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Subliminally Sexually Abuse You.
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and Support Corruption.
Hide in Extreme Corruption.
Attack Activists for Accountability.
Harass Activists for Corruption.


March 19, 2015 1 The Nova seed is completed.
March 19, 2015 2 The Emma Eclipse Case.
March 21, 2015 1 BBC News Dottyback conspiracy.
March 21, 2015 2 The Cat's Litter in the middle of the room.
March 22, 2015 1 CNN abuses the integrity and self esteem of young girls.
March 22, 2015 2 The Guardian extorting Me and bribing Me with Delta or Emma.
March 23, 2015 Eyes without a face.
March 24, 2015 Subliminal Provocations by the BBC News.
Under Construction
March 25, 2015 1 Compassion is not impunity.
Under Construction
March 25, 2015 2 Bribery and extortion in the temple.
Under Construction
March 25, 2015 3 The Enigma Dance.
Under Construction
March 27, 2015
Ted Cruz on the loose.
Under Construction
March 28, 2015 1 The Woman Trade for Crooked case.
March 28, 2015 2 The King of Science.
March 28, 2015 3 Only for thoughtful people: The "Lets have some common sense here" letter!
March 30, 2015 I am suing Delta Goodrem.
March 31, 2015 I am the new Florentino of Venezuela.
April 02, 2015 Insomnium
April 04, 2015 Breaking waves on Macro Ground.
April 15, 2015 It's so hard now, just to find you - Identifying.
April 16, 2015 Walk like an Egyptian: ay oh whey oh.
April 21, 2015 TRIBalance Scientific Method in computing.
April 22, 2015 Twitter, an instrument of rape.
April 24, 2015 Genesis.
April 26, 2015 The Guardian attacks and threatens to kill prostitutes.
April 28, 2015 I am not spamming Delta Goodrem or Emma Hewitt.
May 02, 2015 Atrévete, te, te, te
May 02, 2015 Line and ear.
May 03, 2015 Twitter infested with Bed Bugs.
May 07, 2015 Lets Debate.
May 17, 2015 Medical numeric encoding.
May 17, 2015 2 The Ball falls on green.
May 20, 2015 Come claim your Copyright in Venezuela FoxNews.
May 21, 2015 I am not raping anybody, I want My rights.
May 22, 2015 Taylor Swift Criminal School for children.
May 28, 2015 Thoughts about the TRIBalance Star States.
Common Reference
May 29, 2015 Let the Sky fall.
June 04, 2015 Twitter, Plataforma de Acoso Sexual para toda la familia.
June 13, 2015 Twitter Criminal Gangs: Prostitution and Sexual Trafficking Gangs supported by Twitter.
June 17, 2015 Why there is no unauthorized access to the TRIBalance house.
June 20, 2015 A TRIBalance Color Palette.
June 21, 2015 Walls of the envious, slave education.
July 06, 2015 The Blue Forest Ship.
July 15, 2015 FoxNews commits a Crime against Humanity.
Under Construction
July 16, 2015 Sea Men as a Whole.
August 15, 2015 FoxNews tries to frame Me as ISIS, 100,000,000$ Legal Action.
August 16, 2015 The Guardian at a State 5 Full Conflict against Brazil.
Academic Exercise.
August 24, 2015 The Head of the Medusa.
August 26, 2015 Reintegrating a Marshmallow Lamer.
August 30, 2015 Kate Middleton used as a Puppet.
September 01, 2015 XHNews a Bully throwing rocks behind a wall.
September 03, 2015 Paris Hilton plays Hide and Seek with her Lollipop.
September 14, 2015 States of Machine.
Common Reference
October 12, 2015 To spy the living out of a Shut Door.
October 21, 2015 Discovering Delta Goodrem.
October 26, 2015 Spreading the Corruption - Make Me Bad
October 27, 2015 Guardian Styled Rape Entertainment
October 28, 2015 Baby, Baby no Yellow for Purple?
October 28 2, 2015 Dignity of Sensible People.
November 07, 2015 Paris Hilton plucking feathers.
November 07, 2015 Reasons for a Silence: Provocation.
November 14, 2015 Nocturnal Illusions.
November 17, 2015 Hey, won a Paris Hilton Exclusive Raffle Pre-Sale of Meet and Greet Open Bar.
November 20, 2015 Corrupting Children Rights in the Media.
November 22, 2015 The Guardian in all Fours and Kennedy.
November 29, 2015 Words without a Meaning, Corruption that will not have honesty.
December 08, 2015 Twenty Systems for one Venezuela.
December 18, 2015 Extreme Moral Decay, Justified by The Guardian.
January 03, 2016 Fascination for "Exquisite Mayhem" - Demented Anti-Social The Guardian
January 19, 2016 The Guardian Deliberately Poisoning the News.
January 19, 2016 Paris Hilton: Speak the truth or find your Peace some other way.
January 30, 2016 Media Green Laundering.
January 31, 2016 Code 5469 for a very convenient accident.
February 02, 2016 Honesty and Ocean License.
February 03, 2016 Maybe an OPPORTUNIST Code.
February 04, 2016 Ghost Bedbugs.
February 05, 2016 Join the Joyride.
February 06, 2016 Dude looks like a Lady for the Police. Police Corruption.
February 07, 2016 A Quick Solution to an Escape Helicopter.
February 08, 2016 Some like it Hot so they turn up the Heat till they are fried.
February 10, 2016 Apples for free if you are a good boy.
February 11, 2016 CONCEPTION does not always include Transparency or Justice.
February 13, 2016 If you are not really here... About to disappear?
February 14, 2016 The Victorian Blood Ring.
February 16, 2016 The Staff and the Golden Calf.
February 16, 2016 2 Code: Destroying Nature.
February 17, 2016 Official Alien Freedom of Expression.
February 18, 2016 Green Gummy Bear: "Look at My Pretty Error, it's a Girl" as seen by a Programmer.
February 19, 2016 Green Fade to Black.
February 20, 2016 Dignity.
February 21/02/16 Political Incorrectness.
February 22/02/16 A Possible Abandon Ship Flag.
February 23/02/16 Mapas (Carta Publica Abierta al Ministerio Publico).
February 23/02/16 Panteras (Carta Publica Abierta al Ministerio Publico).
February 25/02/16 The Will to Grow.
February 27/02/16 Down The Guardian's Waterfall.
February 28/02/16 When Push comes to Shove and Children's Lives are at risk.
February 28/02/16 Underwater Ruins in a Public Media (Practice Exercise for Police).
February 29/02/16 Healing the Debate for the Civilized People about: Lady hasn't apologized yet.
February 29/02/16 The Guardian Pushed of a High Bridge.
February 29/02/16 User Experience in a Three Dimensional World and the Corrupt Purple Smear Virus.
March 01/03/16 Dangerous Floating Bubblegum.
March 03/03/16 Merit is Important.
March 03/03/16 Model Map of a Surveillance-Vigilance System.
March 03/03/16 Model Map of an Independence Circuit Board.
March 04/03/16 Authorized TRIBalance saving a life using Purple TRIBalance Code.
March 05/03/16 George Washington Covered in Slime.
March 06/03/16 The need to recover damaged conduction towers to heal the social tissue.
March 07/03/16 7 Steps to Protect Children in Danger in the a wrong system, concerns that are starved.
March 08/03/16 Got to blame it on something...
March 08/03/16 The Guardian's "Adequate" Beautiful Killing (A Black Pearl).
March 09/03/16 Proportionality Architecture.
March 10/03/16 Smells like Teen Spirit.
March 11/03/16 Human Ghost Slavery.
March 12/03/16 Be careful with the Chameleon.
March 13/03/16 Core Interest Path Maps.
March 13/03/16 The "Beautiful and Convenient Terrorists" of The Guardian.
March 15/03/16 I am not into Bunny Parties.
March 16/03/16 Petition to suspend The Guardian's Participation at UN Women.
March 18/03/16 A spoon full of sugar helps The Guardian, a British Media tax some sugar.
March 19/03/16 Likability has many tones.
March 19/03/16 Smears for Ladies, Money for The Guardian's Snake.
March 21/03/16 The Freedom to Question and Real Ethics.
May 1/05/16 The Guardian calling for suicide.
May 10/05/16 Russian Roulette is not the same without a Gun.
May 11/05/16 I did not say 5 or 10 (Prevention against Numerical Manipulations).
May 27/05/16 The "I drove all night to get to you" statement.
May 29/05/16 Because the customer has the right to know the product.
May 29/05/16 The Guardian Swimming with Crocodiles.
June 05/06/16 A Barbaric Marriage.
June 06/06/16 Reuters Welcome to the Jungle (Such a "Beautiful" Legal Action).
June 11/06/16 The BBC Mamando Mamon.
June 12/06/16 What is seen is not always what is shown.
June 14/06/16 The day the Chinese saw that they were not there.
June 16/06/16 Is this a cure or is this a disease? Definition. (Guest Taylor Swift).
June 18/06/16 Should FoxNews be putting the Catholic Church's Pope Francis in a Do or Die Situation?
June 19/06/16 Alleged phone-tapping scandal targeting ministers, bureaucrats and honchos.
June 28/06/16 The End of the Media Barbaric Age.
July 02/07/16 The Bullies and the Naive: Adonde van los desaparecidos.
July 04/07/16 Case closed and filed.
July 29/07/16 Suspicious Minds.
September 29/09/16 The Guardian getting what it asks for and Me coming for My dues.
October 28/10/16 Activism Against Cyber Human Right Abuses.
October 30/10/16 Maybe too much truth to be seen in an Obsolete World.
November 01/11/16 And a bag of popping corn just for fun in her hand." - The Guardian
November 03/11/16 Little Red Riding Fish.
November 03/11/16 BBC News: We shall Respect People and the International Law with Secretly Secret Cheats and Revenge.
November 06/11/16 Collective Social Punishment with Death Smear Circus and Intimidation (Counter Intelligence Murders).
November 07/11/16 Mi muy precaria situación. (Se Actualiza) [21 Nov 2016]
November 10/11/16 A Challenge to the Fans of My Guests about the Fantasy Block.
November 14/11/16 A Culture of Masochist Dolls that do not Value Human Dignity.
November 15/11/16 Obama's Absurd Norms of Tolerance that do not even exist (Missing Rules of Respect).
November 17/11/16 The BBC Received the British Invoice, and I must get paid.
November 18/11/16 It's hard to hold a Candle in the Cold November Rain.
November 19/11/16 The Shocking Lack of Empathy of Queen Elizabeth's 2 British Monarchy towards the Poor.
November 19/11/16 One too many excuses from the USA Justice Department.
November 20/11/16 Division by Zero and the False Abortion Equality Argument.
November 20/11/16 Holly Brainwash from The Guardian.
November 21/11/16 Evolution Systems. Under Construction.
November 22/11/16 Just so you can see the Extreme Depravity of The Guardian.
A Daily Comment.
November 16, 2015 Blog - When the user is silenced with no good reason.
November 18, 2015 Blog: Shot in the Dark.
November 24, 2015 Blog: The Guardian Diaper News: Interesting Terrorists.
December 02, 2015 Blog: The Guardian coding a Car Theft.
December 05, 2015 Blog: Blackout for Selections.

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