Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 1, March of 2016

Welcome to:
An ancient view over eroded lands.

Reality seen from the Eyes of a TRIBalance.

Reality Check. Civilized Rule. System Compatibility Zone: Somewhere to belong.

Coding Units with Cyclical Response Update Maintenance.

The Purpose of these rules is to help Increase the Purple Zone of My House and it is meant for those who are Purple (Common Limit) Coders. The Goal is to achieve Clear Code to enhance System Purposes.

Date is:
March 1, 2016

Purple Clear Area.
1) All Coded work must be documented as to exactly what code was used by it's creator in a transparent, optimal way.
2) The Documentation Pages can be able to receive further comments by qualified users as to what other styles they can see on the work that was not already documented.
3) The Creator can then create, viewing the feedback, if needed, another version of the material when possible.
4) Everybody that does not comply with these basic Transparency, Compatibility and Accountability rules will not be allowed in this Purple House Purple Zone.
5) The feedback from the users does not have to be seen by everybody, but the creators of code should try to address concerns to enhance optimization.
6) Everything that is not coded in states inside the Purple Coding Area is simply considered a Vision.
7) Everybody that does not allow status reporting on the perceptions of the work inside the Purple Area is considered inorganic.
8) Another Purple Coder can offer the service of keeping up with the Code Perception feedback if the original coder is not present according to access levels.
9) Any work that does not comply with these basic Purple House Accountability and Compatibility rules inside the Purple Coding Area is called an "Illusion".
10) Any work that does not even have a Purple House is called: Unreal.
11) Artists do not have follow these Purple Zone Rules but if their work is to be incorporated into the Purple Clear Area it must be code documented by a Purple Coder.
12) The worry is not to have everything possible coded, the worry is to not have enough coding to make it
13) The System offers a space where Coders can share thoughts and ideas in an Informal Way provided that the necessary coding provisions are considered. For example a Test Work cannot be referenced by a Run Time Purple Code.
14) Associated Purple Houses always have the right to comment and observe the work of this Purple House at a Top Level Priority.
15) Failure to comply with these basic rules as a Coder in this House's Purple Zone is grounds for immediate suspension following the Standard Human Rights Palette.
16) All Houses that do not follow Standard Purple Accountability Rules, that are Corrupt, that Practice Racism, that Practice Purple Contamination Death Smear and that offend the dignity of women can amicably be considered: PIGS. Just try not to use that word, it's rude.
17) All Systems and the smaller Systems inside them have rules. They do not have to be complete, they just have to be there.
18) This House has Transparent Money Administration, which makes it a Purple Clear Crystal Purple House.
19) If you are a Purple Coder and do not comply with these very basic Purple House Compatibility and Accountability rules you are encouraged to have empathy and consider our possible reply before we even make it.
20) The Standard Human Rights Palette is used by Default. If Colors are used to represent Death and Decay that
code must have a Palette reassignment command and different Palette inside the main code so it can be properly identified and filtered if needed.
21) No Member of this house is punished with any other Palette that is not strictly the Default Human Right Color Palette.
22) These rules are mandatory in every Programmer Exchange System or Sub System at this Purple House.
Do not nail maps unto people.

One has to be very careful with that.

Extremist Nailing maps unto people can constitute a form of Fascism.

Make sure you have all the parts of the Code before indicating that it is complete EVEN IF it is just a theory.

If it's about experimenting possibilities then that must have it's properly identified and secure area.
24) Remember to have the Discipline of making a Backup of:

1) The things you like and will work with.
2) Your current work.
25) My Work also belongs to Venezuela.

The Venezuelan Academy is the Main Guardian of My works.
Venezuelan Academy is in charge of preserving My works.
I request the Venezuelan Academy to Backup My works.
26) True TRIBalance Academic Systems to not award Universities and does not accept Awards from Universities. That is so the TRIBalance Systems do not try to take the Academic Merits of other Countries as it's own. Besides I consider that every University is Uniquely Special in the Context of it's possibilities and I invite the Universities to be Uniquely Special and take credit for it.

Competence between National Universities in a General Context can hurt the Academic Uniqueness of Academic Prism (Bio-Diversity). That is because every University has like a small "Ecosystem" attached to it that is sensible to Generalizing Comparisons.
Example of Check Border Code.

System sub procedure ready for commands
End of definition, allow referral.

Insert code in the Marked White Space.
Reality Check Focus Map.
Document each and every one of the Relatively "Elements"
in the project: CLARITY.

Venezuelan References.

This part is for use in Venezuela. The References can be updated if the images are outdated. Conserve the original one as Historic Memory.

Map I Titled: "Pensamiento Liberator" (Liberator Thought).

Sovereign Systems for a Sovereign Venezuela.

Media Criminal: "Stop denouncing our crimes against Mental Health or else"...

There is not Scientific Basis to spread Depressing News when the subject:

1) Does not call for Debate because it does not have any means to consider it and does not care.
2) Does not care about the irresponsible, profitable Media Crime and Blood Shows.

Thus they actually help increase depression in society, thus multiplying the suicides in a Spiral of Violence that
fuels the Purple Death Smear Industry.

In the TRIBalance it is a rule not to propagate depressive news without any checks and controls from the Mental Health Care Guardians.

Social Celebrities in the TRIBalance have a Prohibition by Default, (unless considered otherwise by the Scientific Team) to directly spread depressive news that could only contribute to increase suicides and criminal, profitable death shows that only serve to increase the amount of Violence and even cause more mass murders.

The TRIBalance does not seek to profit from Depressive Death News,
it seeks to protect and help people protect their mental health and their Human Rights.

Children should not be exposed to Highly Depressive News.

Teens should not be exposed to Highly Depressive News when no checks and controls are in place to guide them to paths where crime does not pay.

Join us against the Suicide Kings.

The more they try to profit from horrible news the more we must protect the Mental Health of Children.

Additional Considerations:
Venezuelan Constitution.

Chapter X
Article 130: Venezuelans have the duty to honor and defend their native land symbols and cultural values and
to guard and protect the sovereignty, nationhood, territorial integrity, self determination and interests of the nation.

The First Interest of the Nation.
Venezuelan Constitution.

Article 78:
Children* and adolescents are full legal persons and shall be protected by specialized courts, organs and legislation, which shall respect, guarantee and develop the contents of this Constitution, the law, the Convention on Children's Rights and any other international treaty that may have been executed and ratified by the Republic in this field.

The State, families and society shall guarantee full protection as an absolute priority, taking into account their best interest in actions and decisions concerning them. The State shall promote their progressive incorporation into active citizenship, and shall create a national guidance system for the overall protection of children* and adolescents.
Venezuelan Law for the Protection of Children.

Article 7: Absolute Priority

The State, the family and society must ensure, with Absolute Priority, all the rights and guarantees of children and adolescents. The absolute priority is imperative for everyone and includes:

a) Special preference and care of children and adolescents in the formulation and execution of all public policies.
b) Privileged and preferential allocation in the budget of public resources for areas related to the rights and guarantees of children and adolescents and for the policies and programs for comprehensive protection of
children and adolescents
c) Precedence of children and adolescents in public access and care services.
d) Primacy of children and adolescents in the protection and help in any circumstance.

About who should care in Venezuela:
Venezuelan Constitution.

Article 132: Everyone has a duty to fulfill his or her social responsibilities and participate together in the political, civic and community life of the country, promoting and protecting human rights as the foundation of democratic coexistence and social peace.
Venezuelan Constitution.

Article 2: Venezuela constitutes itself as a Democratic and Social State of Law and Justice, which holds as superior values of its legal order and actions those of life, liberty, justice, equality, solidarity, democracy, social responsibility and, in general, the preeminence of human rights, ethics and political pluralism.

A Scientific Quote in the context of not Traumatizing Children.
The world is not dangerous because of those who do harm but because of those who look at it without doing anything. - Albert Einstein.

On the Legacy Book (Both CimaTepuy and Legacy Books converge on this page as long as I don't make a separate and more detailed page on the Legacy Book).
Added on 30 May, 2015.

About Favors to TRIBalance System Member Celebrities.

Do NOT grant favors to DEMAND non agreed rewards.

That could be considered attempted EXTORTION.

You are welcomed to be as nice as you like, but you are not welcomed to come demanding privileges for conditions we have not mutually agreed on.

Failure to understand this might lead to the User's Suspension on the accusation of suspected extortion.

Pressuring People and demanding recognition and attention from a Celebrity, specially a Female Artists for a favor that was not mutually agreed is a form of harassment.

Do not Harass or Extort our Celebrities.

Their security and your security as a user is one of our Main Concerns.

The same applies for Female Users on the Chat Systems: Avoid Demanding their attention for doing non clarified favors for non agreed rewards.
And I am asking for the CEO of Twitter to be fired (Expulsed) IMMEDIATELY.

Unsolicited Favors should not grant Forced Rewards.

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