Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 10, June of 2017

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June 10, 2017 To General Public. Finally defeated Twitter on Fair Grounds.

prehensible Abuse, Panic and Bullying usually does not win an Historical Ideological Argument.
I am writing to My Friends Delta and Emma on the Google Plus Network using Private Messages.
[Emma Hewitt Fan Page (Official Page)]
[Delta Goodrem]
[Laura Pausini]
[Nadia Ali]
[Miley Cyrus]
[Katy Perry]
[Paris Hilton]
[Taylor Swift]
[Duchess Kate Middleton Fanpage]
I might add more later.

In regard to the Evidence I posted about Twitter Banning Me:

Then of course it could be said that I was abusive with My Fair Use License but the context and reasons for My reactions are Mirrored by the Abuse I was subjected to, specially after I complained about Twitter's Grip on Venezuelan's Sovereign Right to Communicate Freely without Foreign Intervention.

There was a news about a Murderous Girl that was on a show next to another Vampire News. That Girl should not have been there for a show, unless it's a Sick Media that tried to take advantage of the Crime to profit, from the Crimes of a Sick Little Girl. So the Offence was sick, My reply was a protest and was even light as to the Energic Protest I should have written regards using Children for Crime Shows and as a Circus Attraction.

Was I overreacting?

Check the Death Circus Fascination Circus for yourself:

So as you can see the Murderous Girl Show was on function along with another three more news, close by and even next to it in the Context of a Fun Show.

Time for a little reminder about The Guardian's Standards:
I AM SUING TWITTER FOR 100,000,000$ PLUS THE ALREADY 100,000,000$!!!
1) Conspiracy against the USA President Donald Trump using Me.
2) Damages to My Future Prospects and Projects.
3) Unjustified and continuous Illegal Sabotages against Me.
4) Deliberate and Intense Hate Provocations.
5) Unjustified Censoring when My Life was in Danger.
6) Using of Taylor Swift to wrap her as a Murderer.
7) Using Taylor Swift to Conspire Against Me.
8) Refusing to Reply to any of My complains.
9) Unjustified Suspension of the @TRIBalance Account.
10) Protection to Abuse against Children.
11) Protecting Death Circus Shows by Banning Me.
12) A long Sequence of Bug Blocks to Sabotage My Repetitions.
13) A frequent Call Block Ban on a regular basis to Intimidate Me.
14) Attacks against Me because I have the potential to compete.
15) Attempt to shut Me down for Monopolistic Interests.
16) Violation of the Venezuelan Sovereignty.
June 11, 2017

Both My Twitter Accounts @TRIBalance1 and @TRIBalance2 are working, because the System could call Me.

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