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The Venezuelan Laws. Let's debate.

Venezuelans, as civilized and educated people need to debate about laws with the world, peacefully.
My Accounts @TRIBalance, @TRIBalance1 and @TRIBalance2 were blocked by Twitter.
I don't know why Twitter Blocked by Last Account and I have no idea.

Thou cannot usually Defeat anybody in Academic Arguments by Pushing, Shoving and Bullying. I was banned, but not defeated. Twitter was Defeated.

I am currently using Google Plus in Private Mode
Getting ready to test Facebook's Freedom of Academic Expression
26 July 2017. The Kitty Software page was opened.
This is the Main Legacy Book Page.

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The Garbage Truck Section.
These are some of the Articles of the Venezuelan Law.
Constitution Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Call to Consult
LOPNA Organic Law for The Protection of Boys, Girls and Adolescents. Call to Consult
Against Organized Crime Organic Law Against Organized Crime. Call to Consult
Rights of women Organic Law on the Right of Women to a Life Free of Violence. Call to Consult
Against corruption Law against corruption. Call to Consult
Systematization Law of Info Government. Call to Consult
Reality Check. Civilized Rule. System Compatibility Zone: Somewhere to belong.
On Higher Ground Blog.

Now that I have proved My Arguments are too much for the Obsolete Platform Twitter, I increase the Density from Vapor Comments to a Liquid Semi Formal and Sporadic Format on the Blog.
Date To Message Title.
10/06/17 General Finally defeated Twitter on Fair Grounds.
11/08/17 General El Pajarito que no Pió.
11/08/17 General Comentarios sobre lo que esta pasando en Venezuela (Constituyente).
12/08/17 General Soluciones para Venezuela.
13/08/17 How I completed My Moral Victory against the Twitter Sewers.

High Wisdom should maybe, sometimes mean something more.
Purple Vision.
27/11/16 Sexual Trafficking and Children. (Disney, Mel B and BBC News case).
28/11/16 The Naked Murdoch, I see him Running, scared as his shit.
02/12/16 Facebook Live crashes while streaming 114 mph drive on Jurisdiction.
03/12/16 The Webcam Design Plagiarism.
03/12/16 The Guardian trying to Plagiarize My Web Cam Design.
04/12/16 How Barack Obama failed the Black American People.
04/12/16 Fascist Framing Coincidence.
05/12/16 Glossary of Definitions (Legacy Book).
06/12/16 The tendency of the Administrative System I call RORAIMA.
09/12/16 A Maybe Good Reality Check Formula.
11/12/16 Sistemas Evolutivos.
11/12/16 Sistemas Evolutivos Gemas.
11/12/16 Ideas sobre el Diseño de Medios de Comunicación en una Comunidad Virtual.
12/12/16 Imperial Abuse by a Lame Monopoly. Recurring.
13/12/16 Katherine Vine from British "The Guardian" wanting to fall in a Black Hole.
15/12/16 Barack Obama. The Most Corrupt President in the History of the United States of America.
16/12/16 Fake News and it brings Me to you again.
18/12/16 Abordo de una Fragata Principe Federico con el Generalísimo Francisco de Miranda.
18/12/16 Gossip is sooo destructive! (A USA Police Corruption case).
18/12/16 The Freedom of Common Sense you can find in an Honest System.
19/12/16 Déjame que te cuente un Cuento de Camino.
20/12/16 RT pushing for a World War 3 and thus a Massive Genocide.
21/12/16 El Abuso Fanático de Estilos y el Documento de Ledezma.
21/12/16 Pagina de Debate Abierto para los Abogados y Jueces de Sur América.
22/12/16 Ignominia. Me dejaron morir en Navidad (Por Juegos Macabros de Esclavos).
23/12/16 Laura Pausini hace un Histórico Lanzamiento de un Pupú al Ciberespacio.
24/12/16 Ayudando a Empacar Electrodomésticos para Nueva Esparta.
24/12/16 A quite Fancy Death for Nasa, who Delights on such "Beautiful Deaths".
28/12/16 One Code for the Defense of the Survival of Humanity.
28/12/16 About My Role in the TRIBalance Systems (And care for Quality).
28/12/16 Miley and Delta caught participating in an Attempted Theft against Me.
31/12/16 A Danger to Human Rights: Harvard University and Police Mafia.
01/01/17 They use their Proficiency in Logical Puzzles to Justify Corruption.
05/01/17 Crímenes de Odio en contra de la Cultura Universal.
14/01/17 By pulling a Leech. Blackmail from Imperial Media.
01/02/17 Respondiendo a Venezuela, porque todos merecemos Derechos.
05/02/17 Rupert Murdoch and other Aussie Media says Sex Abuse is fun while misleading.
06/02/17 I am not hiding below a Rock (Open to listen to Paris Hilton's Complaints).
07/02/17 Even the Coincidences can be recorded in a Carnival.
10/02/17 El Futuro en las Manos Justas.
12/02/17 Las Gallinas Debaten y también ponen huevos.
13/02/17 Por el ancho terraplén, caminos del Desamparo desanda a golpe de seis.
19/02/17 Y el atajo se perdía en el monte mas cercano y el caimán negro del nipa se refugiaba en un charco.
22/02/17 Well, it seems an opportunist's terms are not acceptable (A Paris Hilton's Case).
23/02/17 Fiscalía se niega a reconocerme Mis Derechos Humanos, sobre todo el Derecho Intelectual.
05/03/17 A Crime, allowing any abuse coming from their way with My Freedom of Expression?
07/03/17 In FoxNews sometimes Love is evil, Con is confidence, Eros is sore, Sin is sincere.
08/03/17 Would you like some Age Reliant Feminism with that Tea, Mate?
10/03/17 The Moment the Titanic Crashed (with the BBC).
12/03/17 A Pact of the Civilized (A TRIBalance Covenant).
14/03/17 Sand City Game.
16/03/17 A Bullying Siege on Human Rights until nothing remains (Gold Dust).
26/03/17 Cuando el abuso es mas que un estilo.
03/04/17 Let us see if that is a High Stake, High bet, Fake Interest Love.
11/04/17 Three Stories down for Rupert Murduch of FoxNews.
19/04/17 A veces hay que esperar a que se respeten a los usuarios.
28/04/17 Una cosa que quiero es que la Gente vea, entre la oscuridad.
01/05/17 The Monopoly that operated like a Chicken House.
04/05/17 The Corporation for Anarchy, Impunity and Ignorance.
26/05/17 El Atropello Salvaje como Política de Twitter.
10/06/17 Because they can't win a single Decent Argument the Honest Way.
11/06/17 Is it just Me that needs the Respect for the Law of InfoGovernment?
14/06/17 For whatever the reason, I was cut off from the Internet.
16/06/17 Gallery of Evidences of Twitter Bullying (Page can be updated).
17/06/17 "Where there is love, there is no imposition". - Albert Einstein
22/06/17 The Pure Evil in Twitter's Vicious Sabotage.
26/06/17 The Guardian's Wish and Twitter's Crave.
29/06/17 When Overwhelming Evidence, any Intelligent Fool would explain itself or remain a suspect.
16/07/17 Very Private Issues (VPI) and the Fart Smelling Machine.
17/07/17 I saw a Red Door and I want it Painted Black.
19/07/17 Extremismo Intelectualista del Presidente Maduro en Venezuela.
19/07/17 I would not do what King Tut's Wife provoked Me to.
21/07/17 Education "Capacitation" Counter Offensive.
29/07/17 The Double Crossed Hypocrites of the United Nations Human Joke Commission.
29/07/17 The British Car Crasher.
31/07/17 When Twitter wants to be the Victim, to justify abuse.
31/07/17 Want to Die because of an uncertain risk or are we just Enjoying the Possibility?
01/08/17 No pienso colaborar con la Demencia del Odio Corrupto.
03/08/17 Corporations that use People as Wild Cards for Games.
13/08/17 A different story about Crimes against Humanity 19-22.
13/08/17 How I completed My Moral Victory against the Twitter Sewers.
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Mysterious Guests.

A view from another dimension.
Guests for Debate.
April 18, 2015
April 15, 2015
October 09, 2015
July 16, 2017
April 18, 2015

May 03, 2015
July 17, 2015
January 20, 2016
January 30, 2016
February 20,2015

April 04,2017
No Compromise Guest Delta Goodrem. (Up to: 2025)
No Compromise Guest Delta Goodrem 2. (Up to: 2025)
No Compromise Guest Emma Hewitt. (Up to: 2025)
No Compromise Guest Emma Hewitt 2. (Up to: 2025)
No Compromise Guest Miley Cyrus. (Up to: 2025)
No Compromise Guest Miley Cyrus 2. (Up to: 2025)
No Compromise Guest Paris Hilton. (Up to: 2025)
No Compromise Guest Paris Hilton 2. (Up to: 2025)
Paris Hilton is Suspended.

No Compromise
Guest Katy Perry. (Up to: 2025)
No Compromise Guest Katy Perry 2. (Up to: 2025)
Katy Perry is not Suspended.
No Compromise Guest Nadia Ali. (Up to: 2025)
No Compromise Guest Laura Pausini. (Up to: 2025)
No Compromise Guest Laura Pausini 2. (Up to: 2025)
No Compromise Guest Kate Middleton. (Up to: 2016)
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No Compromise Guest Taylor Swift (Up to 2025)
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No Compromise Observer Tyra Banks (Up to 2018)

House Memory of Whitney Houston.
About the Silent Guests.
I want no Pressure on My Guests to Write Me.
So that means I do not want My Guests to be accused of torturing Me with Silence.
The decision of My Guests to write to Me is entirely their Voluntary Decision.

I have not started any Agreement with any of My Guests, none of My Guests have contacted Me in regards to any special agreement. If I learn that My Guests have been making agreements about Me with Me knowing such agreements do not exist I could initiate legal actions against them.
About the path with bullies.
The Path of Bullies consists on others testing Me to see:
1) Why I deserve My Human Rights.
2) Why they should justify Violating Human Rights to satisfy their Arrogance.
3) Why they should feel better while abusing Human Rights.
4) How to accuse Me of being violent and abusive as they abuse.
5) I get tested to see why I have no Right to have an Opinion.
My Right.
Any use of My Work requires a Royalty Fee for non Academic Reasons.
Venezuela, The United Nations and Buenos Aires, Argentina have Free Access.
Illegal uses of My work will be considered Piracy.
Any changes to My Policies will be notified here.
Yo se bien que algunos pudieran decir que estoy loco, y que por estar loco no merezco Mis Derechos Humanos y ni siquiera Mi Derecho a ser acusado de Loco.

A veces es MUY PELIGROSO que una Autoridad no responda a los Ciudadanos porque a veces aquellos profesionales que trabajan Privando de Libertad tienen la tendencia a ver a la Libertad como algo Riesgoso.
Yo no soy normalmente un COBARDE.
Yo trato de hacerme responsable de lo que DIGO, con Derecho a hacer correcciones.
Te trato de hacerme RESPONSABLE de las cosas que hago.

Y el Coraje normalmente no Me falta.

Mi Numero de Teléfono en Venezuela es: 0414-4359617
Porque a veces la idea es tener la convicción de apoyar a los Ciudadanos en la búsqueda de una Sociedad mas Justa y Amante de la Paz.

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