Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 30, October of 2016

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An ancient view over eroded lands.

Reality seen from the Eyes of a TRIBalance.

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October 30, 2016

Maybe too much truth to be seen in an Obsolete World.

Some Topics that can be discussed in a Free and Open Society.

The Obsolete Media.
a) Obsolete Media does not offer the Right for a Reply.
b) Obsolete Media cannot be Questioned in an Academic way inside itself because it does not have user support Systems even for Internal Use.
c) Obsolete Media uses Copyright to suppress the right of others to have their comments shared.
d) Obsolete Media does not include all the content of a speech after it is done chopping only the parts it likes.
e) The idea of including a Bibliography with a link to the Reference Material was suppressed from the Obsolete Media and can be included on Internet Media.
f) Without the Bibliographical Links, the Obsolete Media is a Media for Disinformation that disrespects the Scientific Objectivity needed for a well informed society.
g) Obsolete Media often questions just about anything they want, but panic and call lawyers to sue with the excuse of copyright when others question them.
h) Most obsolete Media have a Legal Condition that says that the news cannot be stored by the users for future study in groups, which means that most obsolete media is not adequate for Academic Use and thus it is not adequate for Serious Civilized Purposes.
The Obsolete Celebrities.
a) We have Celebrities that should be caring for the People.
b) But instead they prefer to care for the Media.
c) Celebrities should focus on Universal Art, caring for their interaction with the People.
d) Yet some search only for the favor of those that feel too important to be accountable or respect basic principles that they claim as their own privilege.
e) Those are People that rather evade responsibility when the news is about them. They rather pretend they are gone as the Media makes a scandal to show to the People. Meanwhile it feels like the [Calming Respect] for the subject in question [Wants to Feel Absent].
f) The reason why the respect for the Celebrity is doubtful is that such subject does not seem to care as it allows more content to the People from the same that would openly ignore them for a show.
g) Some ask for more links to be exposed to the People from the same that use them to destroy the significance of Role Models and as the Role Models Degrade Civil Liberties are restricted.
h) The links on the Internet should be based on respect and that respect is in doubt if the subject is silent about abuses while at the same time trying to claim merit for being an icon in a Society that Respects Rights.
i) I bring to your attention that if you stand against crime you respect the fact that Role Models are important for society and the Common Welfare of People. Thus you should not be complicit with stepping over Role Models when Objectivity and Examples of Respect are needed to Preserve Civilized Behavior and Human Values in order to reduce the Amount of Crime.

I used these states as a focus:
5, -5, 4, -4
2, -2, -6
Drawn in that order in My notebook as I wrote this section's Base Text by hand. Not that I needed to do that to show a strong dedication for My work or a Profound Respect for the People that Deserve Good and Responsible Role Models.

I had problems with My Cell Phone because it could not initiate Data Transfers but it did this eventually on the 06 November, 2016. The image below was posted on that same day.
The Obsolete Politicians.
a) Politicians who's words are designed to be chopped by the Obsolete Media that do not care that their whole speech was not included in a Bibliographical Link and do not care to include the whole speech in their own Internet Publication because they are not interested in an honest, clean debate.
b) Politicians that use Private Media to make Official Declarations and do not have their own Internet Publication to express their own words in a space with their own Dignity.
c) Politicians that do not care about sharing all that they said in their own media to avoid Confusion and Polarization in society.
d) Politicians that Purposely Contribute to the Political Confusion by refusing to respect their own Dignity and the Dignity the People must have to reduce Crime and Domestic Abuse.
e) Politicians that do not only disregard the Importance of Clarity and Honesty, allowing themselves to be twisted for a Cruel, Torturing Circus of Confusion but they also want to extend that lack of Moral and Transparency into the Cultural World by damaging Art that was offered initially as Universal Culture and converting it into a Ethically Groundless (Baseless on a Media without a Bibliographical Base) Political Junk Show.
The Fake Internet Social Networks Systems.

a) So called Internet Social Networks that are just an obsolete Deposit of Messages.
b) Messaging Systems where the Messages can't even be stored as messages in an Electronic Mail System.
c) Obsolete Internet Systems that clearly remove all the Rights of their Users and decorate their Terms of Service to make that fact confusing so they don't see their true intentions.
d) Obsolete Internet Systems that grant themselves to alter the User's Content or Impersonate the Users.
e) Obsolete Internet Systems that clearly ask the users to renounce to their Rights.
f) Obsolete Internet Systems that want to claim a shared ownership with the content creator of the Intellectual Property just because it was shared using their System.
g) Obsolete Internet Systems that do not offer a Right to Appeal a Ban and do not even offer such Right in their Terms of Service.
h) Obsolete Internet Systems that say they care about the User's Copyright and have no System to recognize any Serial Number of any Legally Registered Intellectual Property.
i) Obsolete Internet Systems that want a Shared Ownership of Intellectual Property that was used on that System and can't even care to help the Content Creator sell their own work to others, in a relation that is only Play-To-Lose for the Content Creator.
j) Obsolete Internet Systems that act as the Bully on The Bridge, where Content Creators can't pass if they don't renounce to half their rights on a Published Content and allow the Bully Internet System to do as it pleases with it.
k) Obsolete Internet Systems that make it clear that they can resell the user's Identification Name without a Name Replacement and without the right to have any evidence of the change, thus not recognizing the Dignity of a User's Intellectual Property.
l) Obsolete Internet Systems that indicate they can damage the User's Computer and Data without any liability and with no Bounds as to the Scope of the Damage.
m) Obsolete Internet Systems that use unfair Media Support in a Shared Corrupt Complicity with the Media in the Interests of Profiting from the Internet System's abuse of User Rights.
n) The Obsolete Internet System does not indicate it cannot sell User Related information in a Confidential way to the Corrupt Media in exchange for Marketing Favors and on the contrary it makes clear it can do that.
The Missing Social Media.

a) There is no point in having a social media if it is not Social.
b) There is no point in having a professional social media without Journalists.
c) There are so called Social Media without Journalists.
d) The obsolete term "Freedom of Press" means no Social Media for Journalists.
e) Freedom of the Journalists in a Social Media made for them is not compatible to the so called Freedom of the Press, which is just the Freedom of the Media Owner to fire any Journalist that does not obey.
f) Freedom of the Press is a term that means: Freedom to have Journalists as faithful dogs and readers as Dumb Sheep.
g) The Paper Press is not used in the Internet Media, so the term is obviously obsolete, since Pressed Paper cannot be Interactive and dynamically corrected.
h) It is possible to see the obsolete Freedom of Press and no Freedom of Journalists to express themselves in a Professional Social Media.

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