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You can't move a pebble without accountability.
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  Tepuy - Remains of ancient land.

The Venezuelan Laws. Let's debate.

Venezuelans, as civilized and educated people need to debate about laws with the world, peacefully.
I am currently using this account: @TRIBalance1.
I don't have to explain why I interrupt My Social Networking Messaging as that might compromise My security.
In Venezuela Basic Services like Electricity and Water are often interrupted.
These are some of the Articles of the Venezuelan Law.
Constitution Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Call to Consult
LOPNA Organic Law for The Protection of Boys, Girls and Adolescents. Call to Consult
Against Organized Crime Organic Law Against Organized Crime. Call to Consult
Rights of women Organic Law on the Right of Women to a Life Free of Violence. Call to Consult
Against corruption Law against corruption. Call to Consult
Systematization Law of Info Government. Call to Consult
Reality Check. Civilized Rule. System Compatibility Zone: Somewhere to belong.
Purple Vision.
28/10/16 Activism Against Cyber Human Right Abuses. Updatable.
30/10/16 Maybe too much truth to be seen in an Obsolete World.
01/11/16 And a bag of popping corn just for fun in her hand." - The Guardian
03/11/16 Little Red Riding Fish.
03/11/16 BBC News: We shall Respect People and the International Law with Secretly Secret Cheats and Revenge.
06/11/16 Collective Social Punishment with Death Smear Circus and Intimidation (Counter Intelligence Murders).
07/11/16 Mi muy precaria situación.
10/11/16 A Challenge to the Fans of My Guests about the Fantasy Block.
14/11/16 A Culture of Masochist Dolls that do not Value Human Dignity.
15/11/16 Obama's Absurd Norms of Tolerance that do not even exist (Missing Rules of Respect).
17/11/16 The BBC Received the British Invoice, and I must get paid.
18/11/16 It's hard to hold a Candle in the Cold November Rain.
19/11/16 The Shocking Lack of Empathy of Queen Elizabeth's 2 British Monarchy towards the Poor.
19/11/16 One too many excuses from the USA Justice Department.
20/11/16 Division by Zero and the False Abortion Equality Argument.
20/11/16 Holly Brainwash from The Guardian.
21/11/16 Evolution Systems. Under Construction.
22/11/16 Just so you can see the Extreme Depravity of The Guardian.
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December 03, 2015 SLIPNEWS GALLERY - Conserve some Family Morals.
December 03, 2015 "Revenge is sweet", for all the kids.
December 28, 2015 When a Country Tortures it's own Children: Institutional Child Abuse.
December 28, 2015
"WOW that crime was so Spectacular! The kids will love, THE KIDS WILL LOVE IT!" - Says FoxNews
January 26, 2016 FoxNews Ridicule against Women and Provocation to Slander.
January 31, 2016  Makes Me Wonder... And she is buying the stairway to Heaven.

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That map sometimes says: Guidance System.

Mysterious Guests.

A view from another dimension.
Accomplices of Scientific Corruption and Guests for Debate.
Cultists Of Silence.

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House Memory of Whitney Houston.
About the path with bullies.
The Path of Bullies consists on others testing Me to see:
1) Why I deserve My Human Rights.
2) Why they should justify Violating Human Rights to satisfy their Arrogance.
3) Why they should feel better while abusing Human Rights.
4) How to accuse Me of being violent and abusive as they abuse.
5) I get tested to see why I have no Right to have an Opinion.
My Right.
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Venezuela, The United Nations and Buenos Aires, Argentina have Free Access.
Illegal uses of My work will be considered Piracy.
Any changes to My Policies will be notified here.
Cima Tepuy book is Completed and Sealed.
Due too an Arbitrary Suspension of My Web Site and the fact that I am presenting the Book to the Public Ministry, the Book is Closed and Sealed.

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