out of the 63% is Donated to the United Nations.
The total for the Venezuelan State in a Direct Way is 37%.
The Local Business has 37% in Foreign Countries.
That is the Tech Center.
[Leaves 63% to distribute]
16% of the Income is for the Administrative Company.
The Administrative Company is separate and it can have Participation from People in the other Country. [63% - 16% = 47% for the Non-Profit Organization]
53% is for the Combined Business Foreign Interest.
That is the Tech Center and the Administrative Business.
[37% of Tech Center + 16% of Administrative Business = 53%]
47% is for a Non Profit Organization that Administers the Resources for the System's Communities.
It is a Corporation Designed to provide more than 50% Profit for every country where it is located.

Mercosur does not Defend the Private Interests of Selfish Corporations, it defends the Collective Interests of it's Members. My Administrative System Design is Compatible with the Interests of the Mercosur.

Delta Goodrem and Emma Hewitt are familiar with Corral Reefs and they are from a Southern Country. Australians can join My Business and thus expand it's friendship network with South America because after all, Australia is a Country of the South and Australia could use a lot more friends from South American Countries.

I am currently not interested in working with Arrogant and abusive Katy Perry or Paris Hilton and I have issued a request asking them to not use any of My Intellectual Property and Designs until further notice.

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