Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 03, April of 2017

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A view into the Future.

Reality seen from the Eyes of a TRIBalance.

Date is:
April 03, 2017

New Invited Observer Tyra Banks.


As Technology Advances the way society communicates new Celebrities appear in the Internet Age with Entrepreneur Technological Advances that are made to better interact with the Fans. One of such Cyber Star Pioneers is Lady Gaga, which has one of the first Celebrity Social Networks, if not the first at her level.
Those New Cyber Age Celebrities have Systems that try to be linked with their Fans, having thus a greater presence in Social Life and the Fans get a better and more participative service from the Cultural Social Institution that is the Celebrity. That Social Feedback helps create more responsible Celebrities that have to care about their impact in Society, many times to avoid fights among their own Fan Base with issues such as Racism, Sex Abuse and Political Hatred.

It's not just one Celebrity that does whatever they want, it is now a Celebrity that has to care about what their Fans feel so the Fans care more about the Celebrity than they normally would.

In the United States it could be call a Democratic Celebrity, one that is made "By the People" and for "We the People", as is stated in the First Article of the United States of America's Constitution. Thus a Constitutionally Adequate Celebrity Cultural Institution.

Currently there is a Strong Lack of Democratic or Socially Participatory Cultural Institutions that help promote Civil Behavior and Social Tolerance. There is a Crisis when it comes to Celebrities and the needs of the Increasingly High Tech Youth.
Cyber Age Celebrities need to have certain characteristics that showcase their Technological and Social Improvements to be a better Deal and Service for the Society that Supports and Sponsors them and those characteristics go beyond just having a Social Network.

The Fans should be able to communicate among themselves, freely, on a Chat Channel, to discuss what their Celebrity is doing. The Fans should not be in fear or under repression inside of a Celebrity Fan System.

The Celebrity should have a Frequently Asked Question Page where it addresses the main concerns of it's Fan Community in a responsible way and that helps the Fans feel more secure with their Celebrity.

All such Celebrities in the High Tech Social Systems are in fact Communities and the Celebrities are in fact Community Representatives. It's not just a Fan Club, it's a Fan Community even to the sense that it can even be a Virtual Town or a Cruise Ship resembling a community even more. Those that want to be a High Tech Celebrity have to want to tolerate the very essence of Social Participation which in the USA is called: "We the People".

There are activities that are avoided to help stop the fights between the Fan Base of a Cyber Celebrity and those issues are among others Political Discrimination and hate, Racial Discrimination and Tolerance to Sexual Abuse. Those are issues that can trigger massive fights inside the Celebrity's Systems.

The Celebrity not only has to promote love to Art, because it is a Cultural Art Institution but it also has to inspire People to do Art and make them feel, sometimes, that they can be Great Artists some day. That not only makes Fans feel better, it also helps keep the Youth away from Crime.

Singing is not the only kind of Art of course, nor is Acting, there is also the Fashion Modeling Art. That too can have Social Participation and that too can have a lot of Fans that the Fashion Industry needs as well. Also a Fashion Model can help promote Fashion and new Fashion Models, specially Black American Fashion Models which do not have the appropriate and needed levels of visibility as they should have at this moment.

Some of My Systems like the Cruise Ship System have Yellow Clubs that among other things make Fashion Fun and make Fashion a Social Activity where the People get to vote on what their Fashion Celebrity wears next, to make it Fun in the Social participatory way so the Young People feel more connected and related to their Celebrity Artist and thus of course the Celebrity gets more interest and support from the Fan Base.

Social Network Fashion also means that the Fans themselves model to make the image of the Club stronger, being that the work that they do helps the entire Cyber Community prosper and be known in the Cyber World of Social Networks. It is not the same one Paris Hilton modeling only for herself and her selfish interests as one hundred Models and Fans of Tyra Banks modeling for their Celebrity Cyber Community's Fame and Prosperity. You give People what they need and they give you what you want as long as they can. They need to feel special to treat a Celebrity as someone special.

That means that the Future Fashion Celebrities and Entrepreneurs have to have care about their Communities, their Fan Communities and the opinions of their users since it is those same users that might help the Community Prosper with their Hopes, Dreams and Collective or Individual Efforts in the Social Networked World.

Sometimes Give People a Kiss to build a Dream On.
Louis Armstrong - A Kiss to Build a Dream On
Rocket 88 (Original Version) - Ike Turner/Jackie Brenston

Current Guests at the TRIBalance Scientific Debate.
Purple House:
Invited Guest Kate Middleton.
Invited Observer Amy Lee.
Blue House:
Invited Guest Delta Goodrem.
Invited Guest Laura Pausini.
Cyan House:
Invited Guest Katy Perry
Green House:
Invited Guest Nadia Ali.
Invited Guest Emma Hewitt.
Yellow House:
Invited Guest Paris Hilton.
Invited Observer Tyra Banks.
Red House:
Invited Guest Taylor Swift.
Invited Guest Miley Cyrus.
Invited Observer Scarlet Linares.
Other Invited Observers.
US Singer Madonna
Bette Middler.
Non Culture Related Observer:
Karoli Kuns.
My Systems can have Art Clubs.
People that are constantly Creating Art.
Sometimes a Graphic Art, sometimes a 3D Mesh or Music.
There is a Rainbow of Creativity and New Art being created.

Some Users and Celebrities take that new art and represent it for the users and the Community that created the new art and those People are often related to the Yellow Clubs, which often help manage the Systems Galleries of Material. Since there is a lot of Art Creations on the Meshes of the Games there is a need for a Fashion Modeling System, in the 3d Game World and in Real Life. Sometimes it's a User that showcases the new Fashion and sometimes it's a Fashion Celebrity.

People can create all they want but the Professionals will still have a privileged space and that happens to the Professional Fashion Designers in the Game. The idea is in part to support and create a Fashion Designing Community as well as Interior Design Communities, Architectural Design Communities and other types of Art like Music and Graphical Arts.
Ghasper - Turtle Ship
Date is:
July 18, 2017
Don't support the Brown/Dark Skin Shaming Industry.

Don't buy Products from Corporations that you know are Brown Shaming.

You are Black and are tired of Racism? Then Support People that are not ashamed of your Colour.

A Kiss to Build a Dream On - Louis Armstrong

Give me a kiss to build a dream on
And my imagination will thrive upon that kiss
Sweetheart, I ask no more than this
A kiss to build a dream on
Give me a kiss before you leave me
And my imagination will feed my hungry heart
Leave me one thing before we part
A kiss to build a dream on
And when I'm alone with my fancies, I'll be with you
Weaving romances, making believe they're true
Oh, give me your lips for just a moment
And my imagination will make that moment live
Give me what you alone can give
A kiss to build a dream on
When I'm alone with my fancies, I'll be with you
Weaving romances, making believe they're true
Oh, give me lips for just a moment
And my imagination will make that moment live
Oh, give me what you alone can give
A kiss to build a dream on

Compositores: Bert Kalmar / Harry Ruby / Oscar Hammerstein Ii / Oscar / Ii Hammerstein
Letra de A Kiss to Build a Dream On Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Rocket 88 - Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats

You may have heard of jalopies
You heard the noise they make
Let me introduce you to my Rocket '88
Yes it's great, just won't wait
Everybody likes my Rocket '88
Gals will ride in style
Movin' all along

V-8 motor and this modern design
My convertible top and the gals don't mind
Sportin' with me, ridin' all around town for joy
Blow your horn, Rocket, blow your horn

Step in my Rocket and-don't be late
We're pullin' out about a half-past-eight
Goin' on the corner and havin' some fun
Takin' my Rocket on a long, hot run
Ooh, goin' out
Oozin' and cruisin' and havin' fun

Now that you've ridden in my Rocket '88
I'll be around every night about eight
You know it's great, don't be late
Everybody likes my Rocket '88
Gals will ride in style
Movin' all along

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