Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 03, August of 2017

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A view into the Future.

Reality seen from the Eyes of a TRIBalance.

Date is:
August 03, 2017

Corporations that use People as Wild Cards for Games.
Do not be fooled with what you see, when it comes to the legal aspect of things. What you are seeing is not a Personal, Private Photo of a Pair of Lovers. It appears to be, but legally it is not.

Take into consideration:
1) What you are seeing is a Corporation.
2) The Photo in itself is not a Love Expression, it is a Corporate Product, with similar Copyright Laws and Corporate Protections of any Corporate Product Publicity you see at the Supermarket.
3) The Legal Figure of Lovers is in the Private Scope, there is no such thing as Lover/Privacy Protection as a Corporate Product to profit from.
4) The reason it is done is to try to allege invasion of Privacy and Intimacy to those that could be confused, when legally there is no such thing, since it is actually a Corporation that is publishing a Corporate Product to affect the Masses and as such People are entitled to study it and comment on it.
5) A Person that represents a Corporation has a way to protect it's intimacy and Private Relations from Gossip and Public Comments in a Legal Way, and that is: Not making the Relation a Corporate Show Product.
6) There is no such thing as a Corporate Product for the Mass Media as a Personal, Private Relationship when the Image in itself was taken from the Corporate Product Account.
7) The Paris Hilton Corporation of dozen of stores and even Hotels cannot allege Privacy Infringement on the study of it's Corporate Marketing Material.
8) Critics are entitled to review Corporate Products as Published on Corporate Product Accounts however they see fit, sometimes with the same concern for Privacy as they would have when reviewing a Box of Detergent available at a Supermarket when the Corporation itself is used to using People as Toys or Promotes the use of People as toys, which is what Paris Hilton does a lot with the Mattel Barbie Toys.
As you can see, not only does the Paris Hilton Corporation promote People as Toys, it also does so while at the same time abusing Children and hopefully for Mattel, infringing the Mattel Corporation Patent. That is hardly a Private, Personal, Legally Protected and Legal Relationship. That is a Relationship of Child Abusers that look like they want to allege a Privacy Invasion to avoid Critics.

The United States should have laws that prevent the use of Corporate Products to infringe Patents of Children Products and Abuse Children, by USA Corporations. But as long as that does not happen, Paris Hilton's Corporate Product about Lovers in Child Abuse is very far from being a Protected, Private Relationship.

People are not Toys, in the TRIBalance Systems.
1) Using People as Wild Cards for Media Interpretation Games such as mirroring or replacement games are not allowed.
2) The Promotion of Black Shirt Men Cults that can be seen as Replacement Male Toys are not allowed.
3) The Promotion of Human Trafficking by stripping the Will, Opinion, Freedom of Speech and even the Colours of People is not allowed.
4) Contraband into the Systems of Celebrities that are not approved by the Systems is not allowed and the offending Celebrity might get suspended for doing so.
5) The Systems are designed to promote the Creativity and Freedom of the Individuals in a space limited by Rules in Cordiality and it is not designed to reduce People into Creatively Colourless Slaves that do the bidding of it's owner without the right to have an opinion.
6) The Systems do not promote Slavery of Unconditional Servitude and even less in exchange for sex, money and the possibility to inherit a fortune as the Systems do not promote Parasites, Blood Suckers and even less Child Abusing Bloodsuckers.
The TRIBalance Systems have the Compromise to Allow, Protect, Encourage and Defend the Right that People have for their Human Dignity inside all of it's Systems, to encourage Human Values and to strengthen Human Rights by doing so, in the wider society.

I have not encouraged, protected or stimulated any of the Paris Hilton's Corporation Human Trafficking, Child Abusing Actions and I consider myself a Victim of that Corporation as I sustain that the Human Toy Paris Hilton is playing with was acquired for the sole purpose of trying to silence My Complaints about the Paris Hilton Corporation Harassing Me as a Corporate Policy with the avail and support of some corrupt Authorities of the United States of America. I am
also suing the Paris Hilton Corporation for among other things, that same reason.

I ask once again that the Paris Hilton Corporation ceases to use Material Related to My own systems such as Tropical Beach Systems and Tropical Beach Paradise Material for the Purposes of Harassing Me. Paris Hilton is supposed to be a DJ and a Fashion Icon, not a Tropical Beach Promoter, yet she does so simply because she wants My ideas for her own profit without even calling Me, asking Me or even recognizing My Complaints and Rights.

I ask for support from the Honest People in the World that support true and brave Next Generation Innovation to not support or encourage any of Paris Hilton's attempts to appropriate My work, a work that I have had for decades and steal them from Me for her own profit as she tries to incorporate Tropical Beach Systems without any Concern for My Rights being it that she has no current, stated reason to be around Beach Systems, which is My Line of Innovation.

Paris Hilton is indeed a Guest at My House and as such she has the right to solicit the authorization to use any of My Systems. But I just said it, she has the right to solicit authorization, NOT STEAL MY IDEAS and even less Steal My Ideas in the Context of Promoting the Objectification and Trafficking of People and Child Abuse. I will not and refuse to work in any project whatsoever with Paris Hilton as long as she continues to use her highly hostile Human Toys which have a Criminal Status at My System's Ban Lists.

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