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The Shocking Lack of Empathy of Queen Elizabeth's 2 British Monarchy towards the Poor.
Buckingham Palace set for $458 million refurbishment

by Alanna Petroff and Sebastian Shukla @CNNMoney
November 18, 2016: 11:41 AM ET

The home of Queen Elizabeth II -- Buckingham Palace -- is about to get a major refurbishment.

The U.K. government has announced plans to spend 369 million ($458 million) to replace wiring and pipes on the property that are more than 60 years old. The overall design and exterior of the 775-room palace will remain the same.

"The project seeks to prevent a serious risk of fire, flood and damage to both the building and the priceless Royal Collection of art belonging to the nation," the U.K. Treasury said.

The 10-year refurb is also expected to help improve visitor access.

The palace attracts millions of tourists each year. It has been the official London residence of the U.K.'s sovereigns since 1837.

The most critical construction work will start in April 2017.

A spokesperson at Buckingham Palace said the Queen will continue to reside in the building throughout the process.
Buckingham Palace in London is an official residence of Queen Elizabeth II.

Officials that oversee the royal family's annual funds have said the work is critical. They are recommending that annual government grants to the royal family be hiked by 67% over the next 10 years to pay for the work.

The royals currently get about 40 million ($50 million) per year for costs related to travel, property maintenance and official duties. Businesses and real estate owned by the royals generate hundreds of millions of pounds each year, most of which ends up in government coffers.
Queen Elizabeth II is expected to remain in Buckingham Palace during the building work.

Parliament must still approve the project. That's expected to happen by March 2017.

Lawmakers might be sympathetic about the need for a royal refurb because their own landmark home -- the Palace of Westminster -- is also suffering from decay. The complex includes parliamentary buildings and the Big Ben clock tower.

A parliamentary committee recently recommended that the entire complex get a renovation, which would cost at least 3.5 billion ($4.3 billion). They warned about asbestos in the buildings, extensive stonework decay and plumbing problems.

The committee said parliament "must act now" so that the restoration work can begin early next decade.

-- Simon Cullen contributed reporting.

CNNMoney (London)
First published November 18, 2016: 7:47 AM ET

$458 million, $4.3 billion. How much for Beibi Toys is that?
That is enough for 4 Luxury Cruise Ships like the following on the first phase for a total of 43 such Luxury Cruise Ships with a Guest capacity of 43 Thousand Guests for the price of refurbishing the Queen's Extremely High Luxury Beibi Toy Palace:

How much Money to buy Beibi Toys is that in the USA for the Donald Trump Administration?
4.3 Billion Dollars / 300 Million Dollars = The cost of 14.3 Trump World Towers.
72 Floors times 14 Floors = 1008 Floors in 14.3 High Rise Buildings!
That is clearly enough to host AN ENTIRE NEW SMALL CITY!

But her Royal Luxury Highness wants all that money on her Beibi Dolly House Palace of IMPRESIVE, EXTREME LUXURY. Are the British People that well economically to afford such Lavish Spending from the Royal Institution?
Setting aside the Lavish Spending, the Queen Elizabeth 2 is the Head of the Anglican Church.
I have a different Point of View to the following which is part of the Historical Context:
Fight the fear, put people first, pope tells grass-roots movements
By Cindy Wooden Catholic News Service
11.5.2016 2:55 PM ET

When the search for profits outweighs all other considerations in society, money becomes a god who terrorizes humanity
-- excluding the majority of people and causing those still well off to build walls to cower behind, Pope Francis said.

"The entire social doctrine of the church and the magisterium of my predecessors rebel against money as an idol that reigns instead of serves, tyrannizing and terrorizing humanity," the pope said.

Like all forms of terrorism, the terrorism of an economy focused only on making money relies on people's fear for effectiveness, Pope Francis said Nov. 5 during a meeting at the Vatican with participants in the third World Meeting of Popular Movements, a collection of grassroots organizations of the poor, the underemployed, indigenous communities and farmworkers.

"When this terror, which is sown in the peripheries with massacres, pillaging, oppression and injustice, explodes in the centers with various forms of violence -- including odious and vile attacks -- the citizens who still have some rights are tempted by the false security of physical or social walls," he said. "Walls that enclose some and exile others."

Frightened citizens building walls on one side and frightened and excluded people on the other -- "is this the life that God our father wants for his children?" the pope asked.

Wherever there is fear, he said, there is someone who will increase and manipulate it. "Because fear, besides being good business for merchants of weapons and death, weakens and destabilizes us, destroying our psychological and spiritual defenses, anesthetizing us to the suffering of others and, in the end, making us cruel."

Pope Francis said mercy is the "best antidote" to fear. It works better than anti-depression medicine and is "much more effective than walls, iron bars, alarms and weapons. And it is free."

Mercy and courage also are needed to respond to the huge wave of refugees, migrants and displaced people all over the globe, he said.

"No one should be forced to flee his or her homeland," he said. "But the evil is doubled when, facing terrible circumstances, the migrant is thrown into the clutches of human traffickers to cross the border. And it is tripled if, arriving in the land where he or she hoped to find a better future, one is despised, exploited or even enslaved."

Pope Francis urged members of the popular movements to lobby their governments to be more welcoming of migrants and to improve programs to ensure their integration into their host societies.

The political activism of the groups, he said, is important for ensuring true democracy and not simply an attitude
where politicians address poverty without ever listening to or responding to the poor.

In democracies, he said, people who "seek the common good can defeat, with the help of God, the false prophets who exploit fear and desperation, who sell magic formulas of hatred and cruelty or selfish well-being and illusory security."

When getting involved in politics, though, the pope said, members of the movement must guard against corruption.

All people are called to be honest, he said, but politicians and public servants have an even greater obligation. "The standard is very high: one must live the vocation of service with a strong sense of austerity and humility. This applies to politicians, but also for social leaders and for us pastors."

Pope Francis said politics is not the place for "anyone who is too attached to material things or to the mirror, those who love money, lavish banquets, sumptuous houses, refined clothes, luxury cars."

They don't belong in the seminary, either, he said.

Seeking power or money "sullies the noble cause" of politics as service, the pope said.

"Fight the fear with a life of service, solidarity and humility on behalf of the people, especially those who suffer," he said. "Against the terror, the best remedy is love. Love heals all."

Saying that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
"always chose fraternal love, even in the midst of the worst persecution and humiliation," Pope Francis quoted from one of the sermons of the civil rights leader:

"Hate for hate only intensifies the existence of hate and evil in the universe. If I hit you and you hit me and I hit you back and you hit me back and go on, you see, that goes on ad infinitum. It just never ends. Somewhere somebody must have a little sense, and that's the strong person. The strong person is the person who can cut off the chain of hate, the chain of evil."
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Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Monument to Queen Victoria Duchess Kate Middleton Queen Victoria 
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

So, so you think you can tell
Heaven from Hell,
Blue sky's from pain.
Can you tell a green field
From a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?

And did they get you to trade
Your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
And did you exchange
A walk on part in the war
For a lead role in a cage?

How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl,
Year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
And how we found
The same old fears.
Wish you were here.

Written by David Jon Gilmour, Roger Waters Copyright Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Peermusic Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

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