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Obama's Absurd Norms of Tolerance that do not even exist (Missing Rules of Respect).
If those are respectful Norms of Tolerance then where are they written?
"Without debate, without criticism no administration and no country can succeed and no republic can survive." -
John F. Kennedy.
"And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.
My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what American will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man." - John F. Kennedy.
FULL TRANSCRIPT | Pres. Obama's remarks during first post-election news conference

11:20 PM. EST November 14, 2016

On Monday afternoon, President Obama held his first post-election press conference at the White House. During the briefing, he addressed several questions about the election and what a Trump president would look like for America.

The following is a full transcript of the press conference provided by the White House.

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. In a couple hours, Iíll be departing on my final foreign trip as President. And while weíre abroad, Iíll have a chance to take a few of your questions, but I figured why wait? I know that thereís a lot of domestic issues that people are thinking about, so I wanted to see if I could clear out some of the underbrush so that when we're overseas, and people are asking about foreign policy questions, people don't feel obliged to tack on three other questions to them.

Let me -- I know you still will. (Laughter.) That I'm aware, but I'm trying something out here. First of all, let me mention three brief topics.

First of all, as I discussed with the President-elect on Thursday, my team stands ready to accelerate in the next steps that are required to ensure a smooth transition. And we are going to be staying in touch as we travel. I remember what it was like when I came in eight years ago. It is a big challenge. This office is bigger than any one person.<001> And thatís why ensuring a smooth transition is so important.

Itís not something that the Constitution explicitly requires, but it is one of those norms that are vital to a functioning democracy -- similar to norms of civility and tolerance<003>, and a commitment to reason and to facts and analysis.<004> It's part of what makes this country work. And as long as Iím President, we are going to uphold those norms<005> and cherish and uphold those ideals<006>.

As Iíve told my staff, we should be very proud that their work has already ensured that when we turn over the keys the car is in pretty good shape<007>. We are indisputably in a stronger position today than we were when I came in eight years ago. Jobs have been growing for 73 straight months. Incomes are rising. Poverty is falling.<008> The uninsured rate is at the lowest level on record. Carbon emissions have come down without impinging on our growth.

And so my instructions to my team are that we run through the tape<009>. We make sure that we finish what we started, that we don't let up in these last couple of months, because my goal is, on January 21st, America is in the strongest position possible and hopefully thereís an opportunity for the next President to build on that.

Number two, our work has also helped to stabilize the global economy. And because there is one President at a time, Iíll spend this week reinforcing Americaís support for the approaches that weíve taken to promote economic growth and global security on a range of issues.

I look forward to my first visit in Greece. And then, in Germany, Iíll visit with Chancellor Merkel, whoís probably been my closest international partner these past eight years. Iíll also signal our solidarity with our closest allies, and express our support for a strong, integrated, and united Europe.<10> Itís essential to our national security and it's essential to global stability. And thatís why the Transatlantic Alliance and the NATO Alliance have endured for decades under Democratic and Republican administrations.

Finally, in Peru, Iíll meet with the leaders of countries that have been the focus of our foreign policy through our rebalance in the Asia Pacific. This is a time of great change in the world. But America has always been a pillar of strength and a beacon of hope to peoples around the globe.<011> And thatís what it must continue to be.

Finally, on a personal note<12>, Michelle and I want to offer our deepest condolences to Gwen Ifillís family<002> and to all of you, her colleagues, on her passing. Gwen was a friend of ours. She was an extraordinary journalist. She always kept faith with the fundamental responsibilities of her profession -- asking tough questions, holding people in power accountable, and defending a strong and free press<013> that makes our democracy work.

I always appreciated Gwenís reporting, even when I was at the receiving end of one of her tough and thorough interviews<014>. Whether she reported from a convention floor or from the field, whether she sat at the debate moderatorís table or at the anchor desk, she not only informed todayís citizens, but she also inspired tomorrowís journalists<015>. She was an especially powerful role model for young women and girls who admired her integrity<016>, her tenacity, and her intellect -- and for whom she blazed a trail as one-half of the first all-female anchor team on network news<17>.

So Gwen did her country a great service<018>. Michelle and I join her family and her colleagues, and everybody else who loved her in remembering her fondly today.

So, with that, I'm going to take some questions. And because Josh Earnest has some pull around here, he just happened to put at the top of the list Colleen Nelson of the Wall Street Journal.

My understanding is, Colleen, that this is wrapping up your stint here and you're going to Kansas City.<019>

Q Correct.

THE PRESIDENT: Josh just happens to be from Kansas City. (Laughter.) So I didnít know if there was any coincidence there. But we wish you the very best of luck in your new endeavors.

Q As it turns out, thereís no place like Kansas City.

THE PRESIDENT: There you go.

Q You're about to embark on your final foreign trip. What will you say to other world leaders about your successor? Theyíve expressed many of the same misgivings that you have about Donald Trump. Should they be worried about the future of U.S. foreign policy? And secondly, as Democrats scramble to regroup after a pretty shocking upset, what is your advice about where the party goes now? And who should lead your party?

THE PRESIDENT: One of the great things about the United States is that when it comes to world affairs, the President obviously is the leader of the executive branch, the Commander-in-Chief, the spokesperson for the nation, but the influence and the work that we have is the result not just of the President, it is the result of countless interactions and arrangements and relationships between our military and other militaries, and our diplomats and other diplomats, and intelligence officers and development workers. And there's enormous continuity beneath the day-to-day news that makes us that indispensable nation<020> when it comes to maintaining order and promoting prosperity around the world<021>. That will continue.

In my conversation with the President-elect, he expressed a great interest in maintaining our core strategic relationships. And so one of the messages I will be able to deliver is his commitment to NATO and the Transatlantic Alliance. I think that's one of the most important functions I can serve at this stage, during this trip, is to let them know that there is no weakening of resolve when it comes to America's commitment to maintaining a strong and robust NATO relationship, and a recognition that those alliances arenít just good for Europe, they're good for the United States, and they're vital for the world<022>.

With respect to the Democratic Party, look, as I said in the Rose Garden right after the election, when your team loses, everybody gets deflated and it's hard and it's challenging. And so I think it's a healthy thing for the Democratic Party to go through some reflection. I think it's important for me not to be big-footing that conversation. I think we want to see new voices and new ideas emerge. That's part of the reason why I think term limits are a really useful thing.

The Democrats should not waver on our core beliefs and principles; The belief that we should an economy that works for everybody, not just a few<023>. The belief that America, at its best, is inclusive and not exclusive.<024> That we insist on the dignity and God-given potential and worth of every child<025>, regardless of race, or gender, or sexual orientation, or what zip code they were born in. That we are committed to a world in which we keep America safe, but we recognize that our power doesnít just flow from our extraordinary military, it also flows from the strength of our ideals and our principles and our values.

So there are going to be a core set of values that shouldnít be up for debate, should be our North Star. But how we organize politically I think is something that we should spend some time thinking about. I believe that we have better ideas. But I also believe that good ideas donít matter if people donít hear them.<026> And one of the issues that Democrats have to be clear on is that, given population distribution across the country, we have to compete everywhere. We have to show up everywhere. We have to work at a grassroots level -- something that's been a running thread in my career.

I won Iowa not because the demographics dictated that I would win Iowa, it was because I spent 87 days going to every small town and fair and fish fry and VFW hall. And there were some counties where I might have lost, but maybe I lost by 20 points instead of 50 points. There are some counties maybe I won that people didnít expect because people had a chance to see you and listen to you and get a sense of who you stood for and who you were fighting for.

And the challenge for a national party is how do you dig in there and create those kinds of structures so that people have a sense of what it is that you stand for. And that increasingly is difficult to do just through a national press story. Itís increasingly difficult to do because of the splintering of the press.<027>

And so I think the discussions that have been taking place about how do you build more grassroots organizing, how do you build up state parties and local parties and schoolboard elections youíre paying attention to, and state rep races and city council races -- that all I think will contribute to stronger outcomes in the future.

And Iím optimistic that will happen. For Democrats who are feeling completely discouraged, Iíve been trying to remind them everybody remembers my Boston speech in 2004<028>; they may not remember me showing up here in 2005 when John Kerry had lost a close election, Tom Daschle, the leader of the Senate, had been beaten in an upset. Ken Salazar and I were the only two Democrats that won nationally. Republicans controlled the Senate and the House. And two years later, Democrats were winning back Congress, and four years later, I was President of the United States.

Things change pretty rapidly. But they donít change inevitably. They change because you work for it. Nobody said democracy was supposed to be easy. This is hard.<029> And in a big country like this, it probably should be hard.

Mark Knoller.

Q Thank you, sir.

THE PRESIDENT: Good to see you.

Q Thank you. Good to see you. Mr. President, what can you tell us about the learning curve on becoming President? Can you tell us how long it took you before you were fully at ease in the job, if that ever happens? And did you discuss this matter with President-elect Trump?

THE PRESIDENT: About a week ago I started feeling pretty good. (Laughter.) No, look, I think the learning curve always continues. This is a remarkable job. It is like no other job on Earth. And it is a constant flow of information and challenges and issues. That is truer now than it has ever been, partly because of the nature of information and the interconnection between regions of the world.

If you were President 50 years ago, the tragedy in Syria might not even penetrate what the American people were thinking about on a day-to-day basis. Today, theyíre seeing vivid images of a child in the aftermath of a bombing<030>. There was a time when if you had a financial crisis in Southeast Asia somewhere, it had no impact on our markets; today it does.

So the amount of information, the amount of incoming that any administration has to deal with today -- and respond to much more rapidly than ever before -- that makes it different. I was watching a documentary, that during the Bay of Pigs crisis, JFK had about two weeks before anybody reported on it.<031> Imagine that.<032> I think itís fair to say that if something like that happens under a current President, theyíve got to figure out in about an hour what their response is.

So these are the kinds of points that I shared with the President-elect. It was a free-flowing and, I think, useful conversation. I hope it was. I tried to be as honest as I could about the things I think any President coming in needs to think about.<033> And probably the most important point that I made was that how you staff -- particularly your chief of staff, your national security advisor, your White House counsel -- how you set up a process and a system to surface information, generate options for a President, understanding that ultimately the President is going to be the final decision-maker, that thatís something that has to be attended to right away.

This office is bigger than any one person.<001>
deepest condolences to Gwen Ifillís family<002>

If the office is bigger than one Person, why does it get shaken by the death of one person that is not part of the office or the Institutional Level? Obama is using Purple Smear Death in his discourse.

norms of civility and tolerance<003>

It includes Academic Journalism and respect for the Dignity of Women.
Obama lacks Rules for Respect and she shows that he does not care.

commitment to reason and to facts and analysis.<004>

That is part of the  Base of Academic Journalism and Obama did not care about that.

And as long as Iím President, we are going to uphold those norms<005>

As long as he is President, they are going to transition to a new President. He should have said so eight years ago, it would explain why he let the USA Debt grow without doing any substantial reduction to it.

cherish and uphold those ideals<006>

He is going to cherish the ideals of a Presidential Transition...

the car is in pretty good shape<007>

With Obama, if it was a car, his breaks often worked as accelerators and the machine had just a superficial appearance and shape that looked like it was in a working condition.

Car's blindly obey their driver without questioning so in the case of Obama, that car did not even get out of the Garage, but he says it was in good shape to see.

Incomes are rising. Poverty is falling.<008>

And the National Debt does not exist for Obama...
Well Obama is not the kind of Man you can trust to get paid anyway. He likes to gamble, when he is told he will never have to pay.

my instructions to my team are that we run through the tape<009>

The tape is the new thing.

express our support for a strong, integrated, and united Europe.<010>

He forgot to mention that Europe's Greatest threat for Unification is Britain...

But America has always been a pillar of strength and a beacon of hope to peoples around the globe.<011>

Except for Central and South Americans that do not have the right to be considered Americans of course.

on a personal note<012>

An Adulation Note for the Support of the Decay of Academic Journalism does not impress Me. He is not at Office for his Personal Issues, he is just using Purple Death Smear Coding to satisfy the Death Circus Supporters while trying to appease them, which is contrary to the way John F. Kennedy worked.

defending a strong and free press<013>

Journalism is just a Marmalade without Academic Journalism with Systemic Methods.

Obama does not recognize that Freedom of the Press is just the Freedom a Media Owner has to tell their employees what to say and that on the Internet Age, Paper Press won't be necessary.

It is possible to have a totally Free Press in a society with very little Freedom of Expression.

The less the People can question the Media, the more Free the Press (Business Owners) might say they feel.

There is also Social Networks for Academic Journalism, but then that is not Free Press but Free Journalists, which is not the same.

at the receiving end of one of her tough and thorough interviews<014>

Accountability is tough when he has a lot of Bullshit to hide and to say.

she also inspired tomorrowís journalists<015>

I doubt that there can be Journalism Integrity without Academic Journalism Methods and Technology in the
High Tech/Methodic Information Age that is the future with a System Code of Ethics.

The Future will be the systematization of Information, not the ability to make questions.

She was an especially powerful role model for young women and girls who admired her integrity<016>

Since the entire USA Celebrity System under Obama can't find any other example for Responsible Leadership
Management they use her, to profit from the Power of that Role Model when she is Dead. So what does that
mean? That means his Legacy as a Moral Leader is dead as well since his final example for the future was buried
in a grave.

and for whom she blazed a trail as one-half of the first all-female anchor team on network news<017>

Asking if "Blazing a Trail as one-half of the first all-female anchor team on network news" means that it was just two
might just be that kind of tough and thorough interview questions...
"If you are to describe the truth, leave the elegance to the tailor." - Albert Einstein.

So Gwen did her country a great service<018>

So Gwen did her country a great service because she was part of the Obama "Car" and Obama liked her even
as a Dead example of his Failed Leadership.

My understanding is, Colleen, that this is wrapping up your stint here and you're going to Kansas City.<019>

"Why do you need to know if I am wrapping up or going to Kansas Mr. President?" - Great Question.

Obama does not need to know where a Journalist moves next and even if the Journalist moves, it should not affect the question and it's response. So Obama made an inappropriate observation that could have put the Journalist in danger if the question went wrong.

day-to-day news that makes us that indispensable nation<020>

Obama thinks the United States is like a Newspaper Stand, more worried about what sells News than what is News and that is a reason to be concerned since Crime and Tragedy sell a lot, in corrupt media.

when it comes to maintaining order and promoting prosperity around the world<021>

When it comes to maintaining the United States order and promoting the prosperity of the United States around the world. A Great Example of that is that Obama, of course, did not promote the Technological Independence of it's Neighboring Countries even if that would have greatly increased the internal order and increased prosperity around the World, but just not for the benefit of the Profits of the Obama "Car".

and they're vital for the world<022>

They are vital to the World because Obama says so because they are important to the United States so that is the World and the World should be grateful of the Unites State's Interests, even if too much of that can destabilize and even collapse neighboring countries like it happened during the Cold War with the Soviet Union and that is one reason why there is no deep peace in the Middle East: Interests of Mass Destruction.

The belief that we should an economy that works for everybody, not just a few<023>

I do not see that search engines work for anybody except Yahoo and Google and maybe Microsoft. I do not see Profile Social Networks work for anybody except Facebook and I do not see short message messaging on a web page works for anybody except Twitter or that Instant Image Galleries work for anybody except Instagram and maybe PinInterest. So I did not know about that belief. Must be some secret WallStreet sect maybe.

The belief that America, at its best, is inclusive and not exclusive.<024>

It is so inclusive that the name America was stolen from South America (The Italian Explorer Americo Vespucio,
from which the name originates sailed South America, not North America) and now Central American, Caribbean Americans and South Americans do not have the right to call ourselves Americans because the United States of America claims the rest of the Americans have no right to exist (See: "We do not have God Given Rights" below).

That we insist on the dignity and God-given potential and worth of every child<025>

Potential to have the Greatest Porn Industry in the World, the Greatest Amount of Social Sexual Depravity in the World and the most amount of Sexual Trafficking in the World, where USAmerican Women are displayed as sexual objects in Family Media, half naked or promoted in Nudity Magazines to aid Praying to God thankful of the God-given right to have any Woman Celebrity Cyber Raped in Google and Obama's Wife as one of the Worse Underground Porn Stars in the Underground Celebrity Rape Market.

In the United States you cannot be a Famous Female Celebrity without God-given Google Rape. When Obama says God-given, he also means the Pornography and the Prostitution Industry and it's Involuntary Victims. The Chinese do not share those "Holly Attributes" like for example, having Obama's Wife Raped for a Big Show on Google, for everyone to see.

Look for example My Guest Nadia Ali, who is from the Middle East. Google took a Middle East Porn Star that has the same name and appears as much or even more ranked than the original Celebrity, which is effectively Google Raping the Nadia Ali Celebrity. And now Nadia Ali My Guest and the rest of the American Nations as well should be thankful for the God-given right the USA has given itself to Rape our Celebrity Mothers, Wives, Sisters and Friends.

But I also believe that good ideas donít matter if people donít hear them.<026>
"In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." - Galileo Galilei
(An Italian Cosmologist killed by the Christian Church of his time, accused of being Heretic).

Itís increasingly difficult to do because of the splintering of the press.<027>

Grass Root Systems can be Internet Systems as well, in fact I Design and often write about Grass Root Systems
like My Chat, My Virtual Cruise Ship and My Virtual Space Ship Designs.

It is increasingly difficult to reach the Grass Root Level because of the Huge Monopoly of Social Networks, mainly controlled by Facebook and Google and the lack of an Academic (Public School) Social Network which Obama did not care about. Ironically the Grass Root Level is also what in the United States is called "We the People" and thus Obama is actually confessing that Democracy in the United States was increasingly failing in his "Car".

Iíve been trying to remind them everybody remembers my
Boston speech in 2004<028>

Ok, so arrange a Survey in the Streets of the United States
and ask people if they remember.

Everybody should remember, in Obama's "Car".

Nobody said democracy was supposed to be easy. This is hard.<029>

It's hard to do nothing (there has been complaints about that from the USA), know nothing (there have been complaints about that as well), pay nothing (I am complaining), not assume responsibilities, not recognize legit Academics like Me and pretend they don't exist, to be without Social Internet Academic Systems and Academic Media with Academic Journalism, to don't care for Democratic Root Base Internet Systems and put Private Corporations
on Closed Systems with virtually no Raw Data Access over the Interests of an Entire Nation and pretend to be a Democratic Leader with a Pen to force the way.

It's hard to Pretend a Democracy without Democratic Internet Systems with a President that does not even mention Internet Systems as a way to improve Governance in such a speech.

Today, theyíre seeing vivid images of a child in the aftermath of a bombing<030>

Even if we are in the Cyber Information Age today People still do not have the right to opt out from seeing Violence in
the News, even if the Web Technology Available is capable of filtering news to improve the Mental Health of Millions of People. So it's not like it's optional, it's forced Violence from Media that refuse to give the option to the users to read the kind of news they want to read, but what is more troubling is that not even Children could opt our of seeing Violent News when being able to read news, in Obama's "Car" since Obama did not care for Academic Internet Systems.
If there is a need for People to see something related to National Policy, it should be listed only if it is really important
and with a Code of Ethics to those that rather not see Violent News but know that Important News for the System can include Violent Issues. For example some kind of Violent News with a [Reduced Violence] Filter would be seen without a Gruesome Death Circus and down to the objective facts for an adult that rather not see Sensationalist Death Shows.

during the Bay of Pigs crisis, JFK had about two weeks before anybody reported on it.<031>

Oh really?

And who was the President Commander in Chief of the CIA?
"The Bay of Pigs Invasion was a failed military invasion of Cuba undertaken by the CIA-sponsored paramilitary group Brigade 2506 on 17 April 1961." - Wikipedia

Obama thinks it's a Joke, laughing at People's credibility with such insulting arguments.

Imagine that.<032>
Troll Song

I tried to be as honest as I could about the things I think any President coming in needs to think about.<033>

So he tried Really Hard to be honest...

Well maybe he convinces People that he did make a Great Effort at that and maybe he should even be recognized for such a hard, tough and thorough extraordinary activity when he actually did try to do something useful for the United States without "not knowing anything" if things went wrong.

Obama Vision of the Society he stands for.
Obama's Wife, Michel Obama is currently being Cyber Raped by Google Corporation where her name is linked to Pornographic Videos. The search for "Michelle Obama Porn" in Google returns 1,270,000 results.

The Decay of Academic Journalism.

How it should work.
1) The not Corrupted Government makes a statement.
2) That statement is posted on the Official Web Site of the Office.
3) That Statement has an Alphanumeric Code.
4) That complete declaration can be referenced as Bibliographical Material.
5) Professional Journalism is the Application of Academic Methods to improve access to useful information.
6) The Professional Journalist follows the simple step of respecting the need to have a Bibliographic Section on it's work with references of the original source of a news when it is an external source.
7) When a Professional Journalist is a source of information that Journalist registers the information in a methodic way to be referenced by other Professional Journalists.
8) Every Professional News has an Alphanumeric Code.
9) The Professional Journalist proceeds to indicate who are the People or Institutions that they are referencing, by using the appropriate software procedure.
10) The People or Institutions that are referenced by the Professional, Impartial and Honest Journalist then get the Right to post a Reply about that news which will be accessible below the Original News.
11) The Reply also has an Alphanumeric Code that Identifies it.
12) The Honest and Impartial Professional Journalist can also reach a signed agreements in which the News Subject Person or Institution concedes a News Material to be communicated by the Journalist as long as a link to the Official Web Page of that Person or Institution is included.
13) The Honest and Impartial Professional Journalist can also reach a signed agreement in which the News Subject concedes a News Material as long as the work of the Journalist can also be included on the Web Page of News Subject.
14) Every single Image is also considered as News.
15) Every Professional Academic Journalist must have a System Etiquette that consolidates them as Civilized and Educated Communicators that appreciate the value of Methodic Procedures.
16) The Sum of the Procedures and Methods to Professionalize Journalism in a Web System can be called the System Code of Ethics.
17) A System Code of Ethics is required to Communicate as a Journalist in the Systems that I design because there is a need for a Civilized and Professional Media.

A System Code of Ethics is Required to Venezuelan Professional Journalists in order to comply with the Law.
153 - Address "The President and the Press" Before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, New York City.
April 27, 1961


The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control. And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know.

But I do ask every publisher, every editor, and every newsman in the nation to reexamine his own standards, and to recognize the nature of our country's peril. In time of war, the government and the press have customarily joined in an effort, based largely on self-discipline, to prevent unauthorized disclosures to the enemy. In time of "clear and present danger," the courts have held that even the privileged rights of the First Amendment must yield to the public's need for national security.

When did Obama care about the Code of Ethics?

Could he prove he did care with his Wife and himself being Cyber Raped on Google with no apparent Limit or Law?
1) It was Me, not Obama, that stressed the Importance of creating Academic Social Network Systems so that the Children can enjoy a Productive and Healthy Education while exploring the Educational Network System on their free or homework time at home.
2) It was Me, not Obama, that initiated the Debate about the Code of Ethics in the United States.
3) It was Me, not Obama, that communicated with several USA Celebrities to initiate a Debate and expose the need for a Higher Standard of Cultural Quality.
4) It was thanks to Me, not Obama that the Quality of the products of the Celebrities I communicated with have improved and are now less toxic and harmful to Children.
5) It was Me, not Obama that constantly called for a greater presence of Decent Black American Artists in the Cultural Scene and that called Black American Movements like Black Lives Matter to stop blaming the Police and start blaming the Racism of the Media and the Culture Industry for excluding the Black American Role Models that White Children could learn to respect at school.
6) It was Me, not Obama that avoided the Collapse of the USA Debate Bridge between the South American Patriots and the United States of America, by keeping that Debate Channel Open on the Legal Red Side.
7) It was Me, not Obama that reduced the amount of British Nobility Worshipping in FoxNews, specially on Fox Magazine which was the "Worship Princess Kate and the Slutty USA Women" Magazine. FoxNews, a Media that is supposed to work for the USA Patriots in a country where Nobility is illegal.
8) It was Me, not Obama that avoided violent manifestations of Hate and Blame against the USA in the Venezuelan Streets like USA Flag Burning by keeping an Interesting and Open Debate on My part with four Major USA Celebrities which greatly reduced tensions between both countries.
9) It was Me, not Obama, that worked for years to establish an Academic Debate Link between the Police and Justice Academies in Venezuela and in South America with the Academics of the Police and Justice System in the United States, which allowed for the continued debate about legitimate concerns.
10) It was Me, not Obama, that defended the Honor and Reputation of the Venezuelan and United States Celebrities, specially the Women Celebrities. In all this time, even if I had have strong disagreements with My Guests I have always stressed the importance of resisting and reducing the Cyber Rape and Media Sexual Abuse that they are subjected to while Obama did not care. How could he care if he could not even care for his own Wife?
11) It was Me, not Obama, that called for the Protocol in which Universal Art Celebrities including those in the United States stay away from Politics to avoid raising social political discrimination and Political Polarization while Obama did not even care about that.
12) It was Me, not Obama, that raised concern about the United States Charm Machine and Celebrity System going into a serious crisis because of Lack of Artists while Obama did not care about the serious Celebrity deficiency as he was too busy using the few remaining Celebrities as Slave Pawns on some Secretly Secret Macabre Game I did not ask to play in and he lost anyway. How lame is that?
13) It was Me, not Obama, that called for the implementation of Modern High Tech Social Celebrity Systems and Celebrity Social Networks in Venezuela and in the United States while Obama did not even care that the USA Celebrities lacked proper access to the People, even if the United States Constitution makes it clear that access to "We the People" is the First Priority. 
14) It was Me, not Obama, that called the United States and the World to observe the "Food Stamp Economy" Culture in which Celebrities are sustained and very famous even if they do not sing any more, which was the case for Celebrity Taylor Swift, a Guest at this house which is being Censored by Obama and kept from doing Music, thus hurting the Working Class Values of the United States. I am sure Taylor Swift wants the Freedom to work and that Obama did not care about the Working Class Values that made possible the USA's "American Dream".
And thus many of the things that Obama is attributing to himself is not because of his work, but because of My Honest work that he refuses to recognize as he refuses to pay for his abuses and those of the United States against Me, even if I was doing a part of his job.

My Web Site, The Venezuelan Public Ministry, the Chinese Academy, the UnaSur, The United States Supreme Court, The European Union Human Rights Office, the International Crime Court and the United Nations were witnesses of what I just wrote.
24 oct. 2012
Donald Trump Ė President Obama Is The Least Transparent President
From the Desk of Donald Trump: Major Announcement
The Trump Organization
[Donald John Trump, Sr. (June 14, 1946)] Source:
President Obama is the least transparent president in the history of this country. Thereís never been anything like it. We know very little about our President. Iím very honored to have got him to release his long-form birth certificate, or whatever it may be. Now, many many people have questions and very serious questions. I have a deal for the President. A deal that I donít believe he can refuse and I hope he doesnít.

If Barack Obama opens up and gives his college records and applications, and if he gives his passport applications and records, I will give to a charity of his choiceóInner City Children of Chicago, American Cancer Society, AIDS Researchóanything he wants, a check, immediately for five million dollars. The check will be given within one hour after he releases all of the records so stated.

Heíll be doing a great service to the country if he does this. If he releases these records it will end the question and indeed the anger of many Americans. Theyíll know something about their president. Their president will become transparent; like other presidents.

So all he has to do to get $5 million for a charity or charities of his choice is get his colleges to immediately give his applications and records and also to release his passport records. When he does this to my satisfaction, if itís complete, this check is delivered immediately.

[Donald Trump] Source:
A lot of people will be very very happy to see this happen. Frankly, itís a check that I very much want to write. I absolutely would be the most happy of all if I did, in fact, make this contribution through the president to these charities. One caveat, the records must be given by Oct. 31st at 5 oíclock in the afternoon. Mr. President, not only will I be happy, and by the way totally satisfied, but the American people will be happy and you know what those charities will be very, very happy. Thank you Mr. President.

Donald Trump Ė "President Obama Is The Least Transparent President. If Barack Obama opens up and gives his college records and applications, and if he gives his passport applications and records, I will give to a charity of his choiceóInner City Children of Chicago, American Cancer Society, AIDS Researchóanything he wants, a check, immediately for five million dollars."

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